Guru Saucy DVD Crash


bz panel 10-23-14bz strip 10-23-14bz panel 10-24-14bz strip 10-24-14bz panel 10-25-14bz strip 10-25-14xBizarro is brought to you today by Karma.


What this cartoon does not show is the guru’s Craigslist ad. Here it is: “Lonely old geezer seeks topless housekeeper for cave tidying. Must be willing to accept karma as payment.” (Get a print of this cartoon.)















Here’s one of my favorite gags in a while. Possibly because I’m a big fan of medical marijuana and the concept of governments outlawing plants on the basis of corporate propaganda makes my head explode. Is there no end to the idiocy of the human race? No, there isn’t. (Get a print of this cartoon.)










This cartoon is a modernized version of the old “when I was your age” speech so many parents have given their children. My own father had to crawl on his stomach across enemy lines under heavy artillery fire to go to school and back each day. He was raised in Missouri so I’m not clear on what war this was. As for myself, when I was a kid there was nothing to do on a car trip but stare out the window and contemplate the nature of existence. When you got tired of that, you kicked your sibling until they complained, then swore you didn’t do anything. Times have changed. (Get a print of this cartoon.)







BIZARROVERS: Today’s offering from the archival cesspool is a more accurate depiction of what car trips were like when I was a kid. bz-04-05-01-crashWEB


16 thoughts on “Guru Saucy DVD Crash

  1. The panel version in the Contra Costa Times said 5 – the SFChronicle said 3 – now THAT’s bizarre … Now I don’t know which newspaper to trust ;-)

  2. Wow, we really were the “Crash Test Dummies” back in the fifties! No seat belts, and jumping all over the place distracting Mom and/or Dad so much they had to take their eyes off the road to turn around and smack at us in the back seat. DVD?? That was for Don’t Vary the Distractions!

  3. Or it’s taxed differently. (I work for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, and am vastly entertained by all of the contortions everyone with any interest in this game goes through.)

  4. Dan, Went cross county (well-half way. Indiana to California) in late 40’s with parents and my imagination. First time in a 1938 Studebaker. No radio, just dot to dot books. You have no idea how entertaining the Burma Shave signs were. Next in line were ___miles to Wall Drug Store–On the wall of the Badlands!

  5. I loved the slow day in Gotham city comic. This was my idea I submitted to Dan who agreed to give me bragging rights by mentioning my name in the comic. No mention of my name any where in the strip or on his blog. Really disappointed. Told a lot of people about my idea for upcoming strip only to see my name not mentioned anywhere. People are only as good as their word they keep.

    • So sorry about that, Ralph! I couldn’t remember who had submitted that gag, so I’m glad to hear from you. I’ll put you in the post now!

  6. On 10/24/14 I was having difficulty finding the 5th hidden object. Went on line as the drawings are much clearer than in newsprint. The stick of dynamite was replaced by a potted plant on the bookcase in the portrait view, and visible in the landscape view. So, not in the newspaper! Odd! Always enjoy the drawings, the cartoons, the humor, and finding the objects before my husband! DA

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