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Lately I’ve been posting some of my daily sketchbook musings on Instagram, Twitter, and FacadeBook and people have been super friendly and supportive. So I thought I’d mention that I’m selling similar kinds of images on fancy-pants sketchcards that you can own in this lifetime. Each one is completely original, unique, and one-of-a-kind (which is what “unique” means.)

You can view the ones I currently have posted by going here. If there’s something in one of my sketchbook images (which are not for sale because I don’t tear things out of my sketchbooks) that you really love, I could do something similar on a sketchcard for you. It won’t be EXACT, of course, because each thing is hand-drawn and unique (see above for definition of unique) but you’ll like it just as much. I know these things.

This is all part of my ongoing attempts to defeat depression by exercising my fine artist side on a daily basis. Thanks for your support!Sketch Card #7 WEB



16 thoughts on “Sketchcard Shuffle

  1. I <3 you. Every time I see someone use your comics in a post, I make sure to credit you or link to your FB.

    Keep being awesome. I'm a depression fighter, too.

    • Thanks so much for your kind note! Yes, the creative mind is a double-edged sword, for sure. I daily battle far more demons than a person with my good fortune should have. Thanks for checking in and good luck with your own!

      • My 91 year old WWII veteran reads the paper daily but checks Bizaro first. He and one of his golfing buddies compare notes on finding all characters from Sunday paper each week. Thanks for the everyday humor.

  2. I have one or two of your sketch cards, plus a great sketch you did in your art book a few years ago. They’re all awesome.

    I find that sketching once or twice a day is a great way to alleviate my own negative feelings. I pretty much keep my art to myself these days, though.

  3. I have been carrying a newspaper clipping, 1.21.03, of your SWISS ARMY TURTLE. It is almost falling apart but I will continue to carry and share it until it crumbles. Linda :-D

    • Swiss Army Knife Turtle? As a fan of both Swiss Army Knives (you got a love an army that equips their officers with a cork screw) and turtles, I would love to see it. Dan, you haven’t done a strip from your archives in a while. I hope you’ll dig this one out and post it.

      • Just did an archive search and can’t find it. I’m thinking it may not be my cartoon that’s being remembered here. :^/

  4. I have been a huge fan for years. Been looking for an oldie of your (follow the blogs for my daily fix) with a record playing bird Flinstone-style. It doesn’t seem to have been collected, but where did I see it the fisrt time?

    • That cartoon appears on page 88 of “The Best of Bizarro” published by Chronicle Books back in 1992. It’s been out of print forever, but you may be able to find a used copy online somewhere or something. I don’t have any digital images of cartoons from before 1997 but here’s a scan from the book.

      • Thanks, man! I work as a writer but sometimes translate comics as well. My dream is to get Bizarro in a Dutch newspaper. I may actually have that book, just haven’t seen it for a while. So little of your work has been reprinted, it’s a shame.

  5. I just got here from looking up a url to add as a comment to someone reposting the “in seine” cartoon. I love to put real attributions on items people throw around as folk process. Meanwhile on this page, I immediately thought it’s the necktie equivalent of getting knickers in a twist.

  6. Your 7/17/15, funny and true. However, the kick stands are on the wrong side of the bikes. Age 72, riding since age 12.

    • Thanks for the comment, Paul. I’m a long-time biker, too, but sometimes I take artistic license to make a drawing read a little clearer. Such was the case here in that I drew this image in reverse, with the dad and son on the left and bikers on the right, but then realized I wanted the speakers to be the last thing we see instead of the first, so I reversed it, hence the bikes leaning the wrong direction. Good eye, though! :^}

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