Bizarro 10-26-14 hdrWEb Bizarro 10-26-14 WEB(Click any costumed superhero and be surprised by its magical enlargerment.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Fear of Green Screens.

Today’s cartoon is the unfortunate result of the Dynamic Duo doing too good of a job cleaning up Gotham City. But on the bright side, who doesn’t enjoy roasted marshmallows?

I was a huge Batman fan as a kid, which is why this gag suggestion from Jazz Pickle, Ralph Ray appealed to me.  I have to admit that I really had a ball drawing the original TV Batmobile from the 60s here. I had numerous models of this car when I was a kid and always wanted to have one when I grew up. I may still do that if I ever grow up.

I also enjoyed creating Pie Repair Man for the title panel. This is just for my Jazz Pickles, of course. No one else will have any idea what it is. Also don’t miss the box and marshmallow labels. Batman’s a bit OCD, as we all know.

VINTAGE PICKLAGE: Here’s a fun language-driven Batman cartoon from years gone by. BizarroBatboyBatmanWEB


38 thoughts on “Batmallows

  1. I loved the old Batman series too! My problem was that it was on from 5 to 6 pm while I was growing up and dinner was usually at 5:30 or so. There was absolutely no TV during dinner time, so I usually missed how Batman and Robin got out of whatever predicament they found themselves in after the first part! If only we had DVRs back then…

    Anyway, that painful childhood memory aside, that some beautiful artwork today! I love your comic strip, but I especially look forward to the Sunday ones. Today is definitely a keeper!

  2. We thoroughly enjoy your cartoons and are delighted that they have returned to our computer monitor after a long unexplained absence!

    A comment having nothing to do with cartoons and everything to do with grammar and spelling: In your introduction to today’s offerings– “Click any costumed superhero and be surprised by it’s magical enlargerment.”– “its” should not have an apostrophe and if I’m not mistaken, enlargement is misspelled!

  3. Hey dude — when you hit the big time, as I’m sure you will, you’ll be able to buy your dream car for just a $150K.

    When I was a kid, I was so psyched when I learned that there was going to be a Batman TV series. Batman was always my favorite comic book character because he was just a mortal guy, no super powers, and was at heart a detective who used science and technology to solve crimes. The 60’s TV series was such a disappointment for me because the character/ethos was not taken seriously. The only three things I liked about the show was the animated intro, the theme song, and that car! Of course the TV car itself was so cool because it was based on an incredibly cool 1950s concept car.

    • I was a little kid when the show was on the air so I thought it was cool as hell. I totally get what you mean, though. I enjoy it now precisely because it is so profoundly campy and dumb. My taste in cars has changed, too, and I’d now MUCH rather have the ’55 Lincoln Futura!

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  5. I too noticed the license plate and was going to comment on it but Craig beat me to it. I love Pie Repair Man and hope to see him in future cartoons.

  6. Why is he sitting on a bat box instead of a bat stool? They are in a cave, there would be lots of bat stools. Which brings up the thought that if you owned a furniture company I bet it would be impossible to give away free stool samples.

  7. I, too, was a Batman-obsessed kidling. I had a Batman tie (probably worth a bundle if I could find it), and I kept trying to make grappling hooks. Once at a Cub Scout pack meeting, I was one of the raffle winners that night, and lo-and-behold, there was a Batman-themed cake, complete with “Bif” POW!” “Wham!” sugar decorations.

    • One of my favorite campy things about that show now is the cameo appearances of celebs popping out of windows (on the floor) as the Dynamic Duo pretended to walk up a wall. I tried that a few times with a rope with predictable results.

  8. Did anyone els notice the lizard in front of the rear tire, and the stick of dy-no-mite behind the front wheel??

    Awesome toon Dan, I should invite you to the batcave some time!

  9. Another grammar question: Where did the “of” come from in “too good of a job?” That’s now how I learned it eons ago, when the world was young.

    • I always wonder about that. It’s the common way to say it in America, so that’s the way I write it but I don’t think “of” is necessary.

  10. Welcome stranger, you’re obviously not from around these here parts if you think that a slice of pie is a lizard.

    Many years ago I wanted to develop a strip called “Batfart and Guano” (Guano was his psychic sidekick) but that’s as far as I got… :(

  11. The Ralph Ray Was Here graffiti that was in other versions is missing here.

    So cool, you accept gag submissions through the comments? For some reason I have visions of a business called Feral’s Ice Cream Parlor, filled with nervous, skittish cats.

    • Not sure why the “Ralph Ray Was Here” tag wasn’t included in the web version. I get tons of suggestions from readers through the comments and occasionally will use one.

  12. Wait! A wrench? I thought Bunny-dude had a spork in his hand. What better way to defend against pie that with a spork (specially if the pie has already deployed the melty-ice cream defense?

    SenseiC bows out.

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