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It’s a fun day for Bizarro Jazz Pickles. Not only are there TEN Secret Symbols to find in today’s comic (click it to embiggenate it and begin your search!) but I’ve created a fun, new T-shirt design that I think those of you with a touch of social courage and a certain opinion of overly-used, overly-cute images will enjoy tremendously.

If it sells okay as a T-shirt, we’re going to make a lapel pin out of it.  (Here are the enamel pins I’m currently offering as of the date of this post. Go to the shop’s homepage to find them for sale individually.) Lots of folks have been asking for specific images of mine on enamel pins (most frequently the pie, the eyeball, and the green alien but one guy wanted a pin of his own gallbladder) and here’s the deal about that: With shirts and totes and mugs, I can use a print-on-demand service that doesn’t cost me anything in inventory because nothing gets made before it is ordered, and the company handles the shipping. With pins, I have to shell out the bucks to manufacture them and then mail each order myself or hire someone to mail them out. (My daughters, the K2, are handling that part for now.) So it’s a big risk and one that I can’t afford to take without some assurance they will sell. The bottom line is if the first four sell okay, we’ll add the pie, the eyeball, and the green alien in the next group. (We will likely never add that one guy’s gallbladder.) Stay tuned and share the link with your friends who might be interested in pins!

Now let’s see what Wayno was up to in the Kartoon Kingdom last week…

I like restaurants that treat adults like babies. I like them so much, in fact, that I won’t go to a restaurant that does not offer a plastic bib emblazoned with a picture of the exact thing I intend to order. If they don’t have them, I bring my own. I start out with a bib with a glass of water on it and move on from there.

Historical Alternative Fact: Vikings didn’t always just attack a village––burning, raping, and pillaging. Sometimes they’d read a Viking saga aloud through a bullhorn until the whole town fell asleep, and then quietly burn, rape, pillage and sneak off without waking anyone. ( I can relate because I once fell asleep in the first two minutes of America’s Got Talent and woke up feeling pillaged.)

This is very likely why Shakespeare’s Richard XXV closed after only one night. That, and the fact that characters playing close friends and family called him “King Dick” and the audience kept giggling.

Predictably, I got a complaint about this one from an organization of men who wear pinstriped suits and resent being associated with mobsters. I also got an avalanche of angry mail from Republican politicians who don’t like the word “bullets” being used for non-violent purposes.

On a related side note, I have so much to say about gun violence in the U.S. that I don’t feel I can even begin without this blog becoming a forty-page screed. Instead, I’ll just include this headline from the satirical newspaper The Onion, which I think says an enormous amount: “‘No Way To Prevent This’ Says Only Country Where This Regularly Happens.”

I successfully got rid of my head lice, it was the tiny furniture that was a pain to get untangled from my hair.

By the way, did you know that we have lice to thank for the words “lousy” and “nitpicking”? (This has been the educational portion of my post. We return now to juvenile chuckles and civil-war-inciting political commentary.)

Can’t help but wonder if he checked his gag reflex by shoving that rubber hammer thing down his throat. I check my gag reflex by turning on Fox and Friends or simply allowing it to cross my mind that Americans have turned their country over to an unprecedented gang of greedy, corrupt, lying cowards.

Thanks for coming along this far, Jazz Pickles! We adore your company.  Don’t miss Wayno’s (much more brief) blog this week. He adds some fun comments about the week’s cartoons as well as a bonus section at the end about music and design and some books he’s reading lately. We at Bizarro Enterprises (Rancho Bizarro in Mexico and Bizarro Studios North in Pittsburgh) always go the extra mile to seem to appear to be well educated in the liberal arts.) And please don’t miss my new shop as well as the other links below. It takes a village to keep a couple of cartoonists in business!

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35 thoughts on “All Natural

  1. LOVE these “many sequels” and the “bullet points.” Nothing like a dose of intellectualism and violence to keep the week on track!

  2. Ahem… “Orvar” is a real name, not with Ö. If you want a name starting with Å, Ä or Ö, I suggest Östen, Åke or Örjan (the only common male names with that property)

    Just a little bit of information for the next joke of the kind. By all means keep them coming, Bizarrö, sorry, Bizarro!

  3. Bummer! The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette just dumped your Sunday cartoon! They’re running Wayno’s during the week, probably because he’s a local guy, but there’s a comics shakeup and they dealt Bizarro out on Sundays. Even though it’s the best-drawn, best-colored panel of the whole lot. As The Donald would say, Sad!

    • Wow, you were right. Thanks for telling me. For some reason, the entire post decided to UNcheck all of the “open in new tab” boxes on every link. Just went back and repaired them. Hoping they work now!

  4. Just to let you know that Bizarro readers on ArcaMax are very sad that Wayno just uses the Eye and the Stick of dynamite for this weeks cartoons. They are all asking when are you coming back? They have been Secret Symbol deprived for the past few weeks. You have spoiled your readers every day with your great artwork and hidden Symbols. One of the Lady’s has made Sundays “Dan’s Days” and always looks forward to all the Symbols you use.
    Have a great week!!

    • Thanks for the update, Pat. The symbol thing is a bit trickier than it looks and Wayno has been learning quickly. He’s already weeks ahead of deadline so I can say with confidence that his cartoons in upcoming weeks have more symbols that are better hidden than the first few weeks have been. :^}

      • That is so fantastic to hear! I know you trust Wayno completely and I trust your judgement(you got me to read Watson and Jimmy is totally awesome too). People have asked if I thought you would ever come back full time to Bizarro (like I would know) and I just tell them the same thing you had said when you said that after 33 years, you were letting Wayno take over so you could pursue your first passion, creating Fine Art. Wayno has also mentioned to me how his backgrounds are free of any content whereas yours always has something in them plus great places to hide your Secret Symbols!
        I will tell the ArcaMax readers what you have said. I know they will be very happy to be able to make up their poems and stories again using your Symbols!
        Have a great week!! See you next Sunday!!

  5. Please tell Wayno that he needs to up his count of secret symbols. He was only using 2 in each of the daily ones. Loved the Sunday comic. Miss having yours daily. Hope you’re still loving Mexico.

    • Thanks, Jodie. Wayno is already weeks ahead of deadline so I can say with confidence that his cartoons in upcoming weeks have more symbols that are better hidden than the first few weeks have been. :^}

  6. Tsk tsk tsk, Vikings didn’t use horn on their helmets…
    But Örvar is an old Norse name, so it’s a possible Viking name…

  7. I’m pretty sure that Richard X was an adult movie. The music was written by Bull Moose Jackson. Aerosmith later recorded their own version of one of Jackson’s songs.

  8. From the few minutes of it I’ve seen, a better title for “America’s Got Talent” would be “America’s Got Nothing Better To Do.”

  9. Loved the organic couch potato cartoon, we’ve had one roommate like that. The cartoon about the reorganization and bullet points hit home as both husband and I lost our long-time jobs when the regional office of a large insurance company (the “Good Neighbor”, from their old commercials) closed seven years ago. We might as well have been shot. We have put our lives back together again, both have good jobs now though went through a couple of years of working low-paying shitty jobs. We are now making about 80% of what we used to make seven years ago, thank goodness for low inflation in these intervening years.

  10. Milestone – the “louse TV” one is going into my slide show screen saver at work. It’s the first Wayno cartoon to make the journey.

  11. They do.
    I know what you mean about commenting on gun violence. I have blown through the 4,096 character limit some blogging platforms impose on their comment boxes a few times already, and had to figure out which parts to delete…

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