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Hey, Jazz Pickles! The new set of Bizarro Secret Symbol enamel pins are in and they’re flying off the shelf! (Well, we actually keep them in a wooden box, buried in the backyard but that doesn’t have the same ring to it.)

“How can I win one for free?” I can imagine you asking and the next, colored words will tell you. Go to this place and read the contest rules! 

These pins are not for just any idiot stumbling down the street looking for a good deal on tacky crap. They’re only for very cool, confident, tasteful, intelligent connoisseurs of humor and art. Get yours now!


21 thoughts on “Bizarro Pin Contest

  1. Good luck, Bizarro. I love your work and publicise it when I can. Would also love to support you with your merchandise, but when I look at the postage costs I go “ouch”. Do let me know when you have an outlet in Europe, won’t you? xx

    • Thanks, Helen. I know what you mean about the shipping costs to Europe. They’re absurd! We’ve not figured a way around that yet but perhaps one will present itself one day. :^}

  2. Bummer. I, like many, don’t have an account there and, sorry Dan, not starting one for this. Good idea to get yourself out there to that specific community, though.

  3. Love a freebie but this contest requires downloading an app and joining another Social Medium*. I already Like Dan and Follow him outside of IG. If he’s planning to dump FB I’m open to following his logic and maybe his lead on this. If just looking for more outlets, has he given Telegram a look as a place to relate from?

    • Not dumping FB, just putting stuff on Instagram because it is the hottest place for artists and photographers right now. I was very reticent to join it, too, because I’m not all that fond of having to keep up with social media, but there are so many great artists on there that I’m really enjoying it. Anyway, you don’t have to join Instagram to see or buy my pins. You can also just buy them here:

  4. To “continental USA only” – I think you underestimate your global appeal sir. Please send pin in compensation. Cheers!!

    • We hate having to do that but the cost of shipping those pins outside of the U.S. is absurd. We’re already only making pennies in profit on each sale.

  5. do you use Paypal? I am a bit paranoid (who knows, I might be right!) and do not trust entering credit card info but do have a Paypal acct (that I do trust – and I hope I am not wrong).

  6. “They’re only for very cool, confident, tasteful, intelligent connoisseurs of humor and art.”
    None of those attributes can be independently verified. I guess I’m just out of luck.

    • I’m going to go ahead and give you clearance on this, Bruce. As far as all things Jazz Pickle related, you’re officially cool, confident, tasteful and an intelligent connoisseur of humor and art. Go crazy!

  7. Dan,
    I really like your work, as it gives my soul a much-needed burst of sanity. With the incredible levels of ignorance, self-centeredness, and outright evil of the current US administration, the wit and charm of your artwork is most refreshing!

    However, when I went to the site to view the pins for sale, I was greatly disappointed to see such low-grade humor with the “hello shitty” shirt and pin, as well as the cat puke posters. Those items seems so beneath you, and I would be surprised if the people that appreciate your excellent artwork would even be interested in items that belong in the resale isle at Walmart (although I love the WWJD spanking Trump stuff!).

    Please keep up the good work; I look forward to every panel you create.

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Thomas. I know that some folks think that lowbrow humor is beneath me and my reputation regarding Bizarro, and that’s a reasonable stance. I tend to eschew lowbrow humor of most types, but some gives me a chuckle. In the end, all I really have to go by is my gut instinct and I enjoy those two products for one reason or another so I keep them in the shop. The products you mentioned have sold about as well as my other stuff, but if that changes, I’ll pull them. I honestly appreciate your taking the time to leave a note, though. :^]

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