Peach Tweet Bug Neurosis


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Bizarro is brought to you today by Selfies.


Just for the record, I’m all for organic, locally-grown food. Our current food system is deadly to our health and that of the environment. I am against forcing children to lug backpacks weighing several hundred pounds to school, however.













Here’s a cute idea from my friend, Brian Levy. He claims he lives in Texas somewhere but I’ve never been to his house so I’m not sure if I should believe it.
















When attempting to connect with an object of your romantic desires, always refrain from over explaining what you do for a living. Just say something simple like, “I’m in sales.” Then, if they ask you what you sell, just say, “Does it really matter?”  Then move on to something more interesting like the nature of consciousness. At least, that’s how I won Olive Oyl’s heart.





FOR A CHANGE: Instead of an archival comic from Bizarro today, I offer you this comic by a friend of mine who is a very talented artist and a complete, neurotic mess. He is Steve Craig (seen here with some of his wives) and his site is called, appropriately, Neurotico.  Below is an illustration he did which includes me. Can you guess which one I am? (Hint: For some inexplicable reason, I am not wearing a hat.)

Go over to his site and treat yourself to some visual fun!NeuroticoGag


12 thoughts on “Peach Tweet Bug Neurosis

  1. “I’m in sales….does it really matter?” I gotta try that sometime. Thanks for the pickup advice. In return, I’ll share with you the best pickup line I’ve heard in recent memory. When asking someone out for dinner, say, “Wait, don’t tell me your answer. Simply smile for yes or do a back flip for no.” It doesn’t work with gymnasts unfortunately.

  2. If an obviously mentally deficient Zombi goes around saying, “Brains, brains”, would a vegan zombie say, “Grains, grains”? A plumber zombie, “Drains, drains”? A pilot zombie, “Planes, planes”?

  3. Hi Dan! Maybe I should write this in a private message, but I’m not entirely sure how. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been a huge fan of your comics for at least 8 years now. My aunt gave me a signed copy of one of your anthologies so I’ve grown up with your comic.

  4. Two questions:

    1) Who are the other cartoonists around the table?

    2) Why don’t you have poker faces? (I guess the answer is because you always draw people with facial expressions, but I just wonder if there’s another layer to the joke.)

    • I didn’t write or draw that cartoon so I can’t answer your second question. The other cartoonists at the table are him and some people Steve knows.

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  6. A former girlfriend of mine, when we went out for drinks would always ordered one called a “grasshopper”. She thought it was a sophisticated cocktail. I believe it was green in color; not sure what was in it or its taste.

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