T-shirt to Benefit Jane Goodall Institute


The Bizarro cartoon below has gone viral many times on various social media sites so we decided since so many people respond to its message, we’d make a T-shirt out of it. It’s for sale for two weeks only, so order one before you forget and the campaign ends!

20% of the sales goes to Jane Goodall Institute‘s global youth-led community action program, Roots and Shoots. Makes a great gift for yourself or others, plus it supports teaching kids to do a better job of stewardship than we have. It’s a win/win!

See the shirt campaign here. Available in men’s short sleeve, women’s v-neck short sleeve, long sleeve, in black or white.Bizarro12-30-07DevolutionWEB


12 thoughts on “T-shirt to Benefit Jane Goodall Institute

  1. Why is it always black shirts??? You design your shirts for black and then as an alternative you offer them in a light color which washes out the design…. as if to say “You should have ordered black.” I think that design would have looked nice on a navy shirt…. Alas, it is not available.

    • The cartoon was designed to be a cartoon without a background color in mind. When it comes to shirts, in the past I’ve offered lots of different colors but almost everyone orders them in black. A representative from the company we use told us campaigns do better with fewer options so we followed his recommendation. One thing I’ve learned is that no matter how many styles and colors I offer, I get complaints from people who don’t see what they want.

      • That logic makes plenty of sense when you’re printing up a quantity in advance and want to be sure of selling most of your inventory, just as it does to print up only Ls and XLs because that covers most people. But with Teespring and other on-demand printers, I don’t get it at all: A supply of blanks in a wide variety of colors (sizes, too) would never spoil or go to waste even if the non-black ones move more slowly, and it would give the rest of us an opportunity to support a cause or organization we like with our purchases.

        I will never buy a black, gray, or white shirt–I’m an “Autumn” and look ghastly in them and, besides, I find them depressing. This design would look excellent printed on the right shade of green or turquoise, and I would almost certainly buy one.

        (I’m not arguing with *you*, Dan; just venting. I adore the cartoon.)

        • I agree with you completely but a strong case was made to me and I bought into it, assuming the person who reps the company knew what he was talking about. I now regret it and it’s too late to change once the campaign has been launched. Live and learn, I guess. Although I’ve offered lots of colors in the past and the sales have been around 90% black and only a few shirts in any other color. Strange.

          • Well, if it’s a 100% cotton t-shirt, you could buy a white one and dye it some other color (which I’m considering, myself).

  2. Well, ordered 2 for the cause. Must admit that black and white are not my favorite colors. Black in the South during summer…

  3. I’m really disappointed that as well as a handling fee, the postage costs is totally overpriced at £7.99. I was in the middle of making a purchase but I won’t buy into overpriced postage costs. Love the T though x

    • So sorry abou that, Pam. The company I’m using for this isn’t really set up to handle international orders. We may try to do an international version later, though. Thanks for trying!

  4. I am 6 days too late – story of my life – to order the shirt. However, I was able to “reserve” one, in case they are sold again.
    Love it. Don’t mind the colors – would like variety but c’est la vie. Most important: it’s for a great cause. Thanks Dan!

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