Mouth Using


(If you wish to embiggenate any of these cartoons, close your eyes, click your heels three times and click them.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Anger Management.

As regular readers know, I enjoy doing fake magazine covers from time to time. It’s a fun way to use wordplay in a slightly more sophisticated way than just illustrating a pun. The basic idea for this one came from a reader who goes by the suspicious name of Kevin Bartlett. (It’s the perfect name for someone trying to “hide in plain sight,” wouldn’t you agree? I’m guessing he’s at least got credit problems if he isn’t actually in a witness protection program.) Anyway, “Kevin” envisioned a guy holding a magazine called “Parts of Speech” and saying he only reads it for the articles.

Some readers may not be old enough to remember the cliche this gag is built on. When Playboy first came out in the 50s, it was the first magazine to attempt to make nudie pics acceptable in polite society by filling the rest of the pages with legitimate stories and interviews. Well into my childhood in the 60s, men were still claiming to subscribe to it “for the articles”. These days, people aren’t as bashful about enjoying images of members of our species in a mating mood.

Bonus grins: Here’s a Playboy Magazine spoof I did back in 2011.

This cartoon that is not about cannabis was suggested by my longtime friend, Cliff Harris the King of Wordplay. It got a lot of Internet play last week and multitudes of readers reported having to read it several times to get the joke. It’s funny how often the mind sees what it thinks it’s going to see instead of what is actually there. Especially if you’re reading the comics stoned.

After I drew this gag about profile pics, it occurred to me that I’ve done a number of cartoons about people with extremely tiny heads. I’m not sure why I think this is funny, but obviously I do. In real life, it would not be, of course.

I published this cartoon on Valentine’s Day because I didn’t have one about the holiday this year. On rare occasion I will think to write and draw a Valentine’s Day gag enough ahead of time to publish it on the 14th. Here’s one of my favorites from 2014.

This one could have worked for V. Day, too, but whatever. While drawing this, I realized that the whole time I was a kid it never occurred to me that this lazy jackwagon of a prince could have brought a ladder and rescued Rapunzel instead of just climbing her hair three times a week for a quickie. But then again, maybe that fairy tale is actually about the male fantasy of having a woman at his disposal when he “wants” her, but not having to deal with her as a real person out in the world. Shame, shame.

My NearWife, Olive Oyl, has a nephew (my NearNephew) who goes by the suspicious name of “Ryan”. (See first paragraph above.) Ryan is around ten years old and on his most recent birthday he asked for “poop emoji” gifts. We attended his birthday party and the entire house was filled with more poop than you could shake a baby wipe at. Fortunately, none of them were of the “scratch and sniff” variety.

I got the idea for this gag after a friend of mine from Texas who goes by the totally fake name of “Brian Levy” suggested I muse over the idea of emojis painted on cave walls.

Out of all the Trump gags I’ve done in the past few months, this one about the Orange-Crested Trumpeter got the most hate mail. Numerous people used the tired, derivative, worn cliche along the lines of “Why have you never done a black Obamabird gag?”  Perhaps because he was not a proudly uninformed, racist, misogynistic, childish, cartoon bully?

One person accused us liberals and the media of making fun of the president and thus giving him less credibility to other nations and providing aid to our enemies. Right. That might have some basis in truth if the Pussy Grabber in Chief were not himself working 24/7 to be as idiotic a cartoon character as one could possibly imagine in a position of power. Jerry Lewis’s nutty professor character could command more respect worldwide. The only way to keep Trump from looking like an utter assclown to everyone outside of the less-than-25% of Americans who voted for him would be to lock him in an airtight box and bury it 100 feet underground. And I’m not entirely certain even that would work.

The most frightening email I got was from a woman who is convinced that God (the capitalization is hers) sent Trump to save America and that, yes, he is boorish, but God always sends flawed men to lead his people so that they will give the credit to Him and not the man. Wow. Still don’t believe there should be a simple I.Q. test you have to pass before you can vote?

If you think you can stomach it, have a look at this whining, childish, delusional “survey” the GOP has online to further convince the hillbilly portion of their constituency that there is a worldwide plot to make Trump look foolish. I’m certain that any Republican who can read without moving their lips would cringe at the adolescent nature of this kind of ploy.

