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I’ve enjoyed optical illusions since childhood, so this cartoon about them was fun to draw. Unfortunately, you can’t incorporate most optical illusions into a street scene (like this one, which only appears to be moving), so I had to rely on tricks of perspective and such, most of which were inspired by the great draftsman, M. C. Escher. I don’t know how many illusions there are in this picture, but here’s a list of the ones I can see. 1) Window at top left is the wrong perspective for that wall 2) Pie in lower left corner is too far back not to hit wall (which also makes it look like it’s floating) 3) Man’s foot disappears behind line where sidewalk joins the wall 4) Same man has classic optical illusion on T-shirt (both lines are the same length) 5) Same man’s face looks like a different man’s face if you turn it upside down (an ancient classic illusion) 6) Stick inside folded sign is wrong perspective 7) Man giving money could not reach hat from where he stands 8) Street lamp across street crosses in front of wall in foreground 9) Boy stealing hat from across street 10) Stairs inside doorway across the street are sideways 11) Tire on sports car (1971 Fiat X1/9, by request from a reader) is wrong perspective. 12) background colors on sign is the classic box illusion, seen here. That’s all I can find, let me know if you find more. I didn’t list the two bunnies or the upside-down bird because those things could exist in that space.

bz panel 08-22-16

Have you ever worked for a boss who seemed to care about his employees but didn’t quite “get it”? I haven’t, but I’m guessing other people have so here’s a cartoon sort of kind of about that.
bz panel 08-23-16

I’ve complained before about people taking my cartoons and changing them for their own purposes and it would seem that with this cartoon I’ve given them the perfect template to do just that. But I’ve also found that most people who do that kind of thing have very little imagination or creativity (hence their need to steal other people’s work) so I suspect I’m fairly safe with this one since the thief would have to add characters to the image to make it mean something other than what it already means.

bz panel 08-24-16a

This cowboy cartoon had a different caption when I published it in newspapers worldwide last week. It said, “You the one they call The Amarillo Squid?” As I began to post it here just now, I thought of this new caption and think it’s better, so I changed it. Only folks who read this blog will see this version so I hope that makes you feel special in some small way.

bz panel 08-25-16

One thing nobody can ever say about me without lying is “Dan Piraro didn’t put enough effort into drawing wrinkly clothing on public servants.” 

bz panel 08-26-16

This cartoon about the pollster elicited another political donnybrook on my Bizarro Facadebook page this week. Polls over many years consistently show that an alarming number of Americans are woefully ignorant of simple facts about our government and current events in the news. They just follow the elephant or the donkey, no matter who’s leading it.  (Not unlike the hordes of people in the UK who voted for “Brexit” then after it passed, googled it to find out what it means.) It’s no wonder that Faux News and Trump can get away with what they do.

bz panel 08-27-16

Do you feel sorry for this guy or are you creeped out by him? Or both? If you want to explore the subject more deeply, imagine how he manages various daily tasks with his unusual anatomical challenges.

Since the holidays are approaching (at any given moment in time, various holidays are approaching) I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind you of some amazing gift ideas, your purchase of which will enable Olive Oyl and me to continue to eat daily and live indoors. The following list is arranged from cheapest to most not-cheapest.

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40 thoughts on “Seeing/Believing

      • Actually, by 1974 Fiat had pulled out of the US market. They still sold their two sports cars (the X1/9 and the 124 Spider) through an independent importer who called them the “Bertone X1/9” and the “2000 Spider.”

        Bertone was the coachbuilder who built the little coupe in your cartoon out of parts from the 128 sedan and “2000” was the engine size of the larger convertible (in cc).

        The X1/9, BTW, was one of the best low-price sports cars ever made with world-class handling due to its mid-engine layout. Too bad it had typical (read “bad”) Fiat build quality. Toyota’s version of it, the MR2, had typical (read “stellar”) build quality, but they dropped the ball on handling by softening it greatly to appeal to the mass market.

        • Imagine my delight when I opened the Sunday funnies and found the 1974 FIAT X 1/9 featured in your panel. Thank you for following up on my suggestion some weeks ago. This is yet another fine addition to your long history of depicting “interesting” cars in your artwork.

          In some ways featuring this car was appropriate for the optical illusion theme. In designing the ‘X’ for FIAT, Bertone proportioned the car so well that you don’t realize how small it is until you walk up to it in person or see it parked next to a more typical car. The ‘X’ is only a foot longer than an MG Midget, or about 5 inches shorter than a 1st gen Miata.

          Just as a side note to the poster above, the ‘X’ was sold as a FIAT in the US starting with its first model year in 1974. The coach builder’s name, Bertone, appeared on the car (on the dash and side vents), but it was definitely badged and sold as a FIAT, until FIAT decided to bail out of the US market in the early 80s. For the interested see the Wikipedia article for the details.

          We bought a brand new ’74 when it first came out, and for me, the best ‘X’ is that 1st gen model with all of Bertone’s original design elements, before FIAT started messing with it.

        • Doh! I do that all the time. I read all of the comments myself before posting them to the site, so if you do that again, just type a second comment note to me and ask that I correct it or don’t post it. And I will or won’t, depending on your request. I’m just that friendly. :^}

  1. This made my rather dubious-quality Sunday much better! Each and every one of them–and I am so glad I don’t have a cup-hand and an elongated finger!!

  2. “Faux News”

    Ah yes a bit of humor that is as original as the rest of your whole NearSide schtick.

    You really need to stop trying to make a mediocre career out of other peoples’ insights.

  3. So in the Cartoon Actors Strike cartoon, if someone took it and drew in the characters, would they be a plagiarist or a scab?

  4. Regarding Cartoon Actors’ Strike, I am reminded of Garfield Minus Garfield. Bizarro Minus Piraro? I guess not, since the Piraro sense of humor is in the panel. But, Something Minus Something, I guess.

  5. looks like the shadows are different between the man by the wall and the guy walking getting his hat lifted. The tires on the Fiat may just be out of whack as there is a BUNNY driving it and we all know bunnies tend to hit curbs a lot, at least that’s been my experience

  6. Thanks, Dan. I owned 2 X1/9 s in my middle age. Greatest sports car per $ ever! And 40 mpg at 75 mph, which was very illegal then!

  7. The degree of detailed rumpling on the police uniforms brought cartoonist MK Brown to mind. A nice touch in a solid week of strips.

    • Yes, it reminds me of her, too. And Kliban, who was married to her. I don’t know if they inspired each other’s drawing styles or if it was coincidence. Coming across “Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head and Other Drawings” in college in the fall of ’76 was what made me what to be a cartoonist.

  8. What, the anti-gay unfunny stuff again? Just what is it about this cartoonist that he can’t do a strip that involves gays that isn’t flat and ugly? Just leave it alone.

    • Sorry you were disturbed, Roy. I’m very pro gay rights and have been so publicly for a long time. I’m not sure what you found offensive about this cartoon, could you fill me in, please?

  9. I know that you are a fellow liberal, but I can see how the two cartoons referred to could be misinterpreted, as suggesting a “slippery slope.” Actually that is a very minimal percentage of your great body of works of brilliance and art.

  10. Hi Dan. This week’s collection is very not offensive, nor is it not brilliant and uninteresting, and it is certainly not unlikable. I am so not disturbed by your work, pretty much most all of the time. Okay, never. I also happen to think that reading the comments section is becoming such a not-miss activity, that I wait about 3-5 days after you post, so as for there to be many not bland and unoriginal comments posted, for my entertainment.

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