Classical Omission


In yesterday’s post of the previous week’s cartoons, the above comic was accidentally omitted. I did everything the same way I always do and grabbed my entire week’s worth of cartoons en masse for uploading, yet this one somehow didn’t make it to the other side. I didn’t notice it was missing until one of my cherished Jazz Pickles asked about it in a comment today. Thanks, E. A. J.!

I’m not one to jump to conclusions without evidence, but I strongly suspect the Russians are behind this. I can’t think of a political reason for them to alter my blog post but perhaps Putin just really loves accordions and has ordered his throng of hackers to thwart any unflattering mention of them. I mean, he loves Trump and he’s far more annoying than an accordion, so it isn’t beyond reason.

Regardless, I will say of this cartoon the same thing I said on my various social media sites last week: Accordions are like voting booths––in the wrong hands they can be lethal.

I don’t just always hate accordions. I’ve enjoyed them in certain hands; a band called The Tiger Lillies does it well, as do some of those French guys that play that sort of moody music that makes you want to smoke Gauloises and drink cognac. But in general, they have a sound that can grate on one’s nerves, especially when playing music that veers toward polka. Here in Mexico, I hear it almost daily in the form called “Tejano” or “Norteño” music, which is a direct descendant of polka music played by German immigrants of long ago. I like it in small doses but small is not the size of dose one gets in my neighborhood.

People often ask me if Mexico has directly influenced my cartoons since I moved here almost a year ago and this would be one prime example.


38 thoughts on “Classical Omission

  1. Mr Beethoven was quite deaf from early on; an affliction that probably had some compensations – at least when some dude pitched wacky ideas at him.

  2. Regarding the complaints about your inclusion of political commentary in your cartoons (never from me; I applaud them): you are not unique and you never were—at least in that way. Pearls Before Swine (a droll strip and what Dorothy Parker says you should reply when someone steps aside saying “Age before beauty”) has joined the fray of late. But long before either of you Walt Kelly was often injecting political commentary along with barely disguised charicatures of the likes of Joseph McCarthy, JFK, Spiro T. Agnew and others who deserved a bit of fun poked at them. You are in good company.

    • Thanks, Michael. Pogo is one of the best ever, for sure. I have a couple of original strips of his framed on my studio wall.

    • My god, I’d forgotten about Pogo! My mom had some of Walt Kelly’s books and I loved to pour over them when I was younger (think 1970s). I wonder if you can still find them out there in the wild…

      • I work at a used-book store, and we recently got a couple of what look like the original collections. So to at least some degree they’re still around. (There are more recent reprintings/republishings too.)

  3. Apparently, the utilization of accordions in contemporary Mexican music stems from the large number of German émigrés there! BTW, using the Google query, “Beethoven on the Accordion” yields an interesting YouTube video: Beethoven Piano Sonata op. 27 no. 2 Moonlight full Tadeusz Kotuk accordion (dot) wmv – You might be pleasantly surprised upon listening. :-)

  4. How about that rock band based in San Francisco, “Those Darn Accordians”? Suggests a cartoon marching group, ‘That Annoying Band’ with alternating rows of accordians and bagpipes….

  5. Building on my silly Bat Utilities belt joke, I wonder if anyone has had Siri turned on in their car as they’re driving along the freeway and it said “Austin, TX, you are now passing Austin Gas.”

  6. DP, some thoughts:
    1. I have yet to hear of any comic strip that is pro-trump ??? Maybe that means that all cartoonists are overly intelligent ???
    2. “Accordions are like voting booths––in the wrong hands they can be lethal.” Voting booths are inanimate, and NEVER, NEVER, EVER in the wrong hands, but they are in the hands of the people that show up.
    3. And, i cringe to admit i remember when Pogo was in the comics regularly….

  7. I’m glad you like accordions in some hands, for so do I.
    But accordions are not like voting booths in all ways. For example, what stops a bad guy with a voting booth is a good guy with a voting booth. Whereas a bad musician with an accordion can be stopped with a good pair of earplugs.

  8. Went to yoga yesterday and the instructor decided he’d play his harmonium while we were relaxing… I don’t know if you’ve ever had the opportunity to listen to one of these but it sounds like someone paired a bagpipe with an accordion! Not exactly relaxing! Although maybe that was his point; if you can relax through this you have reached nirvana…

    • Just hopped over to YouTube to see what a harmonium sounds like and now I want to die. Sounds like something you’d hear at a budget funeral on a sit-com.

  9. Maybe Putin just likes to play the accordion. It would explain the lack of hair on his chest. Worlds’ most painful depilatory.

  10. The “some dude” character sort of reminds me of actor Martin Short who was in the movie “Three Amigos.” I think “some dude’ should’ve resembled a musician from your own neighborhood.

  11. I really liked the “difficult chair” the other day. Today I’m wondering what im missin with the shoe store joke? Is the joke just that he went and stole the shoes” surely I’m missing something? Thabks Dan love your work

    • Thanks, Johannes. Glad you liked the chair gag.

      Regarding the shoe gag: Yes, he just stole a bunch of shoes. It’s a simple riff on the old saying, “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.”

  12. I really enjoyed trying to finding the K2 & O2 as well as all the other things that you used to hide in your strip (firecracker, birds, etc). They seem to be missing lately. Please put them back.

    • Thanks for the note, Glynn, glad you’re enjoying that. I’m still doing it with about as much frequency as ever so I’m not sure what you’re referring too. In case you didn’t know, there’s a small number above my signature that tells you how many are in each image. My super simple cartoons that don’t feature a background rarely have symbols but the rest pretty much always do.

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