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I’ve heard from a couple of people who didn’t immediately understand the cartoon above but when they did, they laughed. I love cartoons like that. I was proud of this one when I thought of it because it is fairly surreal, yet also a completely simple twist on a popular saying. In my experience of writing a joke a day for over 30 years*, I find that surprise is the most dependable way to get a laugh. I always love finding a surprising angle on a cliche expression, and this one achieves that very well in my opinion. PLUS, it has eleven Secret Symbols, including the newly-added “O2,” which you can find out about under that blue link you just sailed past.

As of today, May 1, 2017, I’ve published 11,788 cartoons since Bizarro began.

I’ve written more than my share of cartoons about cloning in my day. I’m skeptical that cloning humans will ever be a thing, but I can’t help but wonder about it. Under these blue words is one of my faves from 1997. The colors are hideous because I had to color the old-fashioned way back then, which was complex and inaccurate. Only a few months later I began using a computer to color them and everything changed for the better.

I don’t have much to say about this one other than that at Bunny’s Diner, they do things just like Mom used to.

I arrived at this cartoon by asking myself, “What would be even worse than having a small person growing out of your shoulder?” My answer is illustrated above, I welcome your ideas in the comments section.

I have been a performing musician from time to time and I have great respect and affection for musicians in general. I cannot, however, stand cafes and restaurants with live music. They are virtually always too loud to ignore and they diminish my ability to converse with my companion(s), which is one of the two reasons I go to cafes and restaurants. If I want to hear live music, I go to a live music venue. I also can’t help but feel sorry for them because people rarely pay any attention to a musician in this kind of setup. For all that most people get out of it, they might as well be dressed in a tutu and be dancing Swan Lake in the corner of the cafe. Am I being a jerk about this? Probably.

When I wrote this cartoon about border collies I figured someone else had probably already come up with a cartoon about this pun so I googled it. Googling gag ideas has become fairly standard practice for me with certain kinds of phrases or puns that I suspect someone else might have arrived at before me, and when I see that it has been done, I always kill the idea and move on. In this case, yes, it has been done a couple of times before but it was done differently and I thought mine was funnier, so I did it anyway.

The basic idea for this cartoon came from an unsolicited Facebook message from someone calling himself Kenneth McCoy. I get lots of gag suggestions from readers but I only use a very tiny percentage of them. This one seemed like one I would have thought of, so I went for it. If any of you know Kenneth, tell him I mentioned him in this blog post today.

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54 thoughts on “Room Service

  1. We’ve tried and tried but neither of us can figure out what today’s cartoon means. If today was April first rather than May first I’d think that I had just been April Fooled, but it isn’t and I’m stumped. Please unscrew the inscrutable for two Bizarro-ites. Thank you.

    • If you’re talking about the “Get a room” cartoon, that’s an expression used when a couple is getting too intimate in public and either embarrassing or disgusting people around them. It’s a sarcastic way to tell people who are passionately kissing on a park bench or restaurant booth to find somewhere more private to carry on. In this case, the need for a room is for a different reason. :^}

    • Just occurred to me that you’re talking about the protest cartoon. Pepsi recently got into a huge shit storm on social media because they had an expensive, long, internet video commercial that showed a lot of hot, young, cool millennials in a protest march against police brutality and then one of the lesser-known Kardashian girls leaves a high-dollar modeling shoot and joins the protest and ends up giving a Pepsi to a cop in riot gear on the police line. He smiles, everyone applauds, and apparently the problem of police killing unarmed black people is solved with a soft drink. It was in incredibly poor taste and Pepsi withdrew it instantly.

      • Curiously I just wrote about cops killing unarmed black people on another site. I don’t think it’s stopped.

  2. I burst out laughing when I saw Bunny Diner. The number 11,788 makes me want to hide under the covers

  3. So, 11,788 cartoons in just over 30 years. There aren’t words sufficient enough…WOW! Simply, purely, straight from the heart (and my love of laughter): WOW.
    And, thank YOU.

  4. I don’t get the “Get a Room” but I’m old. I love your stuff!! Border Collies had me ROFLOL. Thanks for helping keep us amused.

    • “Get a room” is an expression used when a couple is getting too intimate in public and either embarrassing or disgusting the people around them. It’s a sarcastic way to tell people who are passionately kissing on a park bench or restaurant booth to find somewhere more private to carry on. In this case, the need for a room is for a different reason. :^}

  5. Actually I liked the vibrant colours in your 1997 cloning cartoon but hey that’s just me. As for the growth on the shoulder, the accordion was a great but its (his?) bowl hair cut even better.

  6. I clicked on the blue letters, and got the older comic panel. I liked the color. It reminded me of the the days in the distant past when I would sit & read Archie comics I got at the dimestore. (Yes I am old.)

