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Bizarro is brought to you today by Why Wash When You Can Bash?

My mind wandered recently about the beginning of basketball and wondered what they used for the ball before modern technology created what we now use. Going further back, I imagined this scene of a couple of cave dudes fighting over a boulder. Since I am not a terribly tall person (3’7″) I’m always last to be picked for basketball teams. That is, until they find out that I can fly, and also become invisible at will. Who’s laughing now, tall people?

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After that, this design (3rd in a series) will disappear forever, the way most people wish Kim Kardashian would.

Black line work on light shirts here.                   White line work on dark shirts here.

Because Adam Levine and Scarlett Johansson were recently voted “sexiest human members of their species and sexes,” here’s what they would look like in my T-shirt. (Available in many styles and colors, not just short-sleeves and orange.) Aren’t they sexy? You will be, too. AdamScarlett


11 thoughts on “Basketboulder

  1. Love the T-shirt, but why is it that “The world’s sexiest people” or “The world’s most eligible bachelor” etc are always Americans? Is it that Americans are just inherently superior to the rest of us, or is it that Americans are the only ones narcissistic enough to want these “awards”?

    • Didn’t have good ratings so they canceled it. These things happen in TV more often than they don’t. It was fun while it lasted but I went into it knowing it would be temporary. :^}

  2. You have to admit, the best part of the show Utopia was Dan’s narration. You have a great voice for TV, Dan, and/or radio Hope you get another opportunity but with something related to humor. Can’t watch reality shows any more, always somebody gets killed in the end…so sad.

    Oh BTW, basketball cartoon, very funny! LiL (laughing in loud)

  3. How about a show about a cartoonist, his/her (it IS mostly males, isn’t it? Hmm) creative process and they solve crimes or cure diseases in their spare time, all the while in their jammies all day? That hasn’t been done….With a dog, a love interest, and what else? Hypochondria? Pickle addiction? Super powers?

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