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I had a busy week and didn’t get around to posting anything on Wednesday as I usually do, so here is the entire week of Bizarro cartoons in review. I’ll post my Sunday Bizarro tomorrow.


Monday: One of America’s most desired bachelors finally got married recently so I used his name for this gag. I admit I’ve never participated in online dating of any kind, but I can imagine the challenges involved and have heard plenty of hilarious stories from friends who’ve been unpleasantly surprised by their date. None have had this exact experience, however.










Tuesday: Here we begin some Halloween fun. My German buddy, Michael Roth, came up with this zombie pun and I thought you Jazz Pickles might enjoy it.













Wednesday: A friend of mine pointed out that the woman in this cartoon is using the back of the sewing machine. That kind of closed-minded bigotry is just the sort of thing that is ruining America. I don’t want to live in a country where a person can’t use whatever side of a sewing machine that they choose.










Thursday: If you don’t get this gag, it’s likely because you’ve never been to a restaurant that offers “wraps”. It’s basically just a traditional sandwich wrapped in something floppy like a tortilla or giant leaf of something green instead of bread. You’re not missing much.














Friday: I love this gag even though I know that various permutations of this same concept have likely been cartooned before. I admit that I used to look down at women who use Halloween as an excuse to dress like “sluts” but after reading “Sex at Dawn” (I highly recommend this book to anyone who can read) I now see it as another innocent display of our species’ ubiquitous oppression of our basic sexual nature. Yes, I’m serious. Personally, I’m a hardcore monogamist, but I firmly believe that a loosening of our puritanical ideas about sex would be a very good thing for all of us individually and human cultures all over the world.









Saturday: I should have run this cartoon on Halloween but I wanted to run the sexy one instead. So, no, this woman isn’t showing up a day after Halloween, early for next year, but is meant to be trick-or-treating with her unborn child a year early. This was inspired by a woman I know who cannot stop talking about “mommyhood” to the mild chagrin of those around her.


19 thoughts on “Halloween Cartoons

  1. Once again as always Dan, spot on this week, non stop laughs. Zombie Brain Surgery was a riot, and I know someone who actually did today’s, baby was supposed to be born on Halloween but decided to be a few days late. Thanks for the laughs!

  2. The Clooney look-alike must have used his third wish from the magic mermaid: “OK then, how about a little head?” [Full joke upon request]

  3. I first saw the Jack-o’-lantern cartoon on my iPhone earlier today without any explanation and totally didn’t get it! I now kick myself because last Thursday I was out trick or treating with my kids and saw lots of Moms who could wait only slightly longer than the lady in the strip. I’ve always thought it funny to see young couples drag their usually screaming costumed infants out on a chilly Halloween night when the kids obviously have no idea what the deal is.

  4. The last one confused me terribly, just because the old lady has her doormat inside her house. Culural differences I’d guess.

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  6. The pregnant gal is a pet peeve of mine – similar is the gal with a newborn collecting candy (“It’s for the baby”, they say). Really? Gonna give a Jolly Rancher to a 6-month old? Stop being so cheap – it ALL goes on sale for a buck a bag tomorrow…. PLEASE….

  7. Here’s what my 10-year-old nephew had to say about your “tramps” cartoon and blog: “Hmm. It seems like he’s trying to resolve sexism but he doesn’t do it. Instead he makes fun of what they’re wearing and calls them a name. Bizarro has taken a step down to Hagar the Horrible.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Haha. Your ten-year-old nephew did not say that. And I don’t think Hagar the Horrible has ever done a cartoon about prostitutes.

      BTW: I think prostitution should be legalized and I am against berating anyone (particularly women) for their sexual proclivities between consenting adults. I used this premise to make a joke, since this is a cartoon.

  8. Thanks for replying. My nephew totally did say that! He’s a sharp one and he’s learned to analyze what he reads and watches for different types of discrimination. We’ve been a huge fan of your cartoons and find most of them funny. This one just wasn’t funny and we found it offensive to women. Thanks for your consideration.

  9. Would be fitting for my psychologist to have the brain searchery hanging in his office. Neither one of us has had any luck finding any brains lately, zombie or not…

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