Evil Turkey Stuffing Aliens


bz panel 11-24-14bz strip 11-24-14bz panel 11-25-14bz strip 11-25-14bz panel 11-26-14bz strip 11-26-14Bizarro is brought to you today by Being Your Own Pet.

An email buddy of mine, Michael Lagace, sent me the idea of an “evil Knievel” twin and this is how I used it. I had a good time drawing Evel, as he was one of my childhood heroes. The kids in my neighborhood and I used to build ramps out of plywood and stacks of old tires or whatever we could get hold of to prop it up, then jump our bicycles over it at great speed. Yes, it was dangerous, and bones were broken. For all I know, Knievel may be the person for whom the ubiquitous statement, “Don’t try this at home!” was invented.



Now that it’s Thanksgiving week in the U.S., I’ve drawn some holiday cartoons. More to come in the next couple of days. As my regular readers know, I’m an ethical vegan, meaning I don’t buy or consume anything that contains the products from an animal’s suffering. I don’t evangelize anymore, but am always happy to discuss it when asked, or talk about it on my blog when moved to do so. I’ve come to see the planet as a large organism with billions of working parts, and humans are but a tiny, dispensable part of that. Accordingly, I try not to do anything to cause unnecessary damage or suffering to my host or my fellow earthlings. I truly think the human race acts like a cancer on this organism, consuming it until we kill it or it kills us, the latter being the most inevitable result. I’ve become convinced that we will be responsible for our own demise in the near future if we don’t adopt these kinds of attitudes and practices worldwide. I have no delusions that this shift in the human paradigm will happen in my lifetime, of course, so I’m preparing for extinction. :^}

BIZOMBIES: On a lighter note, here’s a view of what Thanksgiving for extraterrestrial creatures with similar attitudes to ours might look like.bizarro 01-06-08 ThanksgivingWEB


12 thoughts on “Evil Turkey Stuffing Aliens

  1. I was happy to learn some time ago that Evel’s middle name is Craig (his born first name is Robert). So I can have a little bit of “Evel” without having any evil.

    Also that he got his now legendary nickname because he spent some time in jail with a guy who was called “Awful Knoflel” and the night jailer liked the chance to do some more rhyming. I wonder what happened to Mr. Knofel.

  2. Probably because you’re an arrogant fuck who never takes time to consider that you might be hostile or wrong.

    Oh, BTW, what do you think about your precious PETA kidnapping and killing house pets?

  3. I love your sense of humor! I first heard of you through one of Vance Lehmkuhl’s Podcasts. You inspire me! LOVE that you bring common sense issues to light with a twisted sense of humor! Enjoy this day of thanks and fuggetabout the haters. Your devoted jazz pickle…

  4. In the few seconds of Cosmic time that we have been here we have caused havoc, we ARE a cancer, especially with the mindset that all this is ours to exploit, what hubris… We ARE dispensable, other forms of life would have a better chance of survival without us here, such is not the case if we lose the ants and the bees…

  5. Oh Christ, I think the only reason people like you and Dan bash humanity so much is just because you want to feel superior to everyone else. Fuck off.

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