Hostile Chickens


bizarro 10-19-14 hdr Bizarro 10-19-14 WEB(Don’t be a goober, click these images for larger views.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Common European Photo Ops.

Those of you who have traveled as young adults are likely familiar with hostels. I stayed in a few when I was doing my backpacking-through-Europe trip when I was 20 years old. Lest you mistake me for a privileged white kid, I hasten to add that I paid for every cent of that trip, which lasted nearly four months when I ran out of money and flew back to the U.S. on the stand-by ticket I had in my shoe. The trip was a life-changing experience and one I’ve recommended to every person of that age group I’ve spoken to since. I was never beaten up in a hostel, as this cartoon depicts, but the similarity between the words “hostel” and “hostile” always gave me pause. My trip was full of youthful adventure, however, and I was a victim of robbery by a public official in Palermo and nearly got arrested in Paris––but those are stories for another time.

BIZARRCHIVES: Here is a Sunday comic of mine from 1998 which depicts the revenge of some Chick-fil-A chickens. What’s really amazing about it is that this despicable ad campaign has been around for 16 YEARS! Another despicable aspect is the coloring on this cartoon, which was from a time before I could do it the modern way in Photoshop. Ugh!bizarroChickfiletWEB



15 thoughts on “Hostile Chickens

  1. Wow, this is great. My son just got back home (i.e. Europe) from a trip around the American East coast. He said he and his friends mainly stayed at hostels and I said: I thought Americans were supposed to be friendly. I suppose great minds think alike. But I can’t draw.

  2. In the Common European Photo, they look like they’re doing Tai Chi. Coincidentally, there was a show on PBS the other night that showed the same bizarro behavior. And, yes, I know what they’re really doing, but it sure does look funny when not aligned with a certain building.

  3. Hostels aren’t just for kids. At 44 years of age I spent 5 weeks in Europe, stayed in hostels and went everywhere by train and ferry boat. It was wonderful (and affordable)

  4. When my niece was in college, she had a friend whose father was the advertising agent who came up with the “Eat Mor Chikin” ad campaign. She said that that campaign paid for her college education.

  5. Wow, not having had Chik-fil-a’s in our area of California until recently, I’m surprised that the ‘eat more chiken’ ad campaign is that old.

  6. had the emergency “overnight” stay and only thing I could find was 6 bunk beds hostel room. i really thought that I was gonna get robbed and raped. 5 other people were dudes, and they were already half naked when I got there. I stayed up all night. I should’ve just stayed at the train station and probably felt safer than “horror” hostel where strange dudes just walk naked all over the room.

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