Grave Rolling


The funky little Zebraphant above is one of the thousands of strange characters that populate my Bizarro coloring book. Even if you’re not into coloring, you’ll enjoy getting lost in the hallucinogenic visions I created. And all at an insultingly low price! Grab one here.

(To enjoy the following cartoon in an embiggened state, click any camera.)

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One fun thing about this cartoon is that no matter what your political views, you can (and probably do) imagine the Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves over what America has become. And you’re probably right.

Some insider info from the smokey, backroom labyrinth of cartooning: Because humans show their teeth when they smile, it’s really hard to draw a skull that doesn’t look like it is smiling. Sure, we bare our teeth when we’re angry, too, but we frame them with lips that point downward at the edges; without those, you’ve got smiling teeth. It’s quite a conundrum.

Hey! What say we saunter down to the cartoon shack and see what Wayno has been cooking up this week?…

Later in the story, a guy with a funny way of talking and big-city clothes visits the local sawbones to get a banana split removed from his rectum. On the plus side, it can be mighty refreshing on a hot day.

Over on Wayno’s (much less long-winded) weekly blog, he mentions his favorite living composer and how he figures into this cartoon. The Bizarro Jazz Pickle guidebook lists it as recommended reading.

Locally-sourced, cage-free, gluten-free, caffeine-free––our nits have all the most popular hyphenated adjectives! Come on down to Nit Pickers for our all-you-can-eat buffet!

Seriously, the baboon lice with ginger are to die for.

To get some small sense of what he’s talking about, put on a bear costume and try to make a pot of coffee. It’s not as easy as you’d think.

I love this cartoon but it saddens me to be reminded that humans hunted giant ducks to extinction. Of course, primitive hunters used every part of the duck: meat for food, feathers for mattresses, foot and leg as an umbrella, etc.

I wish I’d thought of this Troll Doll gimmick back when I was clean-shaven. When I think of all those years I spent deep in thought, stroking my armpits…

Perhaps he’s only saying “Eh?” in response to the doctor’s choice of words; can a person “see” tinnitus? Probably not, but you can spot “Tintinnitus” by the pointy, yellow hairdo.

Before we sign off, here’s a vintage Bizarro that you might enjoy. 

Thanks for tagging along this week, Jazz Pickles. Please have a look at some of our links below and don’t forget to pop over to Wayno’s blog to see what he has to say about this week’s cartoons!

Until my next post, be happy, be smart, be nice, and resist ignorance and fascism.

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20 thoughts on “Grave Rolling

  1. In lesser hands, that ‘stroking something OTHER than my beard’ could have been, um, uncomfortable. But I had no reason to worry.
    Thank you, Bizarro…

  2. Wayno has definitely caught on to placing the magic symbols. It seems more difficult these days due partly to the alternate way he does his shading. Anyway, the boom in the caveman cartoon deserves special mention even though it is not well hidden.

  3. Great stuff—-Dan–

    Do you sell your original artwork? If so—where?

    Hunted on the internet….and wasn’t sure if you still do…

    Is there a gallery that you sell it through?

    Let me know…..Peter

  4. damn, guys….. just….. damn. the founding fathers and caption contest just may get a planet named after you both…… your dream may come true before posthumous!

  5. I hope those cavemen have a carbon monoxide detector in there. Safety first!

    • Happy to help: K2 and O2 are in the wall poster. Pie is on the countertop. Under chairs is eyeball, bird, firecracker.

  6. “Seriously, I think the reason…” As long time follower of Bizarro I often say ” that was the best one yet”. This may be the one ! Very dark, funny and unfortunately spot on. I fear for the future of this country, but I truly hope I’m wrong.
    This cartoon goes up on the bulletin board above my desk.
    Maurice M.

  7. That bird/plane thing never made any sense. The people say, “It’s a bird!” and “It’s a plane!” as though either of these sightings would be unusual and worth commenting upon.

    • Exactly. I grew up with that show and wasn’t too old before I wondered the same thing. That’s why I like this comic of Wayno’s so much.

  8. Correcting my earlier comment: Your site seems to work for HTTP, but not HTTPS. This is something you really should tell your techie(s) to fix — I use the “HTTPS Everywhere” pluging, and your site isn’t even falling back to HTTP, like most sites do.

    • I’ll send this comment to the tech folks. We’re working on launching a new site (hopefully) sometime soon so it won’t matter much about this old one, but maybe the new one will have what you’re asking about. I know almost nothing about technology and prefer it that way. :^/

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