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Bizarro is brought to you this week by No Laughing Here.

I’ve been spending more time lately on my fine art so this museum gag especially appealed to me. The wordplay was devised by my good friend and occasional collaborator, Cliff The King Of Worldplay. If you don’t get it, you’re likely unaware that the terms “portrait” and “landscape” refer to the orientation of the rectangle: taller than wide is portrait, wider than tall is landscape. I could also have made this a picture of a painter and called it “Landscape of a Portrait Artist.” But I didn’t.

By the way, I am accepting commissions in the fine art field at the moment, so if you have some discretionary funds and would like an original painting or drawing from the likes me of, let me know. Soon I will be adding a link to this site with some of my fine art, so you can see the fairly large difference between it and my cartoon style.

On to last week’s cartoons…

Monday: As anyone who knows anything about the rest of the animal kingdom knows, our fellow primates find our rushing around to “accomplish” things hilarious. As do many of us, even though we can’t stop.

Tuesday: This is almost a private joke for myself in that I have lived in California for three years and am still struck by the ubiquitousness of yoga studios here. But that’s a good thing; yoga is good for people both mentally and physically, and can even benefit one spiritually if it is taken in that direction. As for me, I met my beloved Olive Oyl in a yoga class and got my horse-monkey-dog, Jemima from a lady in my yoga class who’d rescued her from the streets of her ‘hood.

Wednesday: Here’s another gag some folks might have to do some research to understand. Google “Claes Oldenburg” and you’ll see that he is an artist famous for constructing enormous versions of everyday objects.

Thursday: I have no explanation for how or why this Abraham Lincoln gag occurred to me. But once it did it made me chuckle so I drew it for you. No, it has no hidden meaning. He’s just comforting a little girl who presumably has a beard.

Friday: I thought of the idea of a passive-aggressive terrorist and wondered what that might look like. So this is what I came up with. Maybe you’re not required to separate your recycling in your area, but surely you are familiar with the concept.

Saturday: Well, the week just kept getting weirder for me. Don’t ask me why a guy who looks like an old-world shepherd but is really a “shepheard” is at a fancy cocktail party because I haven’t a clue. Sometimes strange things amuse me.




25 thoughts on “Sideways

  1. I want to know about the title block. Self portrait by the sculptor, sculpture freeing itself and finishing the job when artist/model collapses for unknown reason? Or was there violence here?

    And thank you for the note on Saturday’s panel. The context seemed inexplicable, and apparently it is.


  2. Definitely provide us a link to some of your non-Bizarro stuff when you’re ready. My husband is always commenting on your (rare in cartoonists) tendency and ability to draw *things* (“the perspective on that picture is actually right!”). I’ve got my “Heimlich Hotel” print over my desk; I’ll come up with something that calls to him.

  3. You have a shrewd eye for humor. I was so pleased to find you in our Sunday funnies, and now here on the internet, thank you. Looking forward to enjoying more of your delightful work. xo

  4. If you was married to my only sister, you’d definitely be my favorite brother-in-law, you keep me laughing and often pondering the meaning of…something, lol.

  5. I thought your link to “no laughing here” was really funny. The English translation of the Chinese translation of the Russian just shows that one ought to know at least two languages of those three to understand what the original sign says.

    The Russian sign says: “restricted entrance”
    If it was in French it would only be one word: “interdit”

    That’s why this link is side splitting funny.

  6. Awwww… but Dannnn!!! I was so disappointed because it sounds like you’ve gone all “spiritual” on us atheists! Of course it’s not a simple topic but I hope you go back to your materialistic ways soon. Chris Ryan has done too many drugs to be an objective observer.

  7. Dan,
    I love your work. The artwork and writing are superb. I do wish, however, that you could drop the sly references to “K2.” It seems to be tacit approval of a product which has caused many deaths, creating much needless misery to so many families.

    • “K2” is a shout out to my two daughters, whose names both begin with K. I began doing this years before the drug K2 was invented so I have no plans to stop. I understand your concern but it’s nothing more than a coincidence.

      • Okay, now I understand. Keep up the good work. I look forward everyday to your cartoon and enjoy ferreting out the little hidden gems. Even the K2s!

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