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bz panel 12-31-14bz strip 12-31-14bz panel 12-29-14 bz strip 12-29-14bz panel 12-30-14bz strip 12-30-14Bizarro is brought to you today by My Choice for Album of the Year.

My least favorite night of the year to leave my hut is New Year’s Eve. One might reasonably think this is a sign that I am getting old but I’ve been this way since my twenties. New Year’s Eve is an arbitrary moment in time that has no meaning for me, it’s also noisier, more expensive, and more crowded than most any other night of the year. There are also a lot of drunks on the roads and sober people have enough trouble controlling their cars. Thus, I can find nothing to recommend it.  On the plus side, however, this New Year’s Eve cartoon is kinda funny.

Then there’s this vision of what it might be like if doctor’s offices adopted the practices of airlines. They both overbook, so why not?

And now, here’s a bit of appetizing zombie fun.


BIZARRO OF THE LIVING DEAD: Since we’re on the subjects of zombies and the new year, here’s a cartoon about that topic from Jan 2, 2011. It reflects my feelings about the efficacy of online activism in general.bizarro 01-02-11 ZombieWEB (Click it to see it embiggened.)



9 thoughts on “Party Drug Snack Group

  1. Totally agree with you about New years. Have hated this night also since my 20s. It all seems forced and a reason to get drunk and stupid. I do enjoy a good party just not New Years. Love your work. Always get a good laugh.

  2. Great group as always. Ya missed the symbol count on the portrait-format of the zombie diner (unless that’s not a secret symbol but a real stick o’ dynamite).

  3. My wife is letting me stay home tonight for the first time in years. I can actually get other stuff done and be fully functional to enjoy football tomorrow! I’m so excited!
    Still, I wonder what time she’ll get home….

    We wish you and yours a very happy 2015, Dan!

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