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bz panel 09-25-14bz strip 09-25-14bz panel 09-26-14bz strip 09-26-14bz panel 09-27-14bz strip 09-27-14Bizarro is brought to you today by Scary Baby Man.


My clever friend in Germany, Michael Roth, had the idea that Ant-Man’s archenemy might be a guy with a big shoe to step on him. I added the picnic basket to drive home the point, as everyone knows that picnics attract ants.

The strip version of this one is turned sideways because I wanted readers to be able to see the entire image, but to shrink it down and place it vertically, as I normally would, would make it too small. I’ve done this a few other times, too, but not often. Here’s one now.










The idea of breaking up with someone in public to avoid a scene is common, but I thought this was a new twist on it. After drawing it, I added the twist of her being into the waitress, instead of the waiter, because humor is often found in surprise. Saucy!  (Personally, I’d never break up with someone in public. Not only is it cruel to attempt to handcuff a person’s emotions in that way, but you’re just begging for them to cause a big scene to teach you a lesson.)










The ancient philosophical question, “If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?” has been used in comics many times, but I thought this one seemed fun enough to revisit the motif. Plus, it’s the first time (that I can think of) that my Bizarro Bunny has had a speaking role in one of my cartoons.









BIZARROLD: Here’s another fun take on another fun saying about the forest. BearShitsWoodsBizarroThis one is from last year.




17 thoughts on “Stomp Break Fall Stink

  1. Multiple observations/inquiries:

    While I almost never say “too soon” for the reason most people do, I think you should’ve kept the Ant-Man’s Archenemy comic in storage until his movie comes out next summer. As for me, one of my favorite superheroes as a kid was Hanna-Barbera’s Atom Ant (and I never forgave the ’80s rocker for semi-stealing the name).

    Yes, the best reason for breaking up in a restaurant is to get one more fancy meal paid on the joint account credit card before you start having to pay for it all yourself. The attractive wait staff (of either gender) is just a bonus.

    If the Bunny owns the operation, which is the larger subsidiary, Bizarro Comics or the Pie Repair?

    And the Bears in the Woods cliché died for me when Charmin tissue started using animated bears in its commercials. I looked for a replacement, at one time doing the sacrilegious mashup “Does the Pope p00p in the woods?” leading to “Does the Pope p00p in the Vatican?” and “Do bears AND bulls p00p in the New York Stock Exchange?”

  2. Thank you profusely for the ‘tree falling in the forest’ gag. I remember that question coming up at school when I was a young kid and asking the teacher (paraphrasing now) what sort of unnaturally sterile forest would be entirely free of critters available to hear trees falling: now I suppose such things may occasionally exist, but my young mind couldn’t get past what seemed impossible. Need I note that examining the premise wasn’t the object of the lesson and that calling it into question wasn’t welcomed? Once again, intelligent, artful lines on paper (or pixels, if you’re a stickler) reaffirm life and help the world make sense…

  3. My wife and I attended a wedding many years ago where the maid of honors fiance, left with the male director of catering.

    I just love the body language, nonchalance, stride of the bear. Makes the cartoon.

  4. I do a lot of hiking and made a related observation. Bears actually don’t shit in the woods, they shit right on the trail. It’s the people who shit in the woods.

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