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Bizarro is brought to you today by America’s Next President If I Have My Way.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Bigfoot lately, although I’ve no idea why. In the cartoon above, we see that Sasquatch belongs to a family in which each member has one oversized thing. (Get your mind out of the gutter.)

Not long ago, I published a cartoon about Bigfoot and his relationship to Trump. You can see it here. The cartoon inspired me to create a Bigfoot campaign poster and put it on a T-shirt. I’m offering it in several styles and colors, so be sure to poke around a bit and find one you like. I think this design is super fun and a subtle way to tell people where you stand politically. (Way out in the wilderness where it’s safe. Relatively)  As always, your purchase helps keep the lanterns full of oil here at Rancho Bizarro so we can keep poking the Orange Menace with our cartoon swords late into the night. Please also consider forwarding the link to folks whom you think might like the shirt! See the wonderful, aformentioned product here.

Some other funny shirts are in my store, too, so fish around a bit. So far, I have two pages of stuff. Here is my store’s homepage with the rest of the products.

Contrary to what many people think, dogs are not the only pets that do tricks. Cats are very good at disappearing and alligators are excellent at making others disappear.

I’ve never participated in group therapy per se but I’ve participated in a number of support groups, which are very similar except they aren’t normally led by a licensed therapist. I’m a big believer in this kind of thing because when you’re struggling in your personal life, it is so easy to fall into the trap of over examining every miserable aspect of your existence and losing touch with how your life stacks up against others in your community. You may rightly be upset that your husband of 30 years left you for a 22-year-old stripper, but then someone else at your support group tells the story of how they lost their husband and two children to an escaped pet alligator. Suddenly your problems seem a little more manageable.

The benefits of support groups are deeper and more subtle than that, of course, but you get the idea.

Whenever I see people dressed in mascot costumes––whether they’re advertising some commercial establishment on the street or trying to entertain kids or whatever––I always wonder about the person inside. Perhaps it is a teenager and this is an acceptable, temporary job for them, but maybe it’s a formerly successful, middle-aged guy who lost his family to an escaped alligator, became an alcoholic, and can’t hold down a better job. That makes me sad.

It also reminds me of this cartoon from the turn of the century.

A few of my readers have criticized me for doing cartoons about politics in the past year. Some don’t like them because they are pro-Trump, others are just sick to death of politics being in their face 24/7. So here’s a shout-out to show that I sympathize. And I truly, deeply do sympathize in a meaningful way. If I lived in the U.S. right now, I’d be pulling my hair out. On our recent visit there, the Cheeto Mussolini and people analyzing his latest embarrassing tantrum or scandal were everywhere, constantly; bars, restaurants, airport waiting areas, etc. Here in Mexico, I can limit myself to reading a few headlines and stories online and I don’t watch any TV news or video whatsoever. In doing so, I’m able to go many months without ever seeing his face or hearing his voice. It’s a life saver.

This cartoon came from a comment I made while writing a blog post a while back and I figured it might make a good cartoon. Also worth noting is the poster on the wall that says, “The Electoral College and the End of the World” which shows these three steps: 1) Russia meddling in America’s election just enough to get Trump elected via the Electoral College, 2) the American fascist authoritarian facing off against the North Korean fascist authoritarian, 3) a nuclear mushroom cloud. The book on the kid’s desk says, “What is This? The History of Books”.

This cartoon actually happened to me. One day I was at my drawing table and chased with a flyswatter what I thought was an elusive mosquito. I wasted a couple of minutes looking like an idiot before I realized it was a floater in my eye. I was worried this gag might be too soft, not funny enough to relate to, maybe even too vague but it turned out to get lots of comments on social media from others who’ve done the exact same thing. Funny how that kind of stuff works out.

Thanks for reading this week’s roundup, Jazz Pickles, and not just skimming the cartoons in 9 seconds and moving on to Alex Jones’ website to see what institutional insanity looks like.  If you enjoy what I’m doing, please recommend my work to your friends and consider some of the options I’ve listed above and below that help me make ends meet as increasingly more folks read my work for free on the Interwebs.

Till next time, be smart, be happy, be nice.


38 thoughts on “Big Something

    • My girlfriend and I use the phrase “Thick as a brick” all the time. It’s our favorite disparagement for both ourselves and others, and of course it is the name of what is perhaps the greatest concept album of all time. It’s nice to hear someone else using this particular turn of phrase.

  1. The eye floater one got to me. I got some annoying, right in the middle of my vision ones a few years ago, it made my job (staring at a computer screen correcting photographs) unbearable. Thankfully, over time you end up ignoring them, but still… grrrrr!

  2. I have been a fan for some time and so I am a little sad to say it wasn’t until last week that I noticed the hidden symbol number on the signature…

    I always liked finding the symbols but assumed there was no way to know if I had found them all. What a wonderful treat. I already looked forward to these comics and now even more so. I have started going through the back catalog even… the gift that keeps on giving. =-)

      • Speaking of which, the cartoon of the guy wanting to buy the chicken mascot at the fast food for his crew. You say 3 symbols at your signature but I count 4: K2 and O2 on the till where the guy is punching in the order, an eye ball on the hat and one upper left corner. Am I mistaken??

        • Yeah, you’re totally right. My inability to count correctly is the primary reason I chose a career in cartooning over one in rocket science. :^}

  3. Yeah, eye floaters. I’ve gotten to the point in my life (old) where I wake up to them on my pillow case — look like spiders. Jolts me. It’s like a bad joke I keep falling for over and over again.