Last cartoon of the week is a cowboy joke. With a chair.

A few readers have admonished me recently for doing political cartoons and commentary. They make a good point because Bizarro is not sold as a political cartoon and some newspaper editors object to my crossing over. By persisting, I’m jeopardizing my client list, which is still where I get the vast majority of my income. (I don’t get paid for posting cartoons online and I don’t have tons of licensed products like other cartoons.)

But I believe that the Trump presidency is so dangerous to our country in a completely unprecedented way that it is essential that all of us speak out against it in any and every way we can. Sheer numbers on social media may be the only way to get beyond the ideological bubbles we all live in online. Perhaps it won’t work, but this is too important not to try.

I think we must also continue to vocally express our trust in mainstream media sources like The New York Times, The Washington Post, PBS, NPR, etc. (Yes, they’ve occasionally made mistakes but, unlike the extreme right, they correct themselves and do the best they can to portray the truth.) It was, after all, the simple act of Fox News and its ilk repeating the mantra that “you cannot trust the mainstream media” that caused so many people to fall in line, lockstep behind a marketing effort that truly and demonstrably cannot be trusted. (Never mind the fact that there now is no more mainstream media than Fox News.)

If the majority of my readers really want me to drop the political cartoons and commentary, I’ll consider it, so let me know what you think. But if you value my ideas and humor and want me to continue in the direction I’ve been going in recent months, please consider buying my latest book (the others are out of print so I make no money from those that are being sold online) buying a color print from King Features or a limited-edition, signed and numbered print from QART, or making a one-time donation or monthly contribution to my efforts through my Tip Jar. I have already lost a few papers due to my criticism of the current administration and I will doubtless lose a few more.

Thanks for reading, Jazz Pickles. We’ll get through this together somehow!




126 thoughts on “Mouth Using

  1. It’s YOUR art! Express whatever is on your mind and in your heart!
    My 2¢… I love it just the way it is. I’ll buy the book when I can.
    Thank you for all of these years of Bizarro!

  2. i love your cartoons and hope you continue railing on trump. i grew up with a grandpa that was a massive racistt who epitomized heraclitus’ saying “dogs bark at what they don’t understand.” trump, his supporters, and the congressman that are trying to destroy all that past presidents have created, fit into the barking dog category for me…… but we should only allow sleeping dogs to lie…. all others that lie have to be held accountable. keep up the great work, and as soon as i get another job your tip jar will overflowing…..remember the old adage which applies to the trumpsters…. joke ’em if they can’t take a fuck.

  3. I was a reader that reacted negatively to a “comic to editorial” crossover; (it involved opiates on sale during “happy hour”…follow the money). I don’t look to your cartoons for political opinions; I have too many other sources loudly presenting theirs. I read your cartoons faithfully because they are funny, a little off center and often make me think a little before the humor sinks in; it generally does. My suggestion is to stick to what you do that gained your fan base.

  4. Please continue to lampoon, satirize and whatever else works to shine a light on the current absurd and sometimes terrifying state of affairs. That is an important calling. Thank you

  5. Please continue the political commentary! The only thing that can get us safely through this national embarrassment is a sense of humor. Thanks for all you do to keep up our spirits!

  6. I don’t think you do political cartoons. I think you do cartoons based on the observations of people, regardless of their affiliations, politically or otherwise. Speaking truth to power is not always popular, especially among those who believe in that power. You don’t put the politics into your drawings, the readers do – and that’s their problem, not yours. Truth is truth, and calling out any individual for their…anomalous actions…is not an indictment of the larger group they may be affiliated with – and if someone makes that inference, well…ok, that’s their right. But not your burden. Keep up the fantastic work!

  7. Continue. Bizarro just might get me through these next few years. Shakespeare was quite political. Of course, humor was the only way to criticize the king and his court. I might ought to stop there. Oh, by-the-by, my husband reads only Bizarro in the comics.

