Casual Probing Racism Comb-over


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I moved from NYC to LA a few years ago and have become even more keenly aware of the differences in their cultures than I was when I was only visiting here. Life in California is generally so much more relaxed than in NYC, which isn’t surprising, but the effect it has on people is glorious. The average person on the street––behind a counter or reception desk, answering a phone call for a business, driving a bus, etc.––is friendlier by a factor of 6.3 (by my unofficial calculations) than their East Coast counterparts. I love that about the West. Thinking along this line, I couldn’t help imagining the clash between how things are done in offices in the east compared to the west.









This alien gag resulted from the fact that the traditional extraterrestrial image that people claim to have been abducted frequently settle on is always without a nose. At most, they have a couple of nostrils. Like Michael Jackson.













Finally, today’s cartoon is another about the Old West ––a favorite theme of mine. With only a few exceptions, Hollywood gave Indians a pretty bad rap for the better part of the 20th century. Most of what the average person (probably anywhere in the world) knows about the Americas’ indigenous people is from Hollywood, and SO much of it is utterly inaccurate. I’m reading a fascinating book right now called “1491,” which is about what the Americas were like up until the villainous Columbus began the onslaught of European invaders. It wasn’t at all like you’ve been led to believe. I highly recommend this book for history buffs or Native Americans who are interested in what the latest archeological information tells us about pre-European America, both north and south.



PREHISTARROS: After all that high-minded talk about history, let’s have a chuckle at Ben’s expense, whomever he may be.bz010404CombOverWEB













13 thoughts on “Casual Probing Racism Comb-over

  1. I read Charles Mann’s “1491” recently as well—what an eye-opening read, one that lays bare the enormity of the generally unintended or unknown consequences of the European conquest in the Americas.

  2. I’ve loved all of your comics and for a very long time..I also told my son when he was in his 20’s (who’s now 37 just) that you had hidden symbols in your cartoons. He didn’t believe me. . but probably does now and won’t admit to it. I love to find the symbols and count how many you have in each piece of work. I just realised that you moved to Ca. – how amazing for you. Fresh food must be wonderful. Keep up the great work. Have to admire your career. Your truths are so relevant…. lol, Carol.

  3. In the alien cartoon, you refer to the doctor as, Doctor, like a proper name. Is this a subtle reference to Doctor Who by any chance? Your captive does bear a very slight resemblance to Peter Capaldi, if you squint a bit ;) Anyway, even if it wasn’t the intention the idea of it being the Doctor made the cartoon even funnier.

  4. “The average person on the street … is friendlier by a factor of 6.3 (by my unofficial calculations) than their East Coast counterparts.”

    Many years ago a friend of mine, born and raised in New England, moved out to California after Apple bought out the software company he was working for. I went out to visit him and observed the same apparent friendly factor as you. My friend agreed but also felt that ten minutes later these same friendly people would forget all about you. This implies a certain friendly indifference, but it may also be related to the relative population densities of New England versus California and the number of different people you regularly come in contact over the course of a day.

  5. Demographically, the median age of the west coast, is younger than the east coast. Also- since a higher percentage of folks on the west coast come from somewhere else, they tend to be more tolerant of newcomers. (I left my heart in San Francisco.)

    • Good points. I think another key factor is that in the West, people have more personal space. Over crowding makes people build and invisible wall around themselves.

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