  4. I posted a Facebook comment on 09/06/17 about trying to catch a gnat but was hindered by eye floaters, then ten days later the cartoon about same thought! Bizarre minds think alike?

  5. Oh god, the eye floaters! I’ve had them since I was a small child (i’m soon 69). I remember sitting in school and making them hop across the top of the blackboard by flicking my eyes up and down. Teachers must’ve thought I was having seizures! 😜 I still like to make them do things… makes ’em a little less of a pain. 😊

  6. This IMHO is the best slew of Bizarro I’ve ever seen. Is Mexican humidity conducive to dry humour?
    You didn’t mention the weird Bigfoot nephew with the golden hair though who is a social outcast. But gratefully he got a mention in the electoral college poster in the classroom.

  7. Dan,
    For future reference, here’s a list of lesser-known cryptids:
    — Bigspleen
    — Bigpatella
    — Bigscapula
    — Loch Ness Thyroid
    — Chalupacabra
    — Jackoffalope
    — KrakenFarten
    Happy to help.
    Your friend, Lou

  8. “Some don’t like them because they are pro-Trump” HA HA HA! Love how you sneaked that in there. Can’t see why “political” (or any) subject matter should be off limits. Lame-os.

  9. I’ve always wondered about the cognitive dissonance involved in seeing giant chicken mascots in front of fried chicken restaurants, cartoon cows in front of steakhouses, and my favorite, a dancing pig in front of a barbeque joint. I guess because I was raised on a ranch and saw many a cute animal turned into Sunday dinner, I now find it very hard to get past the realization that the delicious hamburger on my plate was once a brown-eyed mooing steer. (And yes, I’m now a vegetarian. Which my cattle-raising family cannot understand.)

  10. This is about the Bigfoot cartoon.
    Piraro is playing psychologist here — more than usual.
    First — enjoy the cartoon
    And if you can — think about you own mental processes …
    Thots —
    1] What a nice leap of funniness! I think it’s some kind of pun.
    2] To wit — Bigfoot is a single & unique individual, not an entire species!
    3] Here, the multifarious species exists, but now we will have to call it something else.
    4] Like — What?
    5] The “Bipedal Non-Human Primate”?
    6] After a bit, you count the icons.
    7] The last 1 that I found was the dynamite.
    8] About then, you go around the individuals again {clockwise for me} noting again —
    a] Bigarm, &
    b] Bigeye, &
    c] Biglip, &
    d] Bigbutt, & finally
    e] Bigear.
    Then, some search engine in your mind goes …
    whirr… whirr… whirr …
    The engine asks a little question, becuz something is, maybe, missing?
    Is it …
    1] Bigbosom?
    2] Bigmouth?
    3] Big ???
    What is the facial feature that is most often exaggerated in cartoons?
    But is missing above?
    Think “Baby Blues” & Darryl’s huge proboscis …
    How come there is no Bignose in the Bigfoot cartoon?
    That was my mental process.
    So — I looked again & I found the Bignose!
    Did Piraro plan that?
    Was he thinking —
    a] All facial features get exaggerated in the comics …
    b] the eyes maybe most of all …
    c] but next-most is the nose.
    d] What if I skip the nose in all 6 of the adult figures?
    e] How bout if I sneak in a Bignose as a little baby?
    f] Will anyone notice?

  11. The big-butt woman was an extra in Queen’s Big Bottom Girls music video on MTV back in the day. Sad to see how she’s let herself go these days. She used to shave her legs more.

    At least Rick has been teaching the dog to do tricks, instead of turning them. Or, are they the same thing?

  12. I thought I had an eye floater once after my cataract surgery, but it turned out to be an ant crawling across my reading glasses.

  13. OH, just wanted to say that when I see the weekly email has arrived, my heart leaps and I say, “Oh, boy!” Your toons and commentary are one of the bright spots of my life. If that sounds a little pathetic, consider that I am a 69-year-old widow with a twisted sense of humor, and I’ve been enjoying your work since I was much younger and still had a husband and the same sense of humor. In these hard times it is good to feel like there’s an ally in the inbox once a week, making us laugh and feel unalone in the face of the present madness. Thank you.

    • Thanks so much for your lovely note, Mary! I’m very happy to hear I’ve been entertaining you for so long and truly appreciate your taking the time to tell me. :^}

  14. Speaking of the eyeball symbol on a hat (oh, no one was? well, refer to last week’s mascot cartoon), that would be an outSTANDing item for your store! (With AND your iconic signature on the back above the band, of course.)

    Better yet, do a hat for EACH of the symbols. I can hear the pitch: “Pick your favorite!!! Collect all 13*!!!!!”

    I’d get at LEAST the eyeball, pie, dynamite, bunny, inverted bird and space-dude for starters… then prolly the fishtail and the fletching-end of the arrow… finally the loafer and crown. Not sure about the K2 and O2, but I’d do a hat with them if they were both on one hat. *I doubt you’d get the rights to Oyl’s mug, so we’ll just skip that legal fiasco. Or — with her permission of course — you could do a flattering caricature of your OWN Oyl and put the fictional character’s iconic hairdo on her (to make the connection).

    Something to put on your thinking cap and consider!!

    “Buy” the way… my bro-in-law’s name is Carl and I just purchased the Bad Tavern tee for him. Love it!! More purchases in my future, I lkow it!

    • I have a lot of books but they are all out of print. You can still find them on the Interwebs but I don’t make a penny from them because they’re overstock or used or whatever. Cartoon books like mine don’t sell particularly well so the chances of my publishing another compilation of my work are very small.

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