  8. I enjoy your work and I wont go into my political leanings because they are mine and mine alone. While I like many am very tired of the continuing deluge of both celebrity and average people’s anti trump publications and posts, I do not think it is my place to insult or question another person’s values or opinions. Whether I agree with you or not has nothing to do with whether I enjoy the majority of your work and the things I dont enjoy I just dont look at or read. That is not to say that I am sticking my head in the sand, and when I see a news item that I find questionable I always research ( I am OCD about researching) until I am satisfied that there are no other facts that may be missing. And while I can honestly say I have no love for the current Prez. my choice is to wait and watch. But the truth is that having just lost my mom on November 1st, and as someone who as suffered from depression all my life I just cannot for my own sanity read anymore negativity for the time being. I applaud you for being able to voice your opinion through your work, and for standing for what you believe, which is what America is all about. But I dont agree with are the many attacks from both sides of politics that have been made against others who have a differing opinion. How can we ever hope to be untied if we only see each other as enemies, and resort to name calling and personal attacks? While we may not like the support given to certain public officials, it doesnt mean we should attack the supporters. I dont know how we can effect change in how we the citizens treat one another, but unless we do, it wont be politicians that bring us down it will be we the people. But as for you I say do what you want who are you hurting? And I think anyone who refuses to accept someone because they have differing views really loses out on so much of life.

    • Very well said, Marilyn! Thank you for your much-needed commentary, even while you’re going through such a hard time. It also saddens me to see the Left and the Right attacking each other in the name of “anti-Trump” or “anti-Dems”. I just wish people would quit using their opinion of our current president as an excuse to bash other people. Sure, there are things to dislike about him. But we can only get through this time as a nation if we WORK TOGETHER. Resisting IMHO is not the answer. There is some common ground if you just look for it. As an example, we all want more U.S. jobs. So, find the common ground that exists and build on it. In so doing, I think we have a far better chance of influencing the current administration – and perhaps even more importantly, it’s a step in the right direction, as the UNITED States of America. There’s enough division already – let’s not be a part of it.

      • The election was interfered with. Until the investigations are over (so far, there are three) and completed, I will not withhold my judgment. My option, right?

  9. Great work as always, Dan.
    I believe that you should keep on doing cartoons about whatever moves and inspires you, and of course that includes politics if that is what’s on your mind. It would be even worse to stop doing them just because they tweak some other people’s politics. There is a lot of truth in humor and I think some people get bent by the truth, and so perhaps more truth is what they need.
    Silencing criticism is just what the people in charge want. They want life to look as if everything is going fine, even if (and especially if) it’s only going their way. And I happen to think artists and writers are more informed citizens than most, and know how distill the essence of a situation, so your perspectives are all the more appreciated by people who don’t accept the simplest of explanations. Please keep on keeping on.

  10. Keep doing political. You’re not the only one doing so on the comics page. And there’s no obligation to be “even-handed”. Be authentic.

  11. I love your cartoons and I love it when you do a political cartoon. Don’t let them get you down. Next week, I will send a little money.

  12. You are the best and one of the most insightful political cartoonists around. Please don’t stop your political commentary. I love it and I am one of those people who actually DO buy your books instead of reading them in the bookstore.
    Keep up the great creative work.

  13. Please don’t stop making political cartoons. If Dr Suess could make them so can you. If you decide to do them under a pen name instead someday just let me know so I can follow that too.

    It is amazing how inspiring this moron president is. I recently began doing cartoons myself as time allows. You can see my latest on my website link if you wish.

    I’m also from BTW in Tulsa by the way, a few years behind you and I studied with Dr Zaller. Take care!!

  14. Please continue to make cartoons about any goddamned subject you want. I threw a shekel in the tip jar, hopefully to help offset any loss of revenue that you suffer from losing newspaper accounts. You are yuge!

  15. “If the majority of my readers really want me to drop the political cartoons and commentary, I’ll consider it, so let me know what you think. ”

    Don’t Stop
    Carry On
    May I have another, please?
    The media is called out in the first amendment for the reason that we need to keep an eye on, and call out bad decisions, by our politicians. You may not be a ‘political’ cartoonist but I agree, of all our recent presidents (and I include Nixon), this one is the most dangerous.
    I’d ask you extend your rapier wit to the Congress also. They’re hell bent on undoing 50 years of progressive advances. They don’t seem to want to listen to anyone but the right wing of the party and are not acting in the best interest of America or the world.

