DNA Hippo Can Bellbottoms


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Bizarro is brought to you today by Granny Sale.


It’s Saturday, so I’m posting the silliness exhibited in Bizarro since Thursday. If that confuses you, consult your local calendar expert. I have no specific comments to make about any of them. I know, it is rare.






































REZARRO: From Bizarro of 1998, I offer you this other bit of foolishness that has deep, hidden meaning. Let me know if you figure out what it is so I’ll have a good answer should someone ask.bizarro981002WEB


20 thoughts on “DNA Hippo Can Bellbottoms

  1. The curved line separating the Smart Can panels is some kind of genius. I cut it up in a more conventional way and it just wasn’t as good. Somehow it makes the gag inevitable and true.

  2. Well, Antioch, Illinois, is a throwback to the Before Time, to the Long Long Ago …. so I can see this happening on Main street …. if you ain’t wearing plaid flannel shirts and jeans.

    But no doubt you meant the other Antiochs.

    • Sometimes it takes more than one to get the job done. But if you’re talking about the strip version, I just noticed I got the symbol count wrong. Should be 4.

  3. For ‘Unsung Martyrs of Fashion’

    Hard rock lovers hate of disco goes back further than we thought.


    Forerunner to the Old West gunslinger asking someone to ‘dance’ by shooting near their feet.

    p.s. Any particular historical significance to the 1972. If not for that exact date I think 1979 (disco demolition night) or some date from the mid 70’s to late 70’s (height of disco era) would work better.

    • It was a stab at what I remember people wearing in 1972. The peace belt buckle was well out of style by the late 70s, I think. That outfit could really belong to either a 60s hipster from 1970 or a disco dork from later, I think.

  4. Well, I don’t think that we can honestly expect expect Larry to be dead-nuts accurate with his fashion predictions. He’s still a lot closer than today’s futurists who created the the look for say, Back to the Future Part II or Space 1999.

  5. For the sake of transporting that it’s a thread it might be okish. But actually… you know the cans don’t work that way! ;] no matter how smart they are

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  7. Well, in Unsung Martyrs of fashion, the stoned Hippee stoner becomes the stonee. He normally gets stoned, wears stonewashed denim and listens to the Rolling Stones. He may have gained a stone since he is older now, and today it is not he who has cast the first stone. It is another person who, is actually stone cold sober who has “the stones” to cast the first stone this day, but does he have a heart of stone? Has his anger hit a stone wall? For The Hippee’s freedom and a new life may be but a stone’s throw away. Leaving no stone unturned and knowing a rolling stone gathers no moss, he wonders: Are the rules of fashion carved in stone?

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