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Bizarro 04-26-15 HdrWEB Bizarro is brought to you today by Big Plans.

My Sunday cartoon this week is a bit odd and I knew it would attract some questions. The most common question I’ve gotten about it so far is something along the lines of “What does this mean?”

Well, it doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a fun bit of nonsensical wordplay in the tradition of Bizarro 04-26-15 WEBthe original bz panel 04-20-15Monty Python TV show or the brilliant work of my official favorite cartoonist, B. Kliban. It was suggested by a bz panel 04-21-15friend of mine though I didn’t credit them and now I can’t remember exactly whom it was. Was it Keith? If so, thanks, Keith! If not, sorry someone else!

Earlier last week I had the following bits of fun…

Monday: The tale of the man bz panel 04-22-15who did not control his Sharpie. A modern tragedy that plays itself out daily in spite of numerous public service announcements warning people of the dangers.

Tuesday: Despite it’s corniness, most people chuckle at this one. This cartoon is historically accurate, by the way, as it was well documented that wearing one’s boots backwards negatively bz panel 04-23-15affected one’s shooting accuracy.

Wednesday: This one was inspired by the Chinese proverb, “He who ignores the clam, also probably ignores shellfish.” Need I say more?

Thursday: My internet buddy, Michael Lagace, tossed me the word “dinoisseur” and this is what I did with it. Michael is the guy behind a graphic novel project that I blogged about recently.

 Friday: I had a bz panel 04-24-15friend once whose wife was so jealous that she would punish him if their waitress was too good looking. Once she even punched him hard in the shoulder with her fist as soon as the waitress left the table. I should mention that I never saw my friend making any observable attempt to admire the bz panel 04-25-15waitress. Anyway, I figured more than one person had this problem so I made a cartoon about it.

Saturday: I’ve been thinking a lot about the collapse of society recently and it has led to gags like this one. Once the infrastructure collapses and there is no TV, Internet, or cell service, fighting for resources will likely be the most common pastime. Just a thought.

Enjoy your week, Jazz Pickles. I’m adding some new pages to soon that will feature some original art I have for sale so I hope some of you will avail yourselves of a piece or two. After the apocalypse, you’ll wish you had some interesting art to gaze at between battles over canned food.




10 thoughts on “Soupy Giggles

  1. Love your respect for B. Kliban, as I feel he’s underappreciated/forgotten. I met him at an American Booksellers Assn. convention in the 70s, after he’d published “Cat.” Gentle, unassuming, quiet man.

    • I’m very jealous. I found out the day after a party for cartoonists and editors back in 1986 that he was in attendance. I didn’t know what he looked like so I’d never have recognized him and the guy I was there with didn’t know I was a fan of Kliban’s so he didn’t think to tell me. Never got another chance. :^\

      • That’s most unfortunate. Kliban (nicknamed “Hap,” improbably) died way too young. As I recall, he didn’t like having his photo taken; I only knew he’d be at the convention because he was listed in the program. He was at his publisher’s table (Workman, I think) and I just stammered out how much I liked his Playboy cartoons, and Cat, of course. Very gracious man.

  2. I like that bit of Darwin fish sticking out on the right side of the dinoisseurs cartoon, even though it is every bit as much of an anachronism as the blackberries. :-)

  3. I’m the guy in the restaurant scene right now (figuratiy). My multi-national bullying corporation has a nice cafe where I mistakenly brought my wife for lunch. Well some female happen to be a bit too high on the attractiveness scale and, well… Well nevermind…

    I’m also interviewing for a new jig, which I’ll have to pass on… The senior director that I would report to is a female… I would have no issues with her, but my wife? Yea… I’ll stay where I am with the porn cafe.

  4. your 4/30/15 comic ‘Nigerian prince is FABULOUS !!! Took me a second, and then I could not stop laughing. I do keep a number of my favorite comics – and this is one Thank you, Cindy

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