Prison Begs Execution Horse’s Ass


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Bizarro is brought to you today by Too Late.

According to recent emails and comments, today’s humorous illustration about prison has proved to be pretty popular with people who thought it was funny. This makes me happy, too, so it’s a win/win. The idea for this one came from my good buddy, Cliff Harris The King Of Worldplay, who also makes me happy.

Late last week, the following cartoons were published worldwide on an as-needed basis. The street-corner beggar is a philosophical twist on an old cartoon motif, which isn’t as laugh-out-loud-funny as it is incredibly deep and thought provoking.

The next one, with the guy about to face a firing squad, is also a modern take on an old cartoon motif.I thought that would be clear, but one reader told me that the execution cartoon “goes too far” in light of the recent beheadings by terrorists. Sorry if anyone else thought that’s where I was going with this, it most certainly wasn’t. While I believe that one of the best ways to deal with fear and tragedy is humor, this gag is not funny enough (nor editorial enough) to justify publishing so soon after that kind of event so I wouldn’t have done that. Just for the record.

My last ‘toon in this batch is a funny situation between a centaur and his personal healthcare professional. Getting health insurance (in the U.S., the only “civilized” country that doesn’t offer free health care to all citizens) must be a real pain in the ass for this poor schmuck. My German penpal, Michael Roth, and I kicked around a dozen centaur cartoons before I finally settled on drawing this one. Thanks, Mr. R.

REZARRO: From 2009, I bring you this view of centaurs and other mythological beings. This one still gives me a chuckle, hope it works the same way for you.

bizarro 02-15-09 CentaurWEB



23 thoughts on “Prison Begs Execution Horse’s Ass

  1. Dan, Hope those objecting to the pre execution bit never read “Crock”! Scheemse gets the blind fold about once a month. Ready, aim –laugh!

  2. I wish my dad were alive, he would have loved the Conjugal Visit pun. He was a high school English/Drama teacher who made money during the Summers teaching English to prisoners. :)

  3. I left the comment “I think you should attribute Dan Piraro Bizaro Comics if you’re going to use one of his comics” and everyone after me agreed with ‘amen’!
    Who says people don’t agree with fair use :-)

  4. I thought your boxed logo with the ubiquitous bird at the top was drawn in 3-d. So I hunted down my old red and green 3-d glasses. I dug and dug and found them! But, alack and alas, it was not 3-d. I wish someone would bring back 3-d cartoons. Or is that too old school?

    • Yeah, it only looks 3D. I can actually more-or-less replicate an actual old-school 3D cartoon like what you’re talking about. Perhaps I’ll do that one day soon. Problem is, I don’t have any blue/red glasses to test it with. :^{

  5. The volume of affirmative comments on that page with the hijacked cartoon is either frightening or depressing, depending on my/one’s feeling about religion at the moment of viewing.

    Took me a moment, but the prison panel gave this ex-English major a big grin. My excuse for being slow? I was never subjected to (English) grammar. Had to study foreign languages to pick up any.

    And a centaur would absolutely need to go to a vet for a prostate exam – he’s got what must be a second set of lungs where a human doc would be looking. Never did understand how artists imagine moving parts around would work.

  6. A comic idea that I haven’t seen yet: A classroom that looks typical but obviously a class for magicians (rabbits running around, pigeons perched, various wands and hats, etc.) . A student says to the teacher, “Sounds like a trick question.”

  7. The 1/8 LA Times front page had a good article on the nature of and dilemmas inherent in cartooning. Other forms of journalism/commentary can more easily include alternate views and because of that are somewhat less likely to attract the ire of zealots, is the gist of the point it makes, but more eloquently. It shouldn’t be a perilous profession.

  8. I have to stop thinking about your Rezarro post of 12-15-09! I keep breaking into a spontaneous laughing fit!
    It’s the not only the chicken head but the position of the little brother’s legs that just send me over the edge!
    My co-workers, who already think of me as somewhat “bizarro”, are having their suspicions confirmed.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for for this re-post!

  9. Could also go “CON JUGGLE” (a juggling convict, or a giant juggling multiple little convicts)….or not.
    The man with the sign finally had something trickle down?
    The last request fellow likely has some unfriending to do.
    The centaur might have chronic hay fever. Sorry. Always a bad idea to milk a centaur…cartoon.

  10. I also noticed that the cartoon ripoff guy was at E-Traffic Ticket Defenders when he posted that. There’s a joke in there somewhere…

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