Joining Twins



Bizarro is brought to you today by A Visit To A Town In Arkansas Called Flippin.Bizarro 07-12-15 hdr Bizarro 07-12-15 WEBHere’s an odd bit of punctuation fun. If you’re not familiar with punctuation and have never (or rarely) used it, it’s those little dots and dashes that sometime squeeze themselves in between words or hover magically above them. In this case, the little dash after the last “E” in Siamese is called a “comma” and changes the meaning of the caption. Without it, it would not be referring to a cat, which it is, but would instead lead one to believe I had used an outdated, non-PC term for conjoined twins. Which I have not. In spite of the impression your 7th grade English teacher gave you, punctuation can be panel 07-06-15Way back last Monday I published this cartoon about mice. Part of what’s funny about it is that mice don’t wear clothes or enter the medical profession. bz panel 07-07-15At the risk of sounding immodest, I really like this little bait-and-switch optical illusion cartoon or whatever you want to call it. I think tiny people inside of desk intercoms are panel 07-08-15For the most part, critics have been kind to me over the years. One key, of course, is that critics don’t critique cartoonists very often. The worst thing about critics, however, is that they feel they MUST say something negative, even in a positive review, to avoid the impression that they are ass-kissing. Lousy ones do little more than trash panel 07-09-15This witch/cop cartoon is another grammar-related thing, I guess. Some people think wordplay is lowbrow but I like it under certain circumstance. bz panel 07-10-15If you’ve ever had a chicken bone in your throat, this cartoon needs no panel 07-11-15This cartoon came to me as I was thinking about the story of Little Red Riding Hood. In the original story, as I recall, the wolf eats the grandma, nearly eats LRRH, then a woodsman shows up, cuts open the wolf and pulls the grandma out of its stomach thus saving her life. I think this is a terrible story to tell children because it inaccurately teaches them that wolves do not chew their food.

If you’ve not been following me on FacadeBook or Instagram lately, you may not know that I’ve been posting pages from my sketchbooks. They’re very strange and people have been enjoying them. I’d be honored if you followed me on those pages.


24 thoughts on “Joining Twins

  1. Have we talked about your font? Back in the day, cartoons were lettered by hand. Now, most cartoons select a plain font. Not Dan Piraro. What font are you packing, Dan?

    • I had a font made of my hand lettering. It has saved me tons of time over the years without compromising the look. Thanks for noticing!

      • After you step down as Dean pf Bizarro University, you can make your fortune selling your font for 99¢ for people who want to make their own Bizarro-ish cartoons (without the drawing of course).

      • What company did you use to have your font made, if I may ask? I´m thinking of doing the same. Lettering by hand takes forever and it´s really boring. Many thanks. And congrats for your cartoons! I´m a big fan.

        • It was a personal friend of mine who made it for me. I’m sure you can trust just about anyone who comes up in a google search to do the same. I don’t think it’s a field that is rife with scammers. :^}

  2. Puns are not low-brow. Have you read “The Pun Also Rises” by John Pollack? Puns are enjoyed most by intelligent deep-thinking people. Like you and like jazz pickles.

  3. You are sick and twisted and have the weirdest humor I’ve seen. I LOVE IT! Don’t quit having these brilliant ideas.

  4. The first uses a comma in place of ‘and’. We don’t do that in the UK so this one doesn’t translate well.

    I think that grammar jokes and puns are highbrow. Or at least I tell myself they are so I can enjoy them and feel smug that I understand them.

  5. I think people who are raised by inveterate punsters or perhaps English or language teachers are more likely to enjoy wordplay (unless still in rebellious teen-age stage of life).

  6. “Part of what’s funny about it is that mice don’t wear clothes or enter the medical profession.” – That’s a joke, right? You’re joking? Yes? Don’t you go telling me that anti-mice discrimination still happens in ‘Merica. Don’t you dare, sir!

  7. Not convinced it was Witch 2. I suspect the Greenwich.

    See? I can also be punny!

    Seriously though, great bunch of cartoons. I have to get back to work today after a way too short holiday, and you just eased the pain. :-)

  8. I have to admit, before I scrolled down enough to see the caption, my first thought about the Wolf/Granny one was “What in the world is Red doing under the covers??”

  9. “If you’re not familiar with punctuation and have never (or rarely) used it, it’s those little dots and dashes that sometime squeeze themselves in between words or hover magically above them.”

    You’ve got a way with words generally, but this especially made impression on me. I’m going to have to quote it.

  10. Which witch sparked a memory of that great Abbott & Costello routine…”Who’s on first.”

    And, like Nitric Acid, my thoughts on Red Riding Hood also went to how the hell did he get that past the censors?!?

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