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Bizarro is brought to you today by Five Cool Dudes Having a Ball.

I’ve been blogging less frequently lately because I’m working on an oil painting commission and need the extra time. It’s coming along fine, thanks for wondering. I’d like to do more fine art before I die and since I’m old and nearly dead, it’s time to get started on that before it’s too late.

Today’s cartoon stars my beloved Olive Oyl and her cat, Boo. I’m told by one of my Jazz Pickles that Gary Larson did a similar gag back in the 80s and, following the link he provided, I saw that he is correct. Sorry about that. It’s a little embarrassing, but these things happen to cartoonists all the time. His had no secret symbols to look for and mine has seven, though, so there’s that.

Reviewing the cartoons from last week, we have a “hands-on” therapist doing something of a Vulcan Mind Meld on Monday.

On Tuesday a thief is reminded that he’s supposed to take food with his drugs. Since someone invariably asks, I reversed the image between the strip and panel version in order to keep the punchline as close to the end of the reader’s experience as possible.

Wednesday’s cartoon was particularly enjoyed by my friend Randall, from Tulsa. He’s an engineer and says they like to make fun of architects. I didn’t know that but I’m happy to have helped, Randall.

Last Thursday’s cartoon was (and still is) a satire of the Flintstones. As everyone will doubtless remember, Fred’s car didn’t have an engine, he just used his feet to get it moving. Because at least one reader asked about the cables with paddles, I was referring to that contraption they use to zap someone’s heart back into working. Maybe they call that thing a defibrillator, but I’m not exactly sure.

Friday’s cartoon is a hilarious bait-and-switch style gag that plays with the idea of an Indian restaurant. Why aren’t there American Indian restaurants? They probably dined on delicious, healthy cuisine before the White Man arrived with his fast food franchises and high-fructose corn syrup.

Finally, we have Saturday’s cartoon which is about the ubiquitous pumpkin-flavored stuff in America every fall. I dislike pumpkin-flavored things so this gag came from my own personal struggles to keep such things out of my mouth. I wrote, drew, and submitted this cartoon weeks ago but since then have seen a few other everything-is-pumpkin-flavored cartoons. I guess the fad hit critical mass this past year and became a part of the collective unconscious (not the correct usage of that term but you get the idea.) Or maybe people do gags about this every year and I just haven’t noticed, which would be very likely since I don’t much follow cartoons.

PAZZ JICKLES: Exactly a certain number of years ago today, the following cartoon was published in newspapers around the world. This is notable because three days from now is the 30th anniversary of Bizarro. Yes, the first Bizarro cartoon appeared in newspapers on January 21, 1985. How did it suddenly become thirty years later?! It makes my brain hurt. It also makes me feel old. (See comment about my impending death above.) biz03tscooWEB


23 thoughts on “Week That Was

  1. “Why aren’t there (North) American Indian restaurants?”

    We have some in Canada, the Painted Pony Cafe in Kamloops, Kekuli Cafe Bannock in Kelowna, and Salmon n’ Bannock in Vancouver… we also have cooking shows “Cooking With the Wolfman” is on APTN (Aboriginal People’s Television Network). I’ve heard that squirrel is quite tasty. :)

  2. What’s with the weird link that goes to this same page in the first paragraph of the blog? It’s tied to the words “get started”, and when you hover over it, there’s a tooltip that says “Click to Continue > by Shopper Helper Pro”.

  3. Hello Dan – Congratulations for 30 years of Bizarro !

    Now between you and me – I sent you the idea for the pharmacist/robber on your blog (sometime) last year. If you can find that source – that would be my THIRD submission to make it into the Bizarro repertoire. (an average of one per decade). Your biggest Canadian fan.

    Alan Harrington @Harritage

  4. I agree, and what is funny is that the one with the building model triggered Monty Python memories too – the one where Cleese is an architect who designs an abattoir when the client wanted an apartment building – the model reminds me of the one used in that skit ;-)

  5. Alas, your “get started” link just repeats this page. I’d love to see your serious art.

    And congratulations for pickling us for 30 years. Keep it up, please!

    • Actually, that’s not my link on “get started.” That’s some kind of bug that got into the post. ARRRRGGGGHH!

      I just edited the post and tried to get rid of it. Hope it worked!

  6. Thanks for the HUGE giggles Dan!!! Will use them on my page ,maybe NOT all at once , being in Oz not America the pumbkin one is neither here not there for me ..Thanks sooo much Loved them..look forward to more!! Yours ,Kath

  7. 30. Nice start. Nice wordplay and punning here and the last few decades. The very thing the Chinese have banned. We need puns for China.
    Only the wealthy Chinese can afford dog wokers.
    If a rodent in China tells a joke they cut out its mousey tongue.
    A male cartoon character’s cooking utensil – Magoo guy pan.

  8. I don’t have to be an artist to know that earning a living as one is not easy. But you do have important career advantage in your favor — many famous artists were able to continue to create significant and important works well into their golden years. (Picasso and Matisse quickly come to mind.) Take it from me, a 60 year-old software engineer, some professions can get increasingly more difficult as you age. A real issue if you want to continue to produce significant works — rather than (shudder) go into management.

  9. I don’t know what that was. Some kind of bug that got into the post. I went into the edit mode and tried to remove it. It’s gone on my screen now, but who knows what voodoo is happening elsewhere.

  10. Really liked your 5 guys bowling pic, German Kegeling is a blast. Never could get into the whole bowling thing, it was too repetitive and way too many “other” people around at the Alley. The German Kegelbahns I’ve been to were mostly 1 or 2 lanes wide, down in the basement of a Sport Center or Gasthaus/Restaurant. Play for an hour with 6 or 8 friends, break for good food and beverage, and play for another hour. Kegeling is not just a single game like bowling, there are dozens (hundreds?) of variations that incorporate skill, luck and humor, which lets a beginner have a chance while playing with someone who’s done it for years; especially fun with the guy who get really annoyed by repeated “beginner’s luck”. And besides, what other activity allows you yell “Good Wood!” (Gut Holz) and clap with such enthusiasm at anothers success?

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