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>CNN Scrapes The Barrel’s Bottom


For Earth Day, King Features asked its cartoonists to do a cartoon on the environment. CNN did a story on those of us who complied and since I live in NYC, I was lucky enough to get tapped for an on-screen interview. Of the couple of hours of footage they got while making my house look like a crime scene with blazing bright lights and equipment trucks, they used only a couple of quick sound bites, of course. I’m happy they used the one about animal agriculture being more damaging to the environment than all transportation. (See link beneath video for more info.)

Here is a picture of me mesmerized by my own image, and a video clip of my interview, which I taped right off the TV with my digital camera. Most of my family missed the original airing of the show, so I’m hoping the CNN police will let me keep this on here for a while.

For the record, I don’t normally look as much like a serial killer nerd as I do in this clip. Sitting five feet from a bank of 1900 watt bulbs on stilts will do that to a guy.


>Valentine’s Day – Grand or Grim?

>Your feelings about this day depend entirely on your love life. When I was a kid, we decorated white paper bags and put them on a shelf in the classroom and everyone put a valentine in everyone else’s bag, whether you liked them or not. A strange ritual for prepubescents on a day designed for lovers.

In middle school it became a public test of your attractiveness to the opposite sex. Just what you need at the most vulnerable time of your life. It made for a miserable and anxious day for virtually every student in the school – faculty members likely went home with hormone poisoning just from breathing the air. I can only imagine how gay and lesbian students dealt with it.

As adults, if you’re in a relationship you’re happy with, you’re cool. If you’re not, this day sucks. It also sucks for those in relationships with difficult people who expect the day to be perfect and mope for days if it isn’t. I was in a relationship like that once and I dreaded Valentine’s Day and her birthday more than my yearly colonoscopy.

Whatever VD means to you (pun intended), I hope you’re well today. Here are a couple of cartoons on the subject that may give you a smile.

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