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My big Sunday cartoon today (click it to make it bigger) is about a topic that has been on my mind a bit lately. I ride motorcycles and a bicycle through the streets of Los Angeles and cannot tell you the number of times I’ve almost been mowed down by someone messing with their smartphone while they are supposed to be driving. Seriously, people, is your Facebook status or that text that just came in worth spending time in prison for manslaughter? But, like all dark clouds, there is a silver lining: I never wait in traffic lines anymore when I need to get over into a crowded lane. I just go past the traffic, then slowly and calmly move into the desired lane at the last minute in any one of several huge gaps left by people who are looking at their smartphones instead of moving when it’s their turn. Most of them don’t even notice I’m cutting in line because to do that, they’d have to be paying attention to what can be seen through the windshield of their car.

Also in that Sunday jungle cartoon are no less than ELEVEN secret symbols. So click the image to embiggen it and get started hunting! (If you can’t find them all, here’s the answer code!)

As for the rest of these cartoons, they were what published in newspapers the world over last week. Monday’s is about the current generation’s obsession with recording (by vid or pic) their every mundane activity. Tuesday’s is about America’s obsession with food. Wednesday’s  is about an uppity dog. Thursday’s is about pinatas and their most feared enemy. Friday’s is about a job hunt. Saturday’s is about people who never grow up and their parents who let them.

Any questions? No? Excellent. My work here is done.


25 thoughts on “The Week in Wackadoodle

  1. That last cartoon has me in stitches. Fits the bill for many of my 20-something kids’ friends. You nailed it (sadly)! Love it!

  2. You say Tuesday’s (Jan. 6) cartoon was about Americans’ obsession with food. I think it was far more than that. From a psychological standpoint I think it hit a little too close to home for a lot of people.

  3. so lemme get this straight… ANY upside down bird qualifies as the “Inverted Bird” symbol? Shouldn’t it at LEAST have the tiny hat? This has really screwed up my score in finding the hidden symbols! Other than that, another EXCELLENT sunday strip. worthy of framing!

  4. I’m glad you were accurate and gave the crown to the elephant, who could easily beat the so-called “King” of the Jungle (as proven by a scary number of websites that pop up when you ask Google who would win).

  5. Hi Dan,

    With tax season coming around soon, and taxslayer sending me a nice ditty of a calendar with all the important dates marked out, I thought the appropriate time had come for this joke. For us non-permanent non-resident folks, taxes have to be mailed to Texas (Austin). “Texas” is an anagram of “Taxes”. Pretty nifty work by the IRS! If you could spin your magic into a joke on “Taxes go to Texas”, or “Texas is Taxes”, or some poor fellow getting the 2 mixed up, that would be major cool beans with awesome sauce!


  6. I see 12 secrets symbols, although I had missed a couple until you encircled them. You neglected circling the lion with the soap bubble pipe! And BTW, what’s that hanging off the opposite side of the tree from the space traveler? Looks like a hornets’ nest.

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