Cartoonists Comedy Show


Hey, Jazz Pickles! I can’t believe your good fortune! There’s a comedy show this Friday night, Jan 22, at Nerdmelt Showroom in Los Angeles and everyone in it is a cartoonist of note. As you might’ve guessed, I’M ONE OF THEM! As you might never have dreamed in a million years, IT’S FREE!

See the poster below for more info and MAKE A FREE RESERVATION RIGHT HERE. Afterwards, some of us will be hanging around to sell books, sign things, pose for pictures, and otherwise pretend to be socially normal.

I desperately hope to see you there this Friday night! I’ll be the one with the rabbit ears.




14 thoughts on “Cartoonists Comedy Show

  1. Hey Dan,
    I’d love to be there, except that I live up near Seattle/Tacoma and that would involve a couple of plane rides, which would be really expensive at this late date.
    Heigh ho.
    Richard Massingale

  2. If this could be put on Youtube afterwards then I see no reason for us Europeans (and the people in India, yes) to complain. Would be nice to see Dan Piraro in action without making the long trip to LA…

  3. Weighing for a European show. PLEASE. It’s REAL pretty here. There are lots of beer and the cheeses to go with them. And the chocolate, the chocolate…..
    Brussels? Antwerp? Amsterdam? London? Everything is a train ride away……

  4. Instead of Europe or India you should venture to Texas. With the oil bust we have rooms-aplenty at right reasonable prices, ya’ll! 😎

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