A Mile In My Shoes


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Remember when you were young and in a band and going to loud concerts and you ignored the advice of adults who warned you about protecting your hearing?  Well, as clueless and uncool as those decrepit geezers seemed, either they were correct or they cruelly cast a voodoo spell on you as punishment for ignoring their advice, and you can now only hear about 85% of the syllables people aim at you. Or at least, that’s what happened to me. It is for this reason that I stay away from skydiving and other activities during which a misunderstanding could result in my death.

Before I move on to discuss my partner, Wayno’s cartoons for the week, I’d like to tell you I finally have my new shop open! This one is SO much easier to navigate than the one I had up until this week and I also introduced some super spiffy new items like the stuff I’m showing you below. For one thing, enamel pins that no Jazz Pickle should be without. Below are the first four we are offering and there will be more designs later (unless nobody buys these.) Go to the new shop now. (But come right back and finish reading this post!)

And here’s a shot of the Bizarro Bunny pin on a jean jacket so you can see how big it is. (This is a normal-sized jean jacket, not some tiny jean jacket for a Barbie doll nor some giant, Claus Oldenburg sculpture of a jean jacket.)

Another new product is the infamous cat puke poster from the background of one of my Bizarro cartoons. Comes in two sizes and both are equally fun to have in your home or box under the overpass. Click on it to see all the funny things. Go to the cat puke poster page now.  (But come right back and finish reading this post!)

Now, back to cartoons.

I can endure a lot of things from someone I’m living with but not Crocs. You have to draw the line somewhere, people.

For you accordion players, in Wayno’s blog this week, he links to a very funny older cartoon of his in which he also trashes your beloved instrument, and also to a very groovy YouTube video of his band, which does not include an accordion. That’s him on harmonica and vocals, ladies and gentlemen! Give the vid a “like”! (There’s a link to Wayno’s blog at end of this post.)

I got a more than a few emails and comments from people who said they’d researched it and could not find anything notable about Spring Break in Tampa in 1997. Come on, folks. This isn’t about a specific event or place, it’s just two guys discussing a random Spring Break that they remember being even better than heaven.

And I got a couple of comments and emails asking what this cartoon means, too. It’s just a surreal look at the typical info sign at a shopping mall or amusement park, but in this guy’s case, he’s viewing himself on the sign while a larger version of himself is viewing him viewing the sign, and probably an even larger version of himself is viewing himself viewing himself viewing himself on the sign. Is that so difficult to understand? This feature is called Bizarro, after all, so I would think a little surrealism would be acceptable.

You all know what they say about judges with giant gavel fetishes.

Having lived in Mexico for over a year now, I consider myself something of an amateur expert on Chihuahuas and in my opinion, they yap too much. I love the look of them, however, (reminiscent of some kind of sci-fi, comic book rat with a super large brain and X-ray vision) and would happily have one in my home if it could be quiet.

Jack-o-lantern scientists are still in the early stages of experimentation with I.Q. manipulation, but preliminary results are very encouraging. Of course, it would help if they could study one longer than a week without it shriveling.

That’s the rabbit hole for this week, Jazz Pickles, thanks for following me down it. Please do not fail to drop by my new shop and let me know what you think. I’ll be adding products soon so if you have an idea of what you’d like to see, let us know that, too. By the way, “us” refers to Olive Oyl (O2), my adult daughters, Krapuzar and Krelspeth (K2) who help us with technology and online stuff, and me. That’s the whole operation here at Rancho Bizarro and we all really appreciate your support!

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26 thoughts on “A Mile In My Shoes

  1. “You are here.” BRILLIANT. I’d call that the Mucho Gracias Motivator or M.G.M. Definitely, crossing the border has moved you into a totally new existential plane where – good / bad news / as your loyal followers – we’re all going to have to work harder.

  2. My years doing sound for music concerts back in the 60s definitely affected my hearing, but I am still able to hear my cat, so there’s that.

  3. Do consider hearing aids. My husband has been hard of hearinf since a childhood fever knocked out part of his hearing range. Of course, the frequencies that he can’t hear are the same as speech, which is extremely annoying for him and others. He can hear high frequencies and low frequencies. That is probably why he took up playing bass guitar. He has played in loud bands since he was a teen, he is now 56, but that is not the cause of his hearing loss. He says he joined loud bands because he could hear the music.

    Anyhow, he finally got a pair of hearing aids from Costco about ten years and they were so-so. He got another pair from somewhere else two years ago and the technology is much improved! He is hearing sounds he has never heard before, even when he is not wearing them. His brain is being retrained. He does take them out after a few hours of wear as he says the ambient noise of the world is a bit too much after a while.

    So, look into it, even if it is just to help your wife so she doesn’t have to yell at you to be heard. Yelling doesn’t help anyway, clear enunciation is what is needed. Even I need to remember this.

    • Thanks for the advice, Evelyn. I looked into them about a year ago and the audiologist told me I was right on the cusp and wouldn’t experience much benefit from them. Considering how expensive they are, she recommended I wait until it gets a bit worse before investing. I’ve got that condition where I can hear sounds, I just can’t distinguish them and in a noisy environment, it’s all mush. Apparently, hearing aids don’t help that condition as much as some others.

  4. I must confess, I don’t even know what exactly a Spring Break is, let alone why a Tampa Spring Break would be uniquely enjoyable. But this is not criticism: part of the fun of the web is now and then running into stuff that I don’t get because of some cultural difference. A humorist will inevitably comment on features of his own culture. One can’t be funny about stuff one doesn’t fully understand or has never been immersed in.

    Same goes for the surreal elements, which I have always enjoyed. Years ago you had a cartoon about Garfield messing up Jon. I can’t remember the exact details anymore, or the punchline, or even whether it had one. It was just surreal. I think what made it funny was perhaps just the way you drew it, but I spent the next half hour or so trying to retain control of my bladder. That was more than ten years ago now and I still remember it.

    You have a most annoying way of brightening up people’s day. Whatever happened to traditional Protestant values like dour lack of humor and so on?

  5. Concering the guy viewing himself, we call that recursion and it is perfectly normal in our business. And yes, I definitely find it funny in a context like this!

    • Sorry for the inconvenience. We noticed a typo on the poster so we took it off the market until we can replace the art. Probably will be available again in a few hours! Thanks for your patience.

  6. The new online store was a breeze. Nice work. Can’t wait to put my new jazz pickle pin on my jacket lapel, for our next bossa nova gig.

  7. I like the judge cartoon. They need the gavel at our senior center when we play bingo. The caller tries to keep the players quiet while they check the cards. It doesn’t help much!😩🙁

  8. Wow! Demand for cat puke is intense!

    I just ordered the tetrapin package and a tote — FYI, when you add something to your cart and then click to shop more, it takes you to the old site. I assume you don’t want that to happen.

    • Thanks for your purchases, David. And for the news about the glitch in the site. I’ll get somebody on that right away!

  9. While I find your cartoons funny, this unfunded discrimination against Crocs need to stop. Have you tried them? They are so comfortable! And convenient. OK, so no, I wouldn’t use them to go to the store, or anywhere else, but for those quick errands outside, or stepping out for a smoke, they’re genius.

    As for the accordion, there’s just no excuse for that. None. In Norway, we have a saying: “A gentleman is someone who can play the accordion, but doesn’t.”

  10. He was the best accordion player in history,” I responded, remembering the many times my father told me the story as a kid. The vallenato musician was returning home from the city of Riohacha on the La Guajira coast when the devil appeared and challenged him to an accordion duel, which Francisco won. It was just one of many regional tall tales starring accordion players.

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