    Carry on, sir!

  16. In the case of Trump we should resist with every fiber of our being the growing fascism. It is no longer a political issue. It is a moral one and it crosses political lines. Keep it up!

  17. Loved the cartoons, especially the Orange Crested Trumpeter, and I agree with you on that front. Had to look up the word embiggenate though and it wasn’t in my old dictionary, so the search continues, or was this taken from a cartoon dictionary?

    • I made up that word but later found out so did The Simpsons some years ago. Search it on Wikipedia, I think they have an article about it.

  18. I don’t think you’re being overly political, only 1 of 7 this week were related to the Orange-Crested Trumpeter. Some people who call other people “snowflakes” turn out to be the biggest snowflakes of all. And what are you, as a cartoonist, supposed to do when 45 is an actual living cartoon? The rest of the world is having a great laugh at our expense. Sad.

  19. Keep the political stuff coming! Someone has to keep the AssHat in his place! Your tip jar isn’t friendly to those of us who don’t use PayPal. I’ll see if I can use another means of support. Thanks for the laughs.

  20. Stay strong and keep them coming! Your cartoons are spot on and inspirational — I’m going from here right to the “tip jar!”

  21. I and all my writer/editor, ESL-teaching pals thank you kindly for the “I just read it for the articles” cartoon. P.S. I usually hate puns but good work on the use of “articles” in this context.

  22. Please stop drawing political cartoons. And cartoons with humor I don’t understand. And stop with all the colors already; they hurt my eyes. Maybe just a series of straight lines in a box everyday. But make them orderly so as not to be confusing. Thanks.

    Lou Stoole
    Your biggest fan.

  23. I began reading you for your sense of humor, to which I often relate. I do not relate to you politically. I respect your right to your opinion but if you choose to make this an editorial cartoon I will likely be moving on.

  24. Keep the jokes coming Dan. Those who aren’t thick skinned enough to see some humor in yours shouldn’t looking at the comics anyway. I appreciate the efforts and applaud the legit news media for keeping the pressure on… your humor just makes it a bit lighter.

  25. I totally support your political cartoons, just so long as they don’t take over your cartoon output. I say that not because you’re not a good political commentator or that I don’t agree with you, but because I’d hate for you to lose clients and because I’d hate for you to find yourself hip-deep in the vile swamp of inequity that is today’s Washington. Throw in the occasional potshot at Trump by all means, but let us enjoy your usual craziness, too. We need distraction from the craziness as well as commentary upon it!

  26. I voted for Trump. I dont like all of the things he says but I am on board with some of his basic ideas. I still read and enjoy your material. I do not care if you drop the political cartoons. I get a chuckle out of them even if I tend to be on the right side of the aisle. I disagree with your comments on the left side as they have as many buffoons as on the right. I did not like the way DT started his innaguration speach bashing Obama’s term even though I thought it was a disaster but I really like the idea that he essentially said no more buying votes. Keep up the good work. I will continue to enjoy your work.

  27. Please don’t stop the political commentary. Do you. If you feel inspired on a particular day or week to draw something about Trump and/or this political climate we find ourselves in, do it. At the same time, I understand the very real need to sustain one’s self and I surely hope it won’t come to that for you. Would it be possible for you to submit the more political cartoons to publications more open to it than others?

  28. I think your message is right: it’s vital to stand up and be counted. And be counted again. But on the other hand, it’s your loss and OUR loss if you get cut off from your income.
    Your way forward, I suggest, is to do the job you’re contracted for (let’s face it, it’s a good job!), but online – go mad. Do some extra ‘Internet Only’ jokes and encourage people to share them around.
    More work for you – but a better outcome for all.
    We Shall OverComb!

    • An interesting idea but I’m afraid if I start doing more than my seven cartoons a week I’ll not have time for anything else.

  29. No secret symbols for parts of speech ? 😢

    And speaking of speech – it is still a right for people and cartoonists to express themselves – so please keep on going. For everyone’s sake.

    Your anger management reminded me of an idea for a Bizarro cartoon.

