Moving Sucks


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Dang, Jazz Pickles, it’s been a momentous week for this cartoon cobbler as I single-handedly (with the help of three big guys with a huge truck) moved Bizarro International Headquarters from Los Angeles to Pasadena. Nothing recommends the life of a Buddhist monk more than packing and moving. Like most people, every time I move I admonish myself for having so damned much stuff, but then I realize that if an apocalypse of some sort should befall us and there is suddenly a great shortage of boxes full of useless crap, I’ll be sitting pretty. So there’s that.

I awoke this morning feeling as though someone had snuck into my bedroom in the middle of the night and beaten the crap out of me, so it is gingerly that I sit down now to post this week’s Bizarro cartoons. I hope you’ll forgive me for cutting this missive short; I’ve got to get back to opening boxes so I can stop drinking my coffee out of cupped hands and replace the T-shirt I am wearing upside-down with actual panel 02-23-15 bz panel 02-24-15

bz strip 02-24-15












I got lots of questions about the two different versions of this cartoon. The reason is that the vertical version wouldn’t work in the horizontal strip so I had to draw more stuff off to the right. I thought that  a kid feeding fish to sharks was actually funnier than panel 02-25-15 bz panel 02-26-15 bz panel 02-27-15 bz panel 02-28-15


18 thoughts on “Moving Sucks

  1. May your new home be a place of contentment, happy gatherings, and inspired cartooning!

    [Will you be going to the BMW National in Billings in July?]

    • Wish I could but it’s just too far and too big of a commitment of time and resources. I wish they had one here in LA. I go to the Venice Vintage Motorcycle Club rally every year but that’s as close as I get to that kind of thing. :^}

  2. Everyone knows you moved to Pasadena so you could be closer to the parade. One day I expect to see you and Olive waving from atop a float made entirely from crumpled up cartoon ideas.

  3. Sharks are always funnier than bison. It’s the legendary ‘k’ sound, of course. The Sunshine Boys told us that, long ago.

  4. You should frantically move around more often: even by your usual high standards, this week’s collection is exceptional. :-)

  5. It’s called Advill man, get some. Now back to your slave labor and on with our daily humor! Oh for Pete’s sake, take one day. But only one because I don’t know who Pete is but I think his “sake” is nothing to take for granted. Oh and super thanks for all the funny comics and stuff. You’re the best!

  6. Hi Dan, isn’t the “Alien” cartoon a remake from one that you did several years ago? I remember seeing it some time ago in the German “Titanic” magazine. Or did you just use the old one and set a new date? ;)

    By the way, speaking of old stuff … one of my favourite Bizarros is the one where the family sits around the table and the father says something like “sorry, there’ll have to be some lay-offs”. Could you please post that one some time? Thanks!

  7. On today’s bar/hair comic: I’ve never understood how anything so ugly could become so “trendy.” I keep hoping this skinhead thing will fade into obscurity, but instead, it keeps growing!

  8. Please don’t make fun of gluten-free. My daughter has celiac disease and it is medically necessary to eat gluten-free for life. Though it’s become a fad diet for many, some people don’t have a choice. Thanks!!! :)

  9. I preferred the vertical, bison version. I didn’t notice the bison at first glance (perhaps because they are shaped like bushes?), but the path led my eyes into the background. I also liked eggsistentialism.

  10. Pasadena?! I would assume someone of your immense talents would be moving to Topanga Canyon or Laurel Canyon; maybe Venice, Los Feliz, or Hollywood; even Santa Monica, for heaven’s sake. But Pasadena? It must be because of a woman. Only reason I can think of.

  11. I would like to put some of these jokes in our amateur astronomy newsletter.
    Is that allowed if I give full credit? I especially like the astronauts landing and the rocks remembering how the earlier astronauts took home their uncle. JN

    • Thanks for asking, Joyce. As long as your newsletter is not for profit and doesn’t have an enormous circulation, I’m happy to allow you to do that. Keep in mind that you’re not allowed to alter my image or copy in any way, of course. :^}

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