Quintuple Cavalcade of Comedy


Bizarro is brought to you today by Tiny Alien.

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Monday: Dogs are funny. Dogs without electronics are just sad. (Get a print of this cartoon.)

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Tuesday: I was on a jury once for a one-day civil trial and it was boring as hell. I can imagine after a long trial wishing that someone would kill me. (Get a print of this cartoon.)

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Wednesday: Some birds dig predigested worms and bugs from their mother’s throat when they’re young. This guy is one of those, but he needs to grow up. (Get a print of this cartoon.)

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Thursday: If you find yourself tempted to believe that any substantial amount of America’s problems are being caused by illegal aliens, remind yourself that historically this is an ancient technique by dishonest governments to shift blame. And it almost always works. In this case, the corporations who run our country and their puppet politicians say, “Yes, things are lousy, but it isn’t our fault. It’s their fault!” Then they point to illegals, gay marriage, abortion clinics, terrorists, climate change scientists, whatever “other” they can find to unite the rest of us against something other than those in charge. Don’t fall for it. You’re smarter than that. (Get a print of this cartoon)

DEJA VIEW: Since Tuesday was Election* Day in the U.S., here’s a cartoon from 2001 in which I recommended some things I thought could improve the country. None of my suggestions were followed as near as I can tell.Bizarro02-11-01WEB

*A choice between two politicians already chosen by the corporations who run America.


10 thoughts on “Quintuple Cavalcade of Comedy

  1. I like the Bizarro bunny in the jury. He seems particularly appalled by the threat. :-)

    Living in a country without the jury system, I am rather bemused by it. It’s like getting a panel of your peers to diagnose your disease, or to build your house, as opposed to trained professionals. No wonder OJ got away with it… :-)

    • My thoughts exactly! A jury of your peers ends up being people who either couldn’t get out of it or don’t have anywhere else they need to be. The jury I was on was alarmingly stupid. And I’m not being elitist. About six of them were too stupid to pass a sixth grade test.

  2. Lucky, you only had to serve one day on a civil trial. 20 years ago, I was on a jury on a civil trial for 6 weeks. Yep, 4 days a week for 6 weeks. The subject? Did a particular piece of property pass a perk (percolation) test or were the test results fraudulent? I learned a lot about perk tests, yawn. I met co-workers in the jury room from time to time who were on juries for 1- or 2-day trials, lucky them!

  3. Your “3 things you can do to improve America” cartoon is one of my favourites. Thanks for posting it as a Pickled Jazz installment. Although, I do believe people should express their right to vote, even if they choose to spoil their ballots. Somehow I think there wouldn’t be quite the same humour in a blank or torn ballot.

  4. I choose to be optimistic. There were some successes in this election – to cite just a few examples: The town of Denton, TX and two CA counties have voted to ban fracking, the city of Tallahassee, FL passed an anti-corruption referendum, Oregon and Alaska ended decriminalized marijuana use, and Maui has banned GMO farming. Of course, Big Money is already going to court to challenge the will of the people and get their way. But we will stand strong, we will not relent.

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  6. Dan, that is exactly why i never try to get out of jury duty. I have the opportunity bring compassion, sense, skepticism, and caring to a proceeding that will affect the rest of someone*’s life. I’d feel like a real jerk if i wussed out on that.
    *Sometimes several someones…

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