7 Days of Silly


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Bizarro is brought to you today by Romance.

I hope you had a dandy Valentine’s Day this weekend. Olive Oyl (seen here with her grandmother) and I went to Topanga Canyon to visit some friends and take a lovely hike. Afterwards, the four of us went to a small, out-of-the-way Thai restaurant and had dinner with The Edge (guitarist for U2). And by “had dinner with,” I mean that he was at the next table with his wife and daughter and did not acknowledge our existence. But still, it was as close to having dinner with The Edge as we’ll likely ever get, so it was fun.

Let’s talk cartoons: Today’s big Sunday extravaganza tells the back story of how Mickey Mouse became the multitalented rodent icon that he is. Take heart, young, unknown performers! If a lowly mouse can do it, so can you!*

Monday: A friend of mine pointed out that there’s a commercial on TV these days with a penguin on an airplane. I’d not seen it until I viewed the link he provided and it has nothing to do with the gag here, so this information is meaningless.

Tuesday: Here’s a couple of puns about sheep and an unusual therapist/client relationship. I used to be a little ashamed of puns but I’ve decided to come out of the closet and admit that I really like certain kinds. And I’m not the only one; Alfred Hitchcock said that puns were the highest form of literature. And he was British.

Wednesday: As an artist, I have strong feelings about art. Messiness in and of itself is not art by my standards. I suspect Jackson Pollack happened to be doing what he did at a time when doing anything for the first time was applauded. If he’d done it at any other time in history (past or future) he likely (and justly) would have been ignored. In general, I think that a great deal of what the fine art world embraces is simply “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” over and over again. My blog, my opinion. Your results may vary.

Thursday: LA is a city with a lot of conspicuous wealth: fabulous houses, amazingly expensive cars, plastic surgery, etc. Especially here, but anywhere in the world these days, it is easy to feel left behind because you’re not fabulously rich and famous. When this happens to me, I remind myself that even the lower middle class in America have a higher standard of living than most people on Earth. And, even more important, that wealth and fame never made anyone happier than they would’ve been otherwise.

Friday: I thought of this gag because a random Internet troll once told me that the only reason I wear a hat most of the time is because I’m losing my hair. My response was that by that standard, people only wear gloves because they are losing their fingers.

Saturday: I needed three names for this gag so I chose three friends of mine. Chris Ryan is an author and new friend, Jeff Topper is my show-biz manager and nanny, Christy Higgins is my colorist and life coach. And she has the dreamiest eyes.

*But the odds are astronomical against it.


26 thoughts on “7 Days of Silly

  1. My initials are EJ…pronounced Edge…You and Olive Oyl can have dinner with me anytime you’re in my neck of the woods* and we can all sit at the same table. (*opportunity to make a pun comic)

  2. Funny thing that you use the story of the emperor’s new clothes as analogy for what happens in the art world. That is exactly the analogy I also always use.

    I find that very often, aspiring artists who can’t draw for sour apples are the most enthusiastic about Pollock’s work. Perhaps it gives them hope or something. Pollock couldn’t draw either.

    Me, I prefer not to deceive myself. I don’t have a talent for art, thus I gave up all thoughts of becoming an artist, or even more difficult, a “mere” illustrator like that Piraro guy… :-)

  3. Life coach? Who could possibly tell a syndicated cartoonist how to improve on anything? (OK, that’s too snarky. I’m genuinely curious what she has you working on.)

    • She’s very intelligent and philosophical and has gotten me reading and thinking about things I’d not previously considered. Everything from the spiritual and therapeutic properties of natural hallucinogens to theoretical physics. It has been a universe-expanding experience.

  4. A few years back, a new director gave our community band one of those modern pieces with notes scattered randomly along the staff and ambiguous directions. I decided that it was Jackson Pollock music. I also left that band shortly thereafter.

    By the way, the hat with ears really creeped me out.

    • But do you work with them, rely on them for a bit of conversation during eight otherwise mindless hours, and restrain yourself when they present themselves as superior? I’m sometimes proud, sometimes ashamed to report that I have not killed anyone yet.

      • “I’m sometimes proud, sometimes ashamed…I have not killed anyone yet.” I LOVE that expression and will use it frequently for the rest of my life.

  5. Hey Dan, my husband and I are in disagreement about the worms cartoon today…I say there’s some literary or other reference, he says no, that I’m looking too far into it. That it’s just a cartoon about eating worms!

    • Thanks for the note, Mary. Sorry to say I have to side with your hubby on this one. I didn’t have anything literary in mind when I wrote that one. :^}

  6. Thank you so much for today’s cartoon. I’ve been telling the joke about how to get down from an elephant for about 70 years. Everyone needs to know it. Hope to see you at Festival of Cartoon Art again someday. We go to all of them.

  7. Pun idea from breakfast conversation:
    Some days ago when the QE honked and docked by the Queen Mary the wife and I, reading the paper, reminisced about our attending the meeting of the QE 2 and the QM when the same honking occurred. Kind of emotional (I’m half Scottish). Then my wife farted a big one. I retorted. Then she said “A meeting of the tooters” (Tudors). All credit to Mary Fitze.

  8. My fiance is a dental hygienist. I shared your “not hieroglyphics” classic with her and she called me a “whackadoodle” on Facebook, and wondered “where the heck do [I] get this stuff?” I hope someday she’ll come around, but, alas, it may be a hopeless gender rift. Have you ever studied the demographics of your fans?

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