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I often hear from readers that they “get” Bizarro cartoons when some around them do not. What better way to lord your superior intellect and sense of humor over the troglodytes around you than by wearing a highly groovy T-shirt that they won’t get either?

Here’s a stupid picture of me in the shirt, on sale ONLY UNTIL JULY 13, 2016!  Grab one now before the philistines and boors take over the world and outlaw intelligent humor.

PLUS!  All proceeds from the shirt go to feeding me and my small family (a woman, a dog, a cat) so it’s practically a charity thing!

Go here to view the various styles and colors to choose from. We here at Rancho Bizarro will thank you!

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15 thoughts on “Bizarro Jazz Pickle T-shirt

  1. Ordered it 2 days ago already, as soon as I got an email from Teepublic!
    I will be living inside the jar.
    Thanks Dan!

  2. Hey Dan,
    In the shipping info it mentions stickers, but I cannot find any other info about them. Am I missing something?

    • I saw that about stickers, too, but I’m afraid I have no idea what they’re talking about. I can ask my contact at Teespring but I doubt they’ll be available until next Tuesday. I’ll find out and get back to you via this comment thread.

    • I asked the guy at Teespring and he solved the mystery. On the page my link leads to, just above the “BUY IT NOW” button is a row of small pics of the various T-shirt options. The last one is just a pic of the logo on the shirt. THAT’s the sticker option. Pretty well hidden.

  3. done and done.

    I would have seen the email but it was in my trash can. I have ordered stuff from them in the past, within a year and they had no record of me so I had to register again, hope they didn’t have some kind of breach we didn’t hear about. I wish they had an option to get the print on the back but thats just me

  4. Woohoo! Ordered. I like supporting my favorite artists by buying their merch. And this shirt is excellent. In honor of you, I shall wear it on my next moto journey (under the body armor, of course).

      • Oh, that’s a nice “cafe” style bike, right? I ride a ’14 Honda CTX700. I like the laid back approach. My son, otoh, was on a Kawasaki Versys while he was in town. Now that he’s in Japan, he rides something sub-250 because of their bizarre moto licensing requirements. When he returns next summer, we’re talking about doing a moto-tour of the US. We’re calling it our pre-apocalyptic world tour, because hey why not!

        If you’re ever down in San Diego, we should ride together.

  5. Would it be really snide and make me sound like an [expletive deleted] if I were to ask what’s the point of calling something “limited edition” if the artist just goes and makes it available again a few years later? Yeah, it probably would, so I won’t ask that. I AM curious why you didn’t make a new design available. I’d love a new shirt to go with all the others.

    • Thanks for your comment, I understand what you mean. It’s very time consuming to create new designs and I’ve not had a lot of luck with sales on any but the very first one, which is the one I just re-released. I’ve not felt that the payoff on the other shirts was worth the time it took to create them. A number of folks have said they missed the first sale and wished I’d release it again, so I did. Even after this one is over, it will still be a very limited edition, believe me.

      • Thanks for the reply. It’s a shame the others aren’t as popular! I will just have to wait patiently until you do make a new one for us and then I will enjoy it all the more. In the meantime there’s always the tip jar (-:

  6. I like the cartoon with the shopping couple trying to exit the store and see the “closed” sign so they think the street is closed..Haha ..It’s so funny, I gave it to my college students in Beijing, took awhile for them to get it..They had to try and explain it in English. And that made it even funnier..Congrats. I’ll never look at that sign the same way again..

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