Grin and Bear It?


Bizarro 06-07-15 hdrWEB Bizarro is brought to you today by Art Supplies In The Wild.

As you regular readers of my work well know, I affectionately call regular readers of my work “Bizarro Jazz Pickles”. I can’t remember why, but that’s what I call you. To show my appreciation, (and to enable me to continue to offer all of my cartoons to you for Bizarro 06-07-15 WEBFREE on this blog!) I have created a series of special designs on T-shirts. Each is limited edition and is only on sale for two weeks. The fourth in this series (and the first one in more than one color!) is available now, for ten more days only. Grab one or more here and show your pride in being a Bizarro Jazz Pickle! 

Now for this week’s cartoons, starting with today, Sunday: Bears are scary. Super smart bears with sign painting capabilities are even scarier.

bz panel 06-01-15 Monday: People rarely go to 3-dimensional banks anymore but if you did and there was a fortune teller behind the counter instead of a bank teller, you might find it bz panel 06-02-15amusing.




Tuesday: I have a neighbor who coaches his son in baseball in their backyard every night after dinner and though he isn’t this kind of dad, it made me think of this gag. My eldest daughter, Krapuzar, played baseball on a boy’s team when she was ten years old (because there were no girl’s teams in our area) and there were dads like this. One of them openly objected to her being allowed on the team because she didn’t have a penis. My original impression of him was that he was a dick but bz panel 06-03-15 after getting to know him, I also thought he was an asshole.

Wednesday: There was a typo on my part in the published version of this gag that appeared in newspapers around the world. I put 193 million miles instead of the correct distance of the sun –– 93 million miles. I misread my map, I guess. So bz panel 06-04-15 embarrassing.

Thursday: If you haven’t heard, there are a LOT of problems with America’s industrialized food system, only one of which is antibiotics in meat. It’s a very bz panel 06-05-15serious health threat to the human species, but in this case it’s a little amusing.




Friday: Don’t you hate it when something is the wrong size and you have to bz panel 06-06-15return it?









Saturday: There’s no simple answer why I wrote this gag about a nerd and his girlfriend. I just thought it was funny that he thinks he’s dating someone from another century. That seems like something a certain kind of nerd would find appealing.

That’s it for this week. Please do consider snagging a T-shirt from me, it really does help keep the lights on at Bizarro International Headquarters since most people read my work on the Interwebs for free. :^}





8 thoughts on “Grin and Bear It?

  1. OK, I bought a long sleeve T, (‘cuz they’re cool,) but what I REALLY want, and would buy 4 or 5 of, is a T with the Smarter Bear on it!
    NOT foolin’!

    • Thanks so much for your patronage, Richard! I’ve tried doing T-shirts with individual cartoons on them before but they don’t sell so well so I gave up. Sorry. :^{

  2. hay biz, I am living???? in Flor…….Da!! This is were most of the “natives” have matching genes! I would like to add to this comentary,…. something…..??, somrthing…. ??? , That bango “musick… is 2oo loud, and i cant consentrate!!!! Anywaaaay , i ammmm standing buy , for more of yourerrrrr Kartoons. They are almost as good as my nieghboors!! I thank my nieghboors have a little more Color !!! tHEY ARE MORE FUNNYERRR TO WATCH, AND LISTEN 2 THANKS AGINNNN! kEEP UP THE gOOD WEERRK! BEST TO YALLLL jOHN fABRITZ eSQ.

  3. Is that supposed to be a Transformer to the right of the nerd? Or is it, as I truly believe, a Shogun Warrior?

  4. Some of the strip cartoonists strive for a second punch line in their gags. In my local paper, “Dilbert” (Scott Adams) and “Pearls Before Swine” (Stephan Pastis), are two that come to mind. What I enjoy is how you often accomplish the same thing in your single panel work, with all the little extras embedded in the scene. “The Daily Stench” indeed!

    With respect to the Little League gag, I certainly agree with the point being made. But while I am not a jock or have any interest in spectator sports, I have to agree to some degree with the idea of letting gifted high school athletes go straight into the pros without having to go to college first. Given how short most pro careers are, there’ll be plenty of time to go to college after you eventually wash out. And I know I was a much better student when I went back to college as a young adult than for my first degree straight out of high school.

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