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Bizarro is brought to you today by Where Jazz Pickles Jiggle.

I’m trying a new format today to see if it reduces some problems some folks have viewing this blog on various futuristic devices. Let me know if this is better or worse.

ALSO: Always remember that cartoon prints make affordable and classy gifts for yourself, friends, family, and enemies alike. Just find the image you want using the calendar thing, and click the “buy prints” link below!Bizarro 06-14-15 hdrWEB

(Click the image below to make it oh so much enlargered.)Bizarro 06-14-15 WEBIf I may be immodest for a moment, I really like this gag and think it is my best drawing of the ocean I’ve ever done. Not that cartoons have to be well drawn, they don’t. In fact, I think a case could be made that I’ve often over-drawn my cartoons. So maybe this is just my most over-drawn picture of the ocean.

This past week’s cartoons looked pretty much like this:

Monday: Real estate agent and fish. Create your own backstory here. Did he put the fish there so he could pretend to be a real estate agent? Did the fish answer an ad in the piscean version of Craigslist? (Codslist?) Is “piscean” even a word? (Yes, but it doesn’t mean what I’m using it for.)bz panel 06-08-15Tuesday: It’s always fun to think about how you might have done something differently, or how the entire species might have. It’s no use whatsoever, but it can be panel 06-09-15Wednesday: How many eyes does a common housefly have? Only two, but each one has around 4000 lenses. See how educational this comic can be?bz panel 06-10-15Thursday: This cowboy cartoon gave me a chuckle. And drawing “cats” in the Jazz sense, was lots of fun. (No, that’s not a mime with a saxophone. It’s a beatnik.)bz panel 06-11-15Friday: I guess this is my favorite gag of the week. Mostly because I so vehemently detest the baggy pants fad that has been around for the past 20 years. The fad itself is a zombie: ugly, dangerous, shuffling, impossible to get rid of completely. I’ve done many cartoons about it, here’s my panel 06-12-15Saturday: I don’t know what to say about this one other than that I like the uniforms.

bz panel 06-13-15Quick bits of business: Only three days left to grab one of my limited-edition Bizarro Jazz Pickle shirts. It’s the fourth in a series and is the definition of a collector’s item!

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19 thoughts on “Circular Chuckling

  1. Overdrawn? You’re art combined with awesome gags are what make you so good at this stuff. One of the best. I’m always amazed by the details in your art. I say some are under-drawn… but we all can’t be as good as the man of the Jazz Pickles legends. Just saying…

  2. Being a Boston Red Sox fan, I can certainly appreciate that last comic. Maybe they should change their uniforms. You never fail to make me laugh — and think. Thanks!

  3. First of all, Nothing you do is “over-drawn.” (and for those Jazz Pickles want to see that, check out the Store button at the top of this page. (Though I was hoping that one of the Secret Symbols in the ocean would be The Fish of Humility.)
    And I do like the new blog layout better.

  4. I am horrified that you have drawn fish are out of water. That’s like drawing a pet in a hot car, you know.
    (New format it is fine, but are you sure you’re not just doing this to get attention?)

  5. Hey, I know “over-drawn” (and so does my bank, badumtish), and your art can only be considered “over-drawn” when the damn newspaper shrinks it so much the lines blur together.
    Now, about the baseball comic, I like it and not just for the uniforms (and you know your next clothing offer HAS to be baseball jerseys with “Pie”). But you missed one obvious example in “Baseball is a metaphor for life”… “There are long stretches when nothing happens (and when something finally does, it’s while you’re in line for the restroom)”
    And the new format also makes it easier to read in an RSS Reader (I’m one of the 7 people left on the internet who still uses one). Of course, that allows we 7 to enjoy it thoroughly without actually going to the website (unless one of us wants to comment like I am here). So do not be disturbed if you get a FEW less visitors dropping by.

  6. I think the zombie and baseball ones are so on the mark for todays world. The only more true representation of zombies would be if they were all walking along aimlessly tapping away on their smart phones. Kudos Dan!!

  7. Pie baseball shirts — YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (In natural fiber, say cotton? — and larger sizes, please…XL at least. Thank YOU!)

    PS In my junior high years played on a community girls softball team, the Coconut Grove Exchangettes. I was always outfield (clue to my sports “talents”).

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