Strolling Monsters


Bizarro 10-12-14 hedrWEBBizarro 10-12-14 WEB(Why won’t you click on these cartoons and look at them larger?)


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I have long been an opponent of people assuming that gigantic animals are up to no good. Whether you agree with me or not, or find this gag humorous, let it never be said that I didn’t put a hell of a lot of effort into drawing this cartoon. Whew!



PALEOZARRO: Here’s another angle on why there is more to Godzilla than wanton destruction. If you’d had the childhood he did, you might feel the same way. (After 10 years in NYC, I certainly do.)Bizarro 08-27-06 GodzillaWEB


19 thoughts on “Strolling Monsters

  1. As a fellow syndicated cartoonist, I can deeply appreciate the hours of rendering that went into your Godzillas in Central Park panel. I’m with Universal UClick syndicate. My syndicated panels are simple, one of the easiest to draw in the business. But my other work is extremely detailed. I have yet to attend a NCS convention, but maybe one of these years I’ll attend. It would be nice to meet you.

    • I’d enjoy meeting you, too, Bron. I have often wished I’d designed a simpler cartoon style but alas, I’m obsessed with detail and am never satisfied until I’ve drawn the hell out of something. :^}

  2. Hi Dan, I’d like to request you draw a comic honoring Halloween.

    Subject: Horror movies based on medical conditions:

    1. “The Devil has Diarrhea”

    2. “Dracula’s Cold Sores” OR “Dracula gets Herpes”

    3.”Frankenstien’s Colonoscopy”



    • I’ve already drawn and submitted this year’s Halloween cartoons but I’ll save your ideas for next year and see if they cook my tacos.

  3. I love both of them. And I only found 3 of the 6 easter eggs among all the exquisite detail in today’s comic.

    And reading your reply to Bron, I’ll bet “drawn the hell out of something” could inspire a good Bizarro comic.

  4. Beautiful! I also love simplicity but can’t hold back the gasp of AWE when you have really drawn the hell out of your artwork. Thank you.

  5. I, too, share your sensibilities regarding bigotry towards large, mythical or fictional animals. Don’t even get me started on St. George and the dragon.

    • Well, I’m not autistic, as the guy who can draw detailed cities after one glance is, of course, so I need photo reference. Still, it took me the better part of two days to complete this cartoon, which is many times more than usual. I can usually finish a Sunday cartoon in anywhere from a few hours to a single day.

  6. I completely appreciate the level of detail. the whole thing. The buildings fading into haze in the background are a nice touch too!

  7. I agree that your style is more detailed than many other cartoons. But what I truly enjoy about this work is the absolutely true contemporary reference. On topic is one thing. Nailing it is another. Great work!

  8. Given all the accouterments flying around in today’s title panel, I almost expected to see your ‘stache and Van Dyke.

    Oh, and the profiling comment adds a certain gravitas to the stroll in the park that, of course, giant monsters normally lack.

  9. Wow. The Sunday papers give your artwork the larger size they deserve, showing it off better. There suggestions of faces in the tree tops with the shadowing or I’m having a marijuana flashback from 30 years ago.

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