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I’ve been drawing Bizarro cartoons for 30 years but I won’t be for much longer. In the foreseeable future (two or three years perhaps) I’ll be retiring from my daily grind and spending my days working on artwork without punch lines or deadlines.

To free up my time for more personal art projects, in fact, I stopped drawing my comics on actual paper three years ago and moved to working entirely digitally, so original Bizarro cartoon art that a person like you could own and proudly display on the wall of your own yurt or teepee has already stopped being produced! That makes the dwindling supply of available pieces even more valuable!

I want each and every one of my precious Jazz Pickles to have a piece of my original, hand-drawn art so I’ve created a new store where you can buy various types of art to enhance your daily living. subpage-header

If you’ve got a favorite Bizarro gag from years gone by, why not possess it for your very own? Imagine what a conversation starter a favorite gag of yours (from Bizarro) will be when it’s framed and hanging above your toilet! Here’s how to get them.

If the panels from Bizarro are more than your budget will allow at the moment, perhaps you’d be interested in one of my hand-drawn, stream-of-consciousness sketch cards. Ever wondered what kind of weird shit wafts through my mind? These images will tell you. Each one is completely unique, will never be drawn again, and is guaranteed to lead to years of contemplation about the layers of deep meanings within; even my therapist doesn’t know what to think of these images.

Are you ready for the fancy stuff? For years I’ve had a secret, double life as a painter of fine art. Now, for the first time ever, I’m offering some of my paintings for sale to anonymous members of the public at large, like you. There is currently only a very small handful of this kind of work and some of them have been hanging on my own walls at home for years! I don’t have to tell you what “rare” translates to in the world of art. Your soul and your feng shui will definitely thank you.

Finally, if you’re the sort to march boldly where others fear to wander, consider this.

I’ll be adding other things to the store in the near future––#4 in the Jazz Pickle T-shirt series is coming SOON––so keep your eyes peeled. And if you have ideas about what you’d like to see in the store, let me know!

Go to the Bizarro Store now, please.


31 thoughts on “What’s in Store…

  1. I am happy that you are going onward and upward.
    The comics pages are going to lose a lot of actual funny. I’ll miss your careful draftsmanship.
    Best of luck in the next stage!

  2. Holy Crap! Sorry Dan, but the idea of this oft-depressing world without your cerebral-sly-skew to make sense of it and make fun of it (and me for taking it all too seriously) is just a hard pill to swallow.

    I fall into the ‘can’t afford this, but maybe that’ jazz pickle category, so I will peruse your new site carefully, and watch your new direction with great interest. As a musician, I expect you to continue to push my brain in new directions; don’t let me down. :)


  3. I rejoice for you, but cry for me. (That would better great in French, sung by Piaf.) Your work has altered my world for the better. Many thanks and long may you draw!

  4. I am sad for us Jazz Pickles, but happy for you. You have to feed your creative beast the best way for you.

  5. While it’s sad that you will not be in the pages of the Globe and Mail to start days across Canada, I look forward to being a Patron of the Arts as your career unfoldeth even furthereth.

    • Aw man! Yep, I’ll echo pretty much what Chris McKillop said. You’re the only cartoon I look forward to in the Globe and Mail.
      Very best of luck with the new stuff.

      • I echo what both fellow Canucks have said, and add my personal thanks for the joyous absurdity you’ve brought to my life.

  6. When we love something, our memories become our treasure. You are leaving us so rich with a legacy of wonderful cartoons. We shall miss you! Good luck, live long and prosper, my friend!

  7. Ouch! Sorta glad my days are numbered as this will be one more loss in the small list of “Things making getting up each morning worthwhile”! Yeah, time marches on, dammit. All the best in the future and many thanks for the past!

  8. ACK! I’m still siting on about a dozen gags I’ve been too lazy to send you! I’ll submit them anywa,y next week. Boy, are you going to missed, like Farside and Calvin & Hobbes.

  9. Berkeley Breathed (Bloom County), Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes), Gary Larson (The Far Side), and someday soon, Dan Piraro and Bizarro. These are a few examples of cartoonists with strips so original and funny, that when the artist is ready to retire, so must the strip. The funny pages are full of strips that have been around for many many decades, long after the originator has left. These strips, with very few exceptions, are formulaic and very rarely laugh out loud funny. It is a sad fact that we fans will always have to accept; that the very best comic strips, each produced by a gifted individual, will have a beginning, a middle, and an end. And while I will very much miss Bizarro, I would rather have the strip eventually end on a high note, than have it taken over by some team of hacks, turning it into a weak parody of what went before.

    I too am of an age where I expect to be retiring soon. And while, like you, I am so fortunate to love my work, I can also fully understand your need to finally move on to other things. But please know that your daily Bizarro comic will be sorely missed by so many people. Thanks for so many years of laughs and the love you have put into the artwork of your comics. It has always been appreciated.

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  11. Heavy hearted Jazz Pickle here. I’m proud to own some original Bizarro artwork, thanks to you, and hope that at least your back catalogue will live on online for whenever I need my fix. Will be following your career wherever it careens. And thanks for being such a great bunny-hugger, always.

  12. Dan, PLEASE don’t stop now… I can’t stand another “Letterman-like” departure within the same calendar year! Anyway I think that although “deadlines” are as onerous to you as they are to most truly creative people, “punch lines” happen to be a very tangible element of your art and probably something that you cannot rid yourself of.

  13. makets would be pretty sweet! but i’m super sad you’re ending the strip. it seriously was one i showed my friends every time. all of them made me laugh. and after meeting you once, see the man behind the curtain, made them even better because you match the comic strip: hilarious, endearing, and just plain fun. may i ask why you are discontinuing?

    • Thanks so much for your generous comments, John. My reasons for eventually quitting Bizarro are that it takes a great deal of time to keep up with the writing, drawing, coloring, posting, and other aspects of the job of running a syndicated comic and there is no relief to the schedule; no calling in sick, no vacations (paid or otherwise) and it becomes very wearisome over time. I want a relief to the pressure and to see what else life has to offer.

  14. First Gary Larson and now you…..
    I DO realize that all good things must come to an end AND, more importantly, one could (can) get tired, if not sick and tired, of doing a particular “thing” for what seems like forever. (Truth be told, I will be forced to amuse myself and not rely on others. And it’s way past time for that!)
    I wish you well in whatever you decide to do and look forward to any possible glimpses you might — please! — be inclined to give.
    Thank YOU!

  15. I understand but you’ll be missed. Your cartoons are some of my guiltiest pleasures in life. Too luck to you.

  16. John Stewart, Steven Colbert, David Letterman, Dan Pirarro?! It’s a massive comedy extinction event! Archaeologists will look back at these sediments and ponder what happened.

    Thanks for all the laughs Dan and godspeed.

    Andy Long

  17. Noooooooo! First Feininger, then Schultz, and now Piraro? Print comics are now officially dead! Gonna miss you, seriously. Best of luck on letting the real artist out!


    • Thanks, Dex, but don’t go anywhere yet! I’m still holding down this job for a couple more years at least. :^}

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    • Don’t jump off the Brooklyn bridge yet, I’m still producing daily comics and will be for at least another 2 1/2 years. :^}

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