22 thoughts on “29 Bizarro Xmas Cartoons

  1. Dan, Thanks for adding a special touch of bizarre humor to a time that is desperately in need of same! Happy Holidays and add a few pounds. Jack the Skibum

  2. Thanks so much for all of these! All good…some hilarious to me. And I don’t see any as particularly sacrilegious. And as Bette Midler said…”fuck em if they can’t take a joke!” Hope your holidays and the new year are good to you and yours.

  3. Being an “overly religious” sort myself (I’m a pastor) I find these HYSTERICAL! In fact, there are some darned good sermon illustrations here.

  4. The Christmas 1958 and stocking stuffer? Belly laughs aplenty. Keep doing what you do, Dan. Brilliance comes around but every so often…..

  5. Each one is both funnier and more brilliant than the other (and they can be jumbled up and still have the same effect!). Hilarious! Thank you, genuine thanks, merci beaucoup, mille gracie, ευχαριστώ πολύ, and I’d add Asian language “thanks much” too but would have no real idea of what I was telling you! Much appreciated Brilliant Bizarro!

  6. Little Craig’s List…I almost choked I was laughing so hard. All of these are funny. I love this guy. I haven’t seen anything this good in the newspaper since Gary Larson. Dan P. is the new king!

  7. I graduated with Dan’s sister from BTW HS in 1979. I think he graduated a year or two before. Making us all proud! Great humor!

  8. I just sent a link to this page to my cadre of close friends and feel that I have actually sent them something of real worth, via email, for the holidays! Thanks!
    Dan, here’s wishing you a cool yule, a happy happy, and a very merry!

  9. Thank you for the gift! I look forward to reading you single strip every morning and to get so many today is indeed a gift. I loved ‘opening’ each one. Christmas blessings to you and yours.

  10. absolutely fantastic.
    You have a refreshing view of the whole Commercial merry-go-round that people call ‘Christmas’. A time for family? A time for giving? Maybe, but not in that order! (No, I don’t say ‘bah humbug’ constantly)

  11. got the address from a newspaper.
    After the news I look for this one .
    Sometimes too close to the truth it hurts.
    This guy is a genius.
    You don’t want him go with charlie, it would go nuclear.

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