    • That’s an expression used when a couple is getting too intimate in public and either embarrassing or disgusting people around them. It’s a sarcastic way to tell people who are passionately kissing on a park bench or restaurant booth to find somewhere more private to carry on. In this case, the need for a room is for a different reason. :^}

      • Funny thing. When I first saw it in the paper, I got the “get a room” joke in just a few seconds. I just now saw it again on the website and for the life of me couldn’t figure it out … and yet I remembered seeing it before and getting it. After about 2 minutes I got it again. Good exercise for the brain, I guess.

    • Cool! That’s a fairly common word in latin cultures, apparently, and shows up every now and then. Unfortunately, it is also a common word used to describe very strange sexual practices, so my site gets confused for porn sites quite often. :^}

  7. That tiny accordianist reminds me of a very old joke in a similar vein.

    I guy walks into a bar with a big bullfrog on his shoulder. The bartender asks “Where the heck did you get that?” to which the frog replied “Would you believe it started as a wart on my butt?”

    • I assume your “old joke in a similar vein” must have been the jugular? (Based on its position near the fella’s neck…)

  8. “Bluto Hickey” is an excellent name for a rock band.

    “Get a room” was a good one, and, as always, the city around the gag was worth several looks and embiggenations.

  9. Somewhat baffled by the 1997 cloning cartoon. While the doctor looks poor and disheveled the diner seems to be full of his successes. Also appreciate the guy with the Xerox cap, Xerox being an early success in cloning the written word,

    • You may also notice that every person in that cartoon looks exactly alike. It was meant to insinuate that the doctor’s cloning efforts had been too successful, gotten out of hand, and that every person in the world was now a clone of him, unbeknownst to them, apparently.

  10. “I find that surprise is the most dependable way to get a laugh.” This reminds me of an episode of the old Dick Van Dyke show where Rob had to try and explain his job as a comedy writer to class of first graders. I haven’t seen this episode in decades but I remember what I think is the best explanation I’ve ever heard about humor, which is that’s the surprise you experience in a sudden shift in perspective that makes you laugh. The “get a room” gag is an excellent example of this.

    • Now that you mention it, I remember that episode. That’s one of my favorite shows of all time. Such a classic.

  11. What would be worse than having a small person grow out of your shoulder?? Why, having a small-minded person as SCROTUS*, of course!

    *So-Called Ruler of the United States

    • Hmmmm, The SCROTUS might appear somewhere other than the shoulder……. Mea Culpa, I could not resist!

  12. A guy waks into a doctor’s office with a duck sticking out of his forehead.
    The doctor asks, “How did this happen?”
    The duck says, “Well it started with a pimple on my ass.”

  13. Liked the Flying Mustaches link. My brother used to call them “M birds” whenever he saw them in a painting.

    Loved the Sunday comic! I also thought about whether it would work with mimes instead of a regular couple.

  14. Congratulations on 30 years and 11,788 ways of making us laugh, wonder, and snort milk out of our noses. (Or is that just me?) Thanks!

  15. “What would be even worse than having a small person growing out of your shoulder?”

    Having your mother’s head growing out of your shoulder? At least, that would be worse than turning into your mother.

  16. You could have a tiny orange Trump growing out of your neck and that caption would be “It started out a an irritating little wart” but that would be too easy.

  17. I usually feel the same way about live music in restaurants and cafes. I think it has to be somewhat depressing to play a set or two and realize that nobody is listening. Sometimes the music is perfect and it enhances the dining experience, but too often not.

    I think I see six symbolism the “cloning chamber” cartoon. Or does the lost loafer not count because it’s been rotated 90˚?

  18. Skywriting plane-on-fire: enjoyed the joke but as a retired pilot couldn’t help but think “the idiot should be finding a place to land!!” Fire in the airplane is a supreme goad to get it on the ground RIGHT NOW!!

  19. I got the “get a room” instantly, but I have no clue about the “border collie” one. English is not my native language, so I guess there is some medical expression I do not know…

    • There is a well-known organization called “Doctors Without Borders” who ask doctors to travel to developing countries and perform surgeries and such on people who have no access to health care. This is just a pun on the name of that org.

    • I actually like accordions and bagpipes in the right circumstances but bagpipes was my other first choice, too.

  20. “Get a room” is one of those rare cartoons that I had to work to get – very satisfying in the end.

    And I had to Google “doctors without border collies” and your execution IS the best, in my opinion.

  21. For some strange reason, I find the incredible shrinking plant really, really funny. As in, I never look at this blog until I get the weekly announcement – but I just did.

  22. My initial thought with the “get a room” cartoon was that the couple were mimes (prop using mimes?) who just happened to be miming the same thing, causing the pigeon feeder to suggest they get together as a couple. Which was rather surreal even for you Dan. Then my brain actually kicked in and I got the intended joke, which was much better than my highly deranged version.

    On the subject of unsolicited and mostly useless gags, how about someone confusing a Comic-Con with a Commie-Con? Or even sillier, a Railway Station with a Whale Weigh Station?

    Thanks for 30 years of laughs Dan :)

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