Mojo Clown Fly Game


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Bizarro is brought to you today by Stowaway.

Pharmaceutical companies have known how to prevent bad juju for decades, but there is so much money in mojo treatment that they’ve buried the cure. Sometimes capitalism sucks.













If you don’t know the song this cartoon refers to, you likely have no idea what this is about. If you do know it, though, it’s a real kick in the pants. Here it is but be warned: it’s a pretty insidious earworm.















Here’s a pretty simple pun but the stark simplicity is what makes it funny to me. Sometimes dumb is funny.









PREZARROS: This cartoon from 1999 is another example of dumb=funny, but in a different way. I friend of mine who is a surgical nurse told me this actually happens in most hospitals. bz06-04-99SurgeryWEB













28 thoughts on “Mojo Clown Fly Game

  1. My doctor determined I had a mojo deficiency last month and renewed my prescription. At least I was able to use the generic mojo, so it wasn’t very expensive.

  2. It’s been too hot in Southern CA. Send in the clouds. The Judy Collins version is the one that stays in my head.

    Always enjoy the extra artistic effort and detail.

    What kind of car is Olive driving (vanity plate noticed)?

  3. Yeah, but good luck smuggling it across the border. Haven’t you seen the new banners at U.S. Customs, “You are entering a mojo free zone”?

  4. You don’t need mojo! I cured my juju with a raw food diet including 80 bananas a day, plus ionized water enemas! I am completely off all my mojo AND I lost 150 pounds, which is miraculous since I only weighed 125 to begin with! I’ve never felt better! Check out my Youtube channel to find out how!

  5. And we have the generic mojo, brand name mojo and extra strength mojo for those hard to reach juju places, here in Canada too.

  6. Being football season, maybe next time the clowns can be down at one end of the bench at the big game and the coach can send them in too.

  7. My partner’s daughter used to call her toy clown ‘Send In’ because he sang that song when you pulled a string.

    “I want Send In, Mommy.”

  8. I am a big fan of yours, it is absolutely great work!

    But, if I may ask, is the spelling mistake in the otherwise hilarious hospital cartoon (your’e) due to the anesthesia…? ;-)

  9. The mojo you buy from Canada is actually mojo that we stole from the U.S. and we are selling it back to you. We don’t like mojo!

    And thanks for the credo Dan. I’ll cop some of that mojo.

  10. I’m Canadian. My mojo is free.

    BTW Dan, for many years, Bizarro was the ONLY reason I maintained a newspaper subscription. My neighbour thought I was insane (truly). But he liked the free newspaper every day. Thanks for the laughs!!!

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