Hillbilly Physics


Bizarro 09-27-15 hdrWEB(To enlargenize the cartoon below, just click the city boy’s spleen.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Creepy Mannequins.

Bizarro 09-27-15 WEBI’ll start today by saying I really love the title panel at top. It was cobbled out of a piece of an old Sunday cartoon of mine from ’08 which is one of my favorites. You can see it here. The “City Boy” cartoon itself is another of my favorite concepts. I actually published this idea several decades ago as a weekday cartoon but it was before cartoons were featured on the web and before I had learned to color my own work for print in Photoshop. SO –– I couldn’t resist redoing it with better art and color. I hope you enjoy the creepy goodness of the bottom-lit hillbillies.

bz panel 09-21-15The weekday cartoons from last week looked exactly like the six that follow here. Holder and Son are still pissing off customers by keeping them on hold indefinitely. We’ve all called these guys before.

bz panel 09-22-15

Mopeye the Tailor is hard at work threatening his customer very much the way his brother might. On a side note, when my first child was on her way and I didn’t know what its pronoun would be, I wanted to name the thing Popeye if it were a boy. The child’s mother steadfastly refused but I figured I’d call him that anyway. Who says both parents have to name their kid the same thing? She was a girl and so was the only other child I was directly responsible for so the controversy never materialized.  As some of you know, their names are Krapuzar and Krelspeth, and it is a wink to them when I put a “K2” in my cartoons.

bz panel 09-23-15

I think I accidentally published this cartoon twice in recent years. It’s the perfect one to do that to considering the subject matter. Guess I need to get back to my support group.

bz panel 09-24-15

Back when I used to play a lot of tennis, I had a weak ankle that gave me a bit of trouble from time to time so I had to learn the proper way to wrap it. Years later, this cartoon sprouted from the experience.

bz panel 09-25-15

I got a few notes asking me to explain this one, which was completely expected because it is a bit tricky. The simple answer is that, as the sign predicts, they were (emotionally) moved by the sale. This pun was submitted by a reader and it took me a few beats to figure it out, too. But once I did, I laughed. Hope you did too. Many thanks to 71-year-old Rick Targow for the pun!

bz panel 09-26-15

Our last cartoon this week is about macro vs. micro. Is it a big laugh or a small one? This idea sprung from the fact that back in the 60s or so, in the early days of computers, the most powerful computer in the world was about the size of a UPS truck and it had a capacity of something like 5MG of information. That’s smaller than a single cartoon of mine after it has been colored in Photoshop at the size and resolution King Features requires for publication.

Last thing: I’m appearing in a few hours at the Eugene Oregon downtown public library. I’m supposed to be doing a “talk” but I’m going to hijack it and turn it into a comedy show. Free, all ages, you will laugh at least once or you can take any book in the building home for free. (As long as you bring it back in two weeks.) Have a great week, Jazz Pickles!


31 thoughts on “Hillbilly Physics

  1. I have always assumed that Krapuzar and Krelspeth are pseudonyms for the blog, to protect your daughters’ privacy from the ravening public.

  2. He’s Mopeye the tailor man,
    He sews all the clothes he can!
    When he stops his pinning
    His bobbins start spinning,
    He’s Mopeye the tailor man!

  3. It’s the Bizarro version of clickbait: you have to click every cartoon to find out which one got mixed up with the “Creepy Mannequins” link. I could tell you, but then Dan would have to “deal” with me.

    *Sorry Dan, I didn’t mean to upset the whatchamacallit cart. I’ll never do it again!

  4. The title got me in a mindset that added a different kind of funny to the final comic. I grew up in southern Appalachia, the hills that hillbillies are from. In that accent, long-i often sounds like “ah”, so to an outsider, it could sound like a hillbilly uses a “macrowave”.

  5. In the panel with the wrapped ankle the 1 2 3 steps it’s the right foot but in the bottom panel it’s his left foot! When this was online there was only one commenter who actually noticed!

    • Ah yes, but the first three feet there are from an instruction manual, whereas the last picture shows how it was put into practice. :-)

      Now Dan will have to love me, even if I make snarky comments about the, er, bizarre names he gave his daughters.

  6. Thank you to you and your lovely partner for coming to Eugene. I got more mileage on your jokes telling them to friends while watching the eclipse!

  7. Thanks for sharing yourself with us at the Eugene Library show.
    I was able to bring my son and my sweetie’s folks; mother-in-law mentioned ‘I’d never have gone to something like this but I’m glad I went’.
    It was such a great experience :).

    • And thank you for being there. I had more fun than you guys did and I really appreciate your taking the time to tell me you enjoyed it!

    • There’s nothing to get, really. It’s just that he’s driving in the scary woods at night, stops to check figure out what’s wrong with his headlight, and a couple of menacing hillbillies have somehow managed to steal his headlight beam and probably mean him harm.

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