bz panel 12-22-14bz strip 12-22-14bz panel 12-23-14bz strip 12-23-14bz panel 12-24-14bz strip 12-24-14bz panel 12-25-14bz strip 12-25-14Bizarro is brought to you today by Scary Christmas and Santa’s Package.

This week brings four holiday cartoons for your end-of-year enjoyment. I’m  not one who adheres to the religious celebration of Jesus but I’ve long been bothered by the tacky commercial-ization of Christmas in America. To my sensibilities it’s noisy and ugly no matter what the reason, but the fact that it is all supposedly in honor of one of the least materialistic characters in modern times makes it even more unpalatable.  I stopped participating in it back in the early 90s, announcing politely to my friends and family that I wouldn’t be sending cards or giving gifts anymore and did not expect any. On the increasingly rare occasion when I do get a gift, I accept graciously, of course. I’m not trying to be an ass about it, I just don’t want to play anymore. I’ve found it very liberating.

Thus, my Xmas cartoons tend to come from a fairly irreverent place. In case you missed it, my previous post was a collection of 29 of my favorite Xmas-themed Bizarros from years past. Check it out here for more fun.

GHOST OF BIZARRO PAST: Scroll down to see a strange Xmas cartoon of mine from 1997 that depicts what holidays are like in Cookie Land. Other cultures can be so strange. bizarro 12-24-97 WEBThe nation of Cookie Land recently hacked into my website and stole a bunch of top secret information about future comics and some embarrassing emails in which I openly criticized their king, then threatened to attack my blog if I posted this cartoon. I told them, “I’m not Sony, assholes!”

Happy holidays to all my Jazz Pickles. Stay tangy.


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    • That was a typo on my part. My editor is supposed to catch those things and tell me to fix them but she either missed it or told me about it and I forgot to change it. No one knows for sure.

  1. I’m right there with you on your feelings of Christmas. I just wish I had the jingle balls to go cold turkey. -Love your cartoons!

  2. Well, good for you. We do not participate either. We are Christians but we cringe at the unbelievable commercialism.
    We enjoy our feast and holiday in relative peace and quiet without gifts and BS.

  3. I appreciate your honesty. I’ve often asked my friends and acquaintances who are not particularly religious what it is they are celebrating by their frantic rushing from store to store to find bargains, and their baking every sweet treat known to humankind. “Christmas!” they exclaim. “But what about Christmas?” I ask. I imagine they’d follow the lead lemming over the cliff. On the other hand, I try to be a very devout Christian, so I also abandoned the frenzy of Christmas, and focus on the simplicity of what it is. Giving up the trappings that society has imposed upon itself is very liberating.

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