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Bizarro is brought to you today byBizarro 04-12-15 hdrWEB Lost in Translation.

Barrooms, restaurants, downtown streets and the like are always a bit of a pain to draw because of the complexity of the space and all of the characters involved. I often avoid these kinds of scenes because they put a major crimp in my schedule but when I do force myself to get into it, I always end up enjoying the process and appreciating Bizarro 04-12-15 WEBthe result. Feedback from readers over thebz panel 04-06-15 years tells me that they enjoy the complex art, too, so that’s a win/win. This image has some fun details which I hope you’ll enjoy. It also has a whopping 9 secret symbols to look for! For an easier search, click the image to make it bigger.

Last week’s cartoons began with a foray into the inherent cruelty of the bz panel 04-07-15modern office environment. I don’t know what’s under that table, but it can’t be good.

Tuesday’s gag was about the cruelty of nature as it depicts a female praying mantis––who are known for decapitating their male lovers (no idea what the LGBT mantises do)––visiting her insurance agent to find out if she

bz panel 04-08-15can collect on his life insurance. The name of the company on the window is a side joke: Aetna Insurance is a company in the U.S. and my “Enta” is a cross between that and “entomology,” the study of bugs.

Over on the King Features site a couple readers left comments describing their confusion over the vegan diner gag. The joke is bz panel 04-09-15simple wordplay, of course. If you don’t get it, don’t worry about it.

My fireside gag between a man and his young daughter got some interesting comments on the King site, too. Several came from right-wing types who buy the FOX News angle that it isn’t corporations who are destroying the middle class but illegal aliens. I bz panel 04-10-15often forget that conservatives read my cartoons, too. What I can’t forget is that although FOX News is the highest rated news channel in the U.S. it also consistently proves to be the most inaccurate news source in America according to  independent studies. Its followers will decry that these studies are biased, of course, and bz panel 04-11-15there’s nothing one can say to dissuade a true believer of anything, so I won’t try here. To my eyes and ears, FOX News is a flashy, corporate propaganda machine not unlike the one Ned Beatty was running in the brilliant and prescient film from 1976, “Network.” But perhaps I’m wrong. (Whether you’re right- or left-wing, rent it now!)

Moving on to the Pie & Coffee cartoon, I got this idea while drawing a cartoon from the previous week with similar art. See it here. This gag is very simple but I think it’s my favorite of the week.

Lastly we have the TSA joke. I can’t imagine how bored the people who work those lines at the airport must be. To be trained to be hyper-vigilant against an insidious enemy that you are almost certainly NEVER going to encounter is a strange kind of torture. I’ve not done any research on the subject but my average brain tells me that the TSA is an enormous waste of money. The odds of another giant terrorism attack on American commercial airlines seem like an absurd longshot. I say just go back to running everyone and their luggage through metal detectors and forget about shoes and liquids and body scanners and pat downs. But, again, maybe I’m wrong.




26 thoughts on “Jocularity Jive

  1. This update just in from Fox News:
    “Bizarro cartoons are being confiscated by the TSA due to excessive aliens and eyeballs. We cannot confirm that TSA agents are eating the pie.”

  2. The insurance company name on the window is ‘entna’, and not ‘enta’ as you have described. No biggie – just me picking nits.

  3. Wondering if there’s a significant reason for the two anachronisms in Sunday’s barroom scene: (1) The ashtray and smokers indoors, and (2) the functioning payphone?

    • I also found the “window dressing” entertaining, though I tried “sounding out” the “Entna” and thought you meant it as “Antenna Insurance”. Of course you stating “Enta” didn’t help much, but I guess a letter got “lost in translation” in the mirror writing => English.

      SenseiC bows out

  4. I thought the diner strip was a reference to the homophobic Indiana pizza restaurant made (in)famous in last week’s 24×7 news cycle, especially when I saw the lit stick of dynamite behind the waitress’ head.

    As for Fox news, I still can’t believe that no one gets the joke. Here is a network that gave us The Simpsons and Married With Children (remember when the mad housewife tried to get it taken off the air because she apparently had never heard of the remote?), while reaping advertising $$$ derived from right-wingers through a puppet show newscast. The irony is lost.

    And then there’s MSNBC which considers Al Sharpton a valid commentator.

    • Couldn’t agree more with the hilariousness of Sharpton being a news analyst.
      Also worth noting is that the Fox Network that shows The Simpsons is a completely different entity than the Fox News Network. Same owner but different agendas entirely.

  5. You links are broken: there is no “embiggen” link associated with the 4/9 comic (and it really should be “daddy’s corporations'”, not “daddy’s corporation’s” :-) ), but the larger comic for 4/9 is what is received when the 4/10 comic is clicked upon.

  6. I once saw a study that found that people who watch Fox are actually less informed than people who don’t watch any TV news at all. Now that takes some doing. :-)

    The pie and coffee gag strikes me as somewhat unique in that, just for once, the pie finds itself where one would expect a pie to be, namely on a plate, being eaten. Instead of hiding under the couch, or some such bizarre thing. :-)

  7. Apparently dummy images are randomly inserted into the TSA staff’s viewscreens, with simulated Bad Things. They are required to correctly flag those images as being Bad. I guess the idea is to keep the staff engaged in the process. Rather clever, though I don’t know how well it works in practice.

  8. I love the “Texting in Heaven” strip on April 1. I describe it to various friends and they enjoyed it without actually seeing the strip. Now I discover I can email it to them. Thank you so much for you ingenuity and ability to make such insightful social commentaries.

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