I Speak to a Man


Several weeks ago, I did an interview with cowboy-humorist Will Roberts. He’s a dude who has his own syndicated humor radio show called “Will Roberts Weekly Telegram” that is distributed to 39 stations in the United States and abroad.

He’s started a segment on his radio show called “ComicsKingdom.com” where he talks to cartoonists and since I am one, he talked to me.

You can listen to the interview online here. It’s a long radio show about various things and my part starts at 21 minutes.

And check out Will’s website at http://willrobertsweeklytelegram.com/



4 thoughts on “I Speak to a Man

  1. Being a long retired “fork lift” mechanic, your “latest”, caused me to study it for the humor. So the “fork lift” is lifting the “spoon”??? They are also referred to as “Towmotors”, “lift trucks, and Lifts. So anyway I am once again reminded of the fact that “someone” will pay people for “anything”.

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