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I’ve done quite a few cartoons about the famous “Ascent of Man” illustrations. This one is specifically about the tech age and how so many people have utterly abandoned their bodies and “real” lives for online substitutes. It would take who-knows-how-many years to get to this point in evolution, of course, and we’ll likely kill ourselves off as a species long before then.

More fun than that doomsday scenario is this bit of hate mail that I got last week about my Old West chiropractor cartoon from a couple Sundays back: Bizarro 11-30-14 WEB

“To whom it may concern: In regards to the comic posted in the Detroit Free Press recently, ‘In between crime waves, we let the chiropractor use it’. This comic showed a picture of a person hanging in reference to chiropractors. I as a chiropractic assistant found this extremely inappropriate along with several patients and the Chiropractor himself. To all of us who believe in chiropractic we found this very offensive and would ask you to refrain from such absurdities in all other comics in the future.”

I never cease to be amazed by the way America has become a nation of thin-skinned, humorless victims who seemingly look for an opportunity to be offended by a casual comment or joke. I can’t for the life of me imagine being insulted by this kind of gag, no matter how religiously dedicated to chiropractic I might be. I blame the culture of “political correctness” for this kind of wasted indignation. As a nation, we are so used to seeing public figures deliver “humble” apologies for hurting some sector of the public’s feelings that we think we are owed an apology every time we see something that falls short of venerating something we are or hold dear. In my opinion, this isn’t just a waste of time and effort but is childish and ridiculous. So, rather than apologize for publishing a cartoon that fails to hold chiropractic up to the high standards that this particular reader deems “appropriate,” I offer the following cartoon about chiropractors from 2008. In this one, I managed to offend both chiropractors and mobsters. Can’t wait for the hate mail to come in and the bullets to start flying.bizarro 10-26-08 MobChiroWEB1


41 thoughts on “Wasting Time

  1. If, as your anger-enabled-correspondent suggests, you don’t “believe in chiropractic”, does it cease to exist? If so, when can we expect this to happen?

  2. I’m in total agreement with you. How did people get so thin-skinned and so easily offended? Or do these people just not have a sense of humor? If that’s the case, why are they looking at the “funny pages”?

  3. My husband is a chiropractor, practicing for over 30 years and has received countless cartoons regarding chiropractic, all of which he found humorous, as did many of his patients. As chiropractic is wonderful for your health, so is laughter! Keep on posting those comics!

    How many chiropractors does it take to change a light bulb? Just one, but it takes 6 visits! :)

  4. In regards to the negative reaction to your chiropractor cartoon….

    “Everything is funny, as long as it’s happening to somebody else.”
    – Will Rogers

  5. I just love the letter writer’s phrase, “refrain from such absurdities in all other comics!” How dare you make jokes in a comic strip, how can we possibly laugh out loud at such absurdities? I just can’t imagine something so absurd in a comic titled “Bizzaro!”

    on a slightly more serious note, are comics no longer the most appropriate place for absurdities? If not, where are we to find some comic relief from this tragic world?

  6. Besides, I think both cartoons actually compliment chiropractors in showing how they can help their patient under man different situations and conditions.

  7. Is the “you” the letter writer is referring to the newspaper or the cartoonist? The usual response, regardless, is “If you don’t like what that cartoonist does, don’t read his/her cartoons.”

  8. First I found both comics hilarious, but I had to snicker at the hate mail

    “To of all of us who believe in chiropractic”

    I KNEW they were really cult of homeopathic back crackers. It reaffirms my opinion that it is not actual science, but a belief structures built upon faith.

    I suppose if you believe in something hard enough, a placebo effect may give the chiropractic believer a sense of relief.

    They don’t perform medical procedures, rather series if “adjustments” and “Manipulations” and then force minerals, vitamins and supplements on your way out the door.

    My experience was poor, an over zealous back cracker torqued my spine to far rupturing a disc causing a life of pain more severe that the pain I sought treatment for. In my observations I saw many things that looked like a cult or perverse church of snake oil type medical practices.

