Civilized Saucers


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Have you ever felt the need to run away from “civilization” and live a more natural life? It seems to me that there is little about civilization that is civilized and little about humans that is humane. Accordingly, I have found myself rethinking my choices in this world. It’s not that civilization is treating me badly, it most certainly isn’t, especially on a worldwide scale. It’s more about getting in touch with what I am, not what I’ve become as the result of social pressure and historical tradition. In my recent readings about the origins of human societies, I’ve begun to see that we are far from what we should be, and my instincts tell me that I’d be much happier and live a more meaningful life if I were more true to my nature. That’s where my head’s been at lately and why I wrote this cartoon.

OLD BIZNESS: I came across this cartoon from 2002 on a different subject and thought it was amusing. I share it with you now in hopes that you will, too.Bizarro 10-27-02 WEB


15 thoughts on “Civilized Saucers

  1. Have you read the Ishmael books by Daniel Quinn? He does a wonderful job describing the origin of present-day human society and provides an explanation for why it is so fundamentally flawed. It was incredibly influential in the development of my own thoughts on the subject.

  2. There are lots of modern conveniences that I believe I could give up under the right circumstances. But indoor plumbing with running hot water is not one of them.

  3. Ohhh! The ‘Story of B’ is fantastic – reads like a novel with tremendous concepts. Big brain stuff, but really brilliant.

  4. Hm, I’m interested in what is considered our “true nature”. You seem to be living your values as best you can now, as evidenced by your humour, art, comments, and veganism. Even the moustach and hat are more ‘you’ than anyone else. So even though you’re staying within the constraints of what’s acceptable in American society, I think you’re doing okay for being true to yourself. Much more so than some people.

  5. I can second that, this book ( Ishmael by Daniel Quinn) was one of the biggest philosophical influences in my life. You dont have to agree with everythink, but it makes you think…

  6. Hey Danny, since you’re still on this “holier-than-thou” kick, let me try to bring you back down to earth. The guy you supported for president, twice, is killing thousands, if not tens of thousands of innocents a year with his drone program. That blood is on your hands.

    • Yeah, I’m not at all happy with that aspect of Obama’s administration. Although the other candidate would’ve done worse, so I see it as the typical American political choice of the lesser of two evils.

      To be honest, I think the world is so out of balance that we’re stuck with nightmare scenarios like this for the foreseeable future, no matter who is president.

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