    It refers to Quilting Bees which they have in the USA and we also have up here in Canada attended typically by women in their senior years.

    ***** At a local quilting bee – a new guy passing by the quilters is asked if he wants to join in?
    He declines saying “Sorry I don’t share needles”

    All original- you can use it – it’s from my own brain matter.

    Alan Harrington
    Toronto Star paper edition subscriber

  30. Please, please, PLEASE don’t stop posting what you think is right, political or otherwise. I love your unapologetic commentary and look forward to your art wherever I find it. Mallard Fillmore I could do without.

  31. I took the right wing survey, but I think they might not record my comments. Keep up the good work your work is entertaining , thought provoking,and I buy a second paper everyday because my local paper does not carry Bizarro.
    Thank you,

  32. “I don’t have tons of licensed products like other cartoons.”

    And why not? You could make a killing* with Secret Symbol™ pet squeaky toys. It’s true, you know it in your heart. Why are you forsaking the opportunity??

    *no killing actual or metaphorical guaranteed

    p.s. Politics, what ho?

    • I don’t have the money to fund product lines and I’ve not come across a company that is willing to give it a try. To be honest, my cartoon has a strong cult following but isn’t a mainstream million-dollar-maker, so the products I have tried have not been all that successful.

  33. The cartoon has your name on it so it should be a representation of who you are.

    I think the only problem with suddenly going hard into politics is that obama deserved much more criticism than he got for the drone killings.

    Maybe you could do a cartoon about the meaninglessness of the Nobel Peace Prize


  34. I’m a fan. Keep it up. Political humor is a harsh light on ugliness and corruption. And, frankly, it’s a fresh way to expose things that are just flat-out wrong.

  35. Love your stuff, and I agree that everyone needs to speak up against all these outrages. I liked your reply to the person that wanted you to make up crap about Obama. Our objections to Trump aren’t mere differences of political opinion (should we spend our money on a new stadium or do we need to fix up the schools?), they are moral objections to being a lying, hateful sack of shit. I cancelled my subscription to the Cleveland Plain Dealer because they published a cartoon by Michael Ramirez depicting Obama as a “towel boy” for the Devil. And they defended it when I submitted a written objection, which they would not publish (and I’ve appeared in the PeeDee more than once on the opinion pages). I love political cartoons of all stripes, so keep it up, but if you ever go as badly racist as this Ramirez asshat I will disown you and cut you out of my will.

  36. Firstly, everything is political now days. Shop at Neiman Marcus? You hate Trump and America! Eat at Chick-fil-a, you’re a homophobe! Shop at Wholefoods? They sell Israeli products, you are Anti-Palestinian. Use Facebook? Well then you support both Peter Thiel and Mark Zuckerberg (I dunno how that works out). The point being, you really can’t get away from being neutral in this polarized world today. Evil only needs a good man to stay silent. You have a public forum, you have a conscious, you should speak your mind. There will always be detractors, there will always be supporters (even if you grab um by the …. they’ll still support you into the White House). In the end, did you get into this line of work because you wanted to make money or because you had something to say? I know, easy for me to say, my lively hood is not on the line but the question still stands. Also, start merchandising some ufo’s and pies, maybe a kickstarter or gofundme.

    • One more thing, we see an uptick in hate based speech and violence over the past 12 months because it has been normalized. People once afraid to publically be racist now feel normalized by Trump so they can be open about their intentions. Well, the sword cuts both ways. Seeing someone speak out against it, saying they won’t roll over and take it, that’s important too. Even if it is just an awkward cartoon, it normalizes resisting hate. Probably even more effective because it with humor.

  37. Here is an idea for a political cartoon.
    Remember President Teddy Roosevelt, our 26th president?
    He’s on Mt. Rushmore for crying out loud!
    He was another large & ruddy & loud & brash man.
    But he is one of the most revered figures in American History.
    Remember his famous slogan?
    It was —
    “Speak softly & carry a big stick.”
    To wit — he displayed the might of the American Navy & let the world witness the implied might of the peaceful U.S. fleet.
    What does Trump do?
    Well, pretty much the opposite —
    Trump is a loud & overbearing braggart.
    And according to at least some rumors,
    & judging by his smallish hands,
    we might suppose he —

    Speaks loudly & …
    waggles a little … “stick”?