    To all the patients in the waiting room the “doctor” is the greatest and can do no wrong. He walked on water on his way ino the office. Patients have some bizzare reverence of their Doctor solar to that of a cult leader… David Koresh, Manson actually more like Fred Phelps.

    If I make disparaging remarks to a chiro patient about the “Science” I typically here how THEIR “Doctor” is not like the others….

    I look forward to seeing a cleverly drawn reply. Be careful, they don’t have very thick skin… If they did, acupuncture would not work for them.

    Maybe a waiting room of birds, the doctor can be a “quacking” duck…

    Thanks for all the laughs. keep them coming!

  9. Kudos to the letter writer for writing “all of us who believe in chiropractic”, admitting that chiropractic is largely a faith-based treatment. In other words, quackery. (Bring on the hate mail)! Google “chiropractic skeptic” to learn more.

  10. As someone who has been going to chiropractors for over 35 years, I have to say… Seriously? Someone got upset over a chiropractor joke? Most of the chiros I’ve met over the years have collections of these jokes. They find them just as funny as the rest of us if not moreso.

    It’s much the same as the attorneys I work for. You wouldn’t believe the large number of lawyer jokes and cartoons on the bulletin boards, out of public view, of course.

    Ignore the humorless dweebs. Keep on doing what you’re doing.

    Now I need to forward a link to the gag to a couple of Dr.s of Chiropractic I know. They’ll love it.

  11. A couple of thoughts:
    1. “This comic showed a picture of a person hanging…” – perhaps they missed that the rope was under the arms and around the chest.
    2. Although they found it offensive, they seem to have given you carte blanche to continue such absurdities in Bizarro (since they specifically asked “you to refrain from such absurdities in all *other* comics in the future”). So if you’re ghostwriting for Family Circus try to keep the absurdities to a minimum there.

  12. The thing about the comment made by “the whom it may concern” reader that irks me most is, they didn’t even compliment you about the beautiful artwork in the cartoon itself. At least they could have given you that much. The “complainer”, said several of their patients agreed it was inappropriate. The thought crossed my mind that they were a little nervous not to.

  13. Dear Dan I’m sooooooooo Jealous…I never get any hate mail…please send me some extra if you get a surfeit, no really… it may quell my eternal optimism that I can’t offend anyone.. BTW, I’m hanging around most days doodling Inky Hijinks but my back is suffering from sitting in a chair all day. ( how do you deal with that nd the lack of fresh air (winter here). I’d also like to visit a Chiropractor but how can you trust anyone who spells Cairo incorrectly.

  14. Chiropractors: I often recommend people with bad backs to try the Jack Ketch Method. Then they go away, find out, come back and hit me. He was a seriously bad hangman.

    Mind you, they do smile while they hit me.


  15. Thanks Dan – I have just discovered the BCE/CE notation for years after seeing your cartoon and will use it in future…
    Keep up the good work!

  16. “I never cease to be amazed by the way America has become a nation of thin-skinned, humorless victims who seemingly look for an opportunity to be offended …”

    I believe it has always part of human nature to be sensitive to such imagined slights in this way. What has changed is the threshold where such slights trigger a response (it has gotten lower) and the avenues available for complaining (they have increased).

    Long time ago I adopted the attitude — to hell with them if they can’t take a joke.

  17. From the letter they sent, it seems that they went around to the chiropractor and several patients with the comic, asking “Can you believe this?” I always wonder at people who seem to think that a piece of art they disagree with must be publicly viewed and condemned rather than simply ignored.

    Also, a Bizarro without absurdities is a Bizarro I do not wish to read.

  18. Symbols for Evolution of home computers.
    Found four of them:
    1. k2 on front of scooter
    2. eyeball over k2
    3. k2 on wheel cover over tire
    4. alien over word bubble
    Can’t find the fifth, help.

  19. I like your cartoons but you didn’t need computers to cause the evolution that you portrayed in your December 14 cartoon. Mad magazine did the same cartoon in the 70s showing the Chinese invading us because everyone rode around on scooters with mini legs.

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