Cats Tongues Dogs


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People often say they prefer cats over dogs because they are cleaner. I suppose that’s true if you consider an animal covered in spit to be clean. I like cats and dogs, but when it comes to cleaning, I prefer dogs. With a dog, you can drop food on the floor and it gets cleaned up instantly. Even if a cat does eat the food you drop, they are just as likely to hop up on the couch and vomit it back up, so it’s much more of a moving service than a cleaning service. (Purchase a print of this cartoon.)






BIZARRO BOOMARANG: From my dilapidated archival catacomb’s crypt marked “2002” comes this examination of another way in which one might prefer a dog to a cat. biz2002tscCATvsDOGweb



15 thoughts on “Cats Tongues Dogs

  1. I remember that 2002 comic! Thought it was hilariously true then and still think it is today. By the way, note second sentence mistake; should read “..if you consider an animal covered” not “…if you consider and animal”. Easy typo.

  2. You may prefer dogs, but your wonderful cat cartoons over the years indicate you have a real understanding of (and affection for) felines.

  3. As usual, your art is astounding. The camera angle you used on the “Dogs are better than Cats” toon is amazing. The perspectives and details of your art is always incredible. I wish I was half as good as you at drawing.

  4. Dan-

    Check this out. Get a copy of Entertainment weekly magazine.

    The sept.19/26 2014 issue. You are on page 138. Look at page 18. Is that you?

    Anyway- congrats on your TV show. See the resemblance. It’s uncanny.

    50 pounds on you or 50 pounds less on him and I think we have a match. all the best,Tim.

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