  38. Please continue to draw whatever you wish. We need pointed humor to help us bear the absurdities, dangers, and cruelties foisted upon us by this administration.

    I read your cartoons online at the Washington Post site.

    I’ve bought one of the books for myself and two lucky others as gifts. Will buy more or make occasional contributions to the Tip Jar.

  39. While I don’t always agree with the sentiment of your art, I always appreciate the humor and honesty. If we are going to survive the next year’s, we are going to need both. Please continue the good work.

  40. I’m an extreme lefty so my opinion is slanted. But, yes, do continue doing what you are doing.

    I read other artists and commentators that don’t always match my political leanings. It’s good to stand for something, even if not everyone agrees, Especially if not everyone agrees.

    Those who agree with you with find comfort and solidarity in your musings. Those who don’t will have the opportunity to hear a voice from outside their “bubble”. Those who are so entrenched (or perhaps insecure) that no dissenting voice will be tolerated will probably be happier finding their entertainment elsewhere.

    The point is if you’re willing to stand by your opinion even if it may cost you a buck, your opinion is one worth reading.

  41. You asked, so I will respond. I have been a LONG time fan of your work. However, I do not like when your comics focus on politics, no matter what the flavor or persuasion is. I love your sense of humor, and frankly, although I understand your position and your frustration, believe that the political aspect of many of your cartoons detracts from the otherwise enjoyable comedic distraction for which I read them. Thank you for asking.

  42. I think the only criterion that matters is: “Is It Funny?”
    Of course, I understand financial realities. And I’ll tell my paper how much I value your comic.

  43. You and I don’t agree on politics and religion, but I don’t lose sleep over it. I thoroughly enjoy the vast majority of your cartoons, and just roll my eyes at your political and religion comments. I doubt any artist, cartoonist, writer, et al, has ever had everyone like everything they create.

  44. These days, any sanity at all injected into political discourse is a breath of fresh air. Please continue.

  45. Dan,
    I do not enjoy political cartoons, but if you followed me, we would be forever lost. Keep up the funny stuff, whatever sparks your fire! Thanks for this site!!!

  46. I like your humour, whether in unpolitical cartoons or political cartoons. I don’t agree with your opinion at times, but this does not change my liking your humour. Please keep expressing your view. Censuring yourself would be bad for your creativity, I think.

    • I’d give up the beneficial exchange rate for some sanity in the U.S., but yeah, things are absurdly cheap here. Meanwhile, my Mexican friends are suffering greatly at the hands of rising prices. Feels wrong that the rich gringos (like me) benefit while the average honest family suffers.

      • Thanks for alerting me of that. I had no idea. This blog was acting wonky yesterday and I had to hit “approve and reply” several times to get it to do anything. Guess it posted twice. :^}

  47. I am terrified by DJT and his Congressional cronies. Laughter allows me to have the energy to work on resisting. Please don’t stop. (BTW, if you tell us where you have been dropped, some of us just might want to write a letter of protest.) I am horrified that you would lose work, yet know that is how “they” want to impose self-censorship on the road to total control… Buying a book.

  48. Keep up the good work of needling Trump and other pompous politicians, as well as your non-political work. Free speech is like a muscle – it needs to be exercised regularly, or it will atrophy.

    And it’s even more important for all sides to hear from sources they don’t always agree with. If we had a media that reported only one side’s view of the issues, whatever side that might be, how long would it be before we either had a dictatorship or a revolution?

  49. Continue as you’ve been doing. And figure out the difference between its and it’s (it’s wrong in your sentence, “It was, after all, the simple act of Fox News and it’s ilk repeating the mantra that “you cannot trust the mainstream media” . . . “

  50. Upvote for political humor. Do it while you can, before it becomes illegal. I’m sure you can see that possibility in our future. If my paper were to drop you, they would get a strongly-worded letter from me, as would their major advertisers. (hint, hint folks) Keep up the good work!

