Butts, Knock-Offs, Cosplay


bz panel 11-13-14bz strip 11-13-14bz panel 11-14-14bz strip 11-14-14bz panel 11-15-14bz strip 11-15-14Bizarro is brought to you today by Useful Government Institutions.

I thought this “Rear Admiral” gag was a harmless bit of slapstick fun but at least one reader who left a comment thought it was “absolutely classless especially around  veterans day.” (That person must REALLY hate Beetle Baily.)  I generally tend to think that no one is above having a bit of fun poked at them, especially those in authority. What do you think? Should military personnel be held sacred when it comes to cartoons?

I just realized that both of these first two cartoons posted here are about butts and coincided with Kim Kardashian’s butt breakage of the Internet. Must be a full moon this week. (To find the previous link, I googled “Kim Kardashian’s Ass.” As is Google’s habit, this appeared at the top of the page.)

This next cartoon is as sad as it is amusing. I wish the world were a kinder place but alas, it ain’t.


BIZARRO OF THE LIVING DEAD: This Sunday gag from 2001 still tickles my funny bone. I hope you get a smile out of it. (Click this image to see it larger, but not as large as Kardashian’s seat cushion.)Bizarro04-01-01CatDogWEB




14 thoughts on “Butts, Knock-Offs, Cosplay

  1. I like all of these, but the Rolex knock off, child labor one, I might have laughed too hard at that one. Really struck me funny bone.

  2. Yes. It has indeed been a full moon week. Thanks to you and Mrs. Kardashian, my Lycanthropy has flared up three times this week. My parents are dead; My brother is now having his leg reattached; And my girlfriend is now leaving me after the mauling I gave her shoulder (she is now infected, but she’s fortunately is getting Aconitum (wolf’s bane) injections, that are covered by her new insurance). I will be sending letters too all the newspaper’s that print your comic, requesting that they cease all contracts with you.

  3. You’re such a funny guy! Glad to see that the new website still allows you to post your texts about the various comics. I enjoy reading what you write.

    Oh, and by the way, about your little browser pic showing the adverts from Google, there’s a plugin called “AdBlock” which is free (i.e. supported by donations) and which blocks all ads served up by google, YouTube, Facebook, and pretty much any website I’ve been to. It’s well respected and kept up to date. (Just avoid “AdBlock Plus” which is *not* related to AdBlock.) Your internet experience will improve a million-fold.

  4. AdBlock is great, but I must advise against using it to block all ads universally like that. Advertising services have gotten smart about detecting how many users actually see/click their ads, and use those metrics when determining how much to pay site owners, which means you’re denying revenue to those free-to-use sites you frequent. Moreover, removing all ads from the Internet is an unrealistic goal. It costs money to maintain a website, and advertising is the simplest way to offset the cost without going behind a paywall, which wouldn’t work anyway for most sites. On the other hand, making the truly obnoxious ones go away could be doable, and I highly recommend using AdBlock to make those less profitable and hopefully encourage advertisers to pull them. I’ve got three basic rules: no Flash or other video, no animated images that distract from the site content, and absolutely no bloody audio.

  5. I put in ten years on active duty with the Marines, and almost as many more in the Reserves. You physically can’t poke as much fun at the military as we did ourselves, mercilessly and all day long. I’ve been a silly-vilian for 20+ years now and never seen things so ludicrous (or heartbreaking, or noble – there’s that too, the flip side of the proverbial coin).

    So, poke yer fun – have at it. (Not that you need _my_ blessing …. but you have it anyway).

    • My dad was a Marine and it’s always been my understanding that you can’t be any more irreverent about officers than the troops are themselves at times. Humor is how we deal with stress.

  6. I read about a party with several uniformed military officers in attendance. A sweet young thing kept addressing a lieutenant colonel as “lieutenant”, which made one officer observe privately that it was too bad that Rear Admiral Jones was not in attendance.

  7. As a retiree of the US Army, I thought the Rear Admiral joke was great! I appreciate you poking fun at authority figures. It took me years to deprogram my brain from the military thinking and I sometimes wonder if I’m fully free from their brainwashing. Keep up the insubordination!

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