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Bizarro is brought to you today by Strange Times.

This is the second cartoon I’ve done recently about large, lumpy surgical masks. (Here is the other.) Sometimes when I’m gag writing I think of a joke that leads to another similar one. If they are different enough, I’ll use them both. A few times in the past, I’ve challenged myself to come up with enough jokes on a particular topic to run an entire week. I did that once in 2002 with dry cleaner gags, shown below. One of my favorite aspects of this series was the signs in each gag about what happens to customers’ clothes left too long. You’ll need to click each one to temporarily embiggenate it so you can read those signs.

Drive By


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Bizarro is brought to you today by Sneaking Up On A Glyptodon.

As you likely know, those “street view” images you can find online of just about any address in the civilized world are taken from contraptions attached to the tops of cars that just drive all over the world taking pictures of everything they pass. Some famously funny things have been captured by those pictures and they just lie quietly in wait on the Interwebs until people begin discovering them and spreading the word. There are gobs of pages dedicated to the funniest, strangest, most tragic things captured on Google Street View, which you can find by, of course, googling the topic.

My Comedy Show

Hi, Jazz Pickles. Here’s a link to a video that was shot of one of my comedy shows back in the 00s. I can’t remember the year. It happened at the Blue Metropolis Literary Festival in Montreal.

I’m happy to hire out to do my show someplace near you if you’re into it. I’ll perform at corporate functions, conferences, festivals, public libraries, you name it. For inquiries about the show’s content and what it costs to bring me, email us at

Come Meet Me

strippedHey, Jazz Pickles! This Wednesday night I’ll be at the Los Angeles premiere of this movie about newspaper comics. Lots of prominent cartoonist are in it, and also me. After the movie, I’ll be onstage with the director and some other folks from the film. I’ll also hang out after that to say hello to you personally and take pictures with you if you care. (more…)

SEE ME LIVE! (rhymes with “jive” or “give”, your choice)

Hey, almighty Jazz Pickles! I’ll be doing a short comedy show for you this Sunday afternoon at a restaurant in Sacramento, California!

Join me for lunch, watch me doing whatever it is that I decide to do to disturb everyone else’s lunch, meet me one-on-one before and afterwards, and have me sign stuff. I’ll be selling Bizarro trading cards, books, and color prints, or you can bring something you already own for me to sign. I’m not picky where I put my name Or, you can just watch the comedy and get a picture with me, which I promise will be appropriate for you to post on FB. (Unless you specifically request something obscene.) (more…)

LA Comedy Show Postmortem

Last night’s comedy show in LA went well and everyone had a terrific time. This was verified by federal polling officials who interviewed each and every member of the audience as they exited, ascertaining that their time was “terrific.” Thanks to all you Jazz Pickles who showed up and said “hi.”

While I enjoyed my set, my favorite part of the evening by far was getting to meet Garfunkel and Oates, a comedy duo who have been among my absolute favorites for a few years now. The image below these words is non-Photoshopped proof (except for red-eye reduction) of our meeting. (more…)

Death Midget Carrion Comedy

(To view this cartoon larger, click the coxswain’s head.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by The Four Horsemen of the Legopalypse.

People on championship rowing teams are in great shape. Maybe even better shape than I am from sitting at my computer all day. But it stands to reason that after they retire, most of them get as fat and lazy as any other top notch athlete. Unlike many sports that have Hall of Fame Games, rowing isn’t something that old fat guys can do without a lot of effort. Luckily in this case, the coxswain is still slender enough to fit into the tiny seat at the back. (It’s not often you get use “coxswain” in a sentence. That was fun.) (more…)

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