  51. Please please continue to do what you feel the need to do but don’t stop with your brand of humor. I am sorry to hear that some of your outlets do not like your political humor but I feel you need to keep on ding what you do best and that is being you! Sometimes I don’t understand a particular cartoon but I would not let that stop me from appreciating your art. Thanks for all you do.

  52. This is a difficult thing to answer.
    I like political cartoons and I have to say I don’t mind that you do some from time to time.
    However the people who say that yo are not marketed as a political cartoonist have a point, and I guess you will have to ask yourself if the risk to your income is worth it. Only you can answer that.
    But given how attitudes in the USA (I am Canadian), seem to be hardening into a “with us or against us” take no prisoners mindset, the risk might be (or become) greater than you think.

  53. O M G, this person is genius(Thought Bubble) …….. Ooooo, I get it, good one!(TB)……. What artwork! (TB) …… OOOOOHH!!, needed that one today(TB)….. How does this guy keep cranking this level of creativity out day after day!? (TB)……
    Final TB- I’m feeding the tip jar!!
    KEEP IT UP Mr. P! !

  54. Stephan Pastis’ “Pearls Before Swine” strip has also been doing some political commentary, as I’m sure a few other ‘main stream’ syndicated comics have. But of course most of the late night comedians have been having a field day. So I think you are certainly in good company.

    I read your work daily in my local news paper, “The Concord Monitor” (in New Hampshire). There was a very interesting article by a local columnist regarding political humor outlets today…

    She points out that when we had just the big three networks, there was political pressure from the White House to suppress criticism by the “Smothers Brothers” TV show and that such pressure was ultimately successful. Let’s hope that here in the US, such suppression, from any political entity, will never be successful again in the future.

    • Agreed and thanks. I was a big Smothers Brothers fan, even though I was young, and have long thought that canceling that show was one of America’s least proud moments.

  55. Love your work and share your views of the world… please keep giving us a reason to laugh and smile in these dark times. To show my appreciation, I subscribed to a monthly tip…and though a modest offering, I hope it will help you afford an occasional lime with your tequila. And while you didn’t mention it in the fine print, I assume it also gives me a free room if I’m ever in San Miguel for a visit. Muchas gracias for all your wonderful gifts of humor!

  56. Please, oh please keep doing political satire! We can start campaign to tell the syndicates to keep your cartoon going! Which papers do we need to contact?

    • If you’re a subscriber to a newspaper that carries Bizarro, it never hurts to send them an email saying you enjoy my work and hope it remains. For now, there’s no need to do more than that, but I appreciate your enthusiasm! :^}

  57. You might have a look at Patreon. I bet there are quite a few of us who would pledge monthly support to keep the comics AND the political commentary coming.

    Keep up the good work!

  58. Oh, please do keep doing the cartoon with political and social messages. You’re one of a kind, and even if I don’t like any particular cartoon or series of cartoons, I’ll still enjoy your completely whacked perspective on things — not to mention the fantastic artwork. (I will not move on to the next cartoon until I find all the hidden symbols/easter eggs).

    Please let us know if any outlets stop carrying your work. Their loss, but I know it’s also a monetary loss for you.

  59. Do what feels right for you in the now. One way people learn to get along is to face up to things they don’t agree with and even see a reason to chuckle over how stupid most of it is. If not: Buh. Bye. Some of your audience may walk away, but you’ll attract new fans, like me, as your work evolves.

  60. Sorry, but the Drumpf cartoon is too weak. Make them more biting. You aren’t getting through unless people march on Washington and demand your strip be removed from their newspaper!

  61. I love your inspired sense of humor and have been reading you for a long time (and have many of your books). I agree with AKK’s comment that your main consideration should be, “Is it funny?” I happen to think that your cartoons are very funny, even the political ones. As long as your political cartoons are as clever and even thought-provoking as most of your other work, I say keep it up! I think it’s important that we all speak truth to power and refuse to be cowed by the rantings of a dangerous– and dangerously unprepared –president. Sometimes I think no one in this country has a memory any more. Visiting the tip jar now.

  62. Don’t stop the political commentary! You’re just reacting to events, and current events happen to be political. If the assholiness didn’t happen, there would be nothing there to lampoon. The fact that this administration provides endless material for anyone in the comedy biz (Bizarro, SNL, Comedy Central, etc.), is their own fault. The worse the situation, the more we need good comedy–we have to laugh to keep from crying. Thank you for the decades of humor, Dan!

