Tell Your Grandkids About It


If you’re like me, you hope you have some great stories to tell your grandkids someday. And what could be more fun than to show them your name in a book of dirty jokes?

My besty, Cliff (known to Jazz Pickles as Cliff Harris The King Of Worldplay, a sort-of regular collaborator of mine on gags like this one) has put together a very charming and chuckly book of jokes that sound dirty and needs our help to get it off the ground. Spend a couple minutes watching his video and you’ll see what I mean. And here’s the cool part: if you give a few bucks to his project, he’ll put your name in the book! (Mine will be there!)

There’s less than one day to fund his project so please consider giving profusely and immediately! The Comedy Gods (as real as any god you’ve ever heard of or prayed to!) will thank you and your grandkids will giggle.

Watch his video here now!

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5 thoughts on “Tell Your Grandkids About It

  1. I clicked on the watch video links. But there is no video. Just a message that funding was successful.

    So where is the video?

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