  63. My opinion is that the trumpeter is fine – great, even – in a blog or editorial page but not in the comics. Please give your readers a break. No matter how urgent *you * might think an issue is, or how profound your opinions, sometimes we just want to read the comics. Maybe, if it helps, think of the comics page as a “safe space”. From what I see, liberal academics love them.

    • You make a good point. I’m trying to keep it to once a week but there is so much material there that I really can’t resist entirely.

  64. If you were pounding on Trump every day, then I’d probably get annoyed. Once in a week or two is another story, especially since, as you say, the guy is pretty much a cartoon in his own right.

    Indeed, he’s so whacked out, that successfully satirizing him (without getting bitten by Poe’s Law) is something of an accomplishment in itself!

    And of course, making jokes about him follows the old comedian’s rule of always punching up, never down. By comparison, most of the jokes proposed about Obama either amounted to “ooh, a [black guy] thinks he’s president, I’ll show him!”… or they weren’t actually about him, as with the many jokes to the effect of “Obama tries to be nice, Republicans respond with acid-filled poison-spiked exploding cannonballs”.

  65. You mention being busy and I understand, but why don’t you start drawing another strip under a pseudonym targeted at rich people? Subversively hedge your bets. It can be wildly financially lucrative and, judging by the stuff they like, skill and time-consuming subtlty won’t be required. Maybe something crudely drawn featuring a fat cat who likes spaghetti and $2k bottles of wine. I see you already know how to draw top hats. Then you can really go all guns blazing with your considerable talent on your real strip. I love your work and your outlook and wish I had better ideas for how to turn that into an honest living. If you figure it out, let me know!

  66. Hi Dan,
    A good cartoonist does material (in my humble opinion) that reflects what is on the minds (or should be) of the average reader. Seems to me, although most of your detractors on this page seem to be civil, many just want to whine and more dangerously, are *clueless* about why this administration is so dangerous, both in word and in deed. Follow your heart (and your fingers ) and do it to it!
    A fan forever,

  67. in my opinion, you’re doing just fine, as is. i’m sorry to hear you’re losing money because of your stance but we all have to do what we can, however we can. i will support you how and when possible.
    thanks for your sunshine on a very cloudy day.

  68. Not sure of the relative level of readership between Gene Weingarten and yourself, but here is an article he wrote several years ago about the then President Bush:

    It was a little harsh but I found it pretty funny nonetheless, and I loved the fact that he was unafraid to voice his opinion so strongly without fear of retribution. My vote is for you to continue to do the same!

    • That was pretty hilarious. I’m surprised WaPo published it, even online. I don’t read the WaPo cover to cover but I can’t recall humor pieces being that viciously partisan in the past few years. Still quite funny, though.

  69. Your correspondent who suggested that your cartoons made Trump look foolish in the eyes of the rest of the world really needs to visit some of us who live in NotAmerica. Or just visit our online news outlets. Trump doesn’t need your help – or anyone else’s – to make him look foolish. He manages that all on his own. As for your contribution to political dialogue, please keep it up. Because if you didn’t help us laugh at him with your satire, his antics would surely bring us down.

  70. I believe an artist is allowed to use their art as a soap box whenever they want. You are hilarious, especially in your blog, which is where the intelligent details of your position can be found. The cartoons are only slightly political. I bought your music EP and enjoyed it. I will continue to support you, especially given that you’re willing to lose newspapers. No one has the right to tell you what your art should contain.

    • I won’t stop until they pry the pencil from my cold, stiff, fingers. Or until he’s out of power and no longer a threat to the planet.

  71. What’s funny about Mr. Potato Head going to the Urologist? (I’ll hold.)

    And what’s the funny shaped case in his hand..?
    Puzzled in Indy

    • All of Mr. Potato Head’s extremities are removable. He’s bringing the one he needs for the urology appointment.

      • Oh! LOL! That is funny… how embarrassing for me to be so dim witted. Some jokes are funny even if you have to have them explained!